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Conun 11-28-2011 12:52 AM

What class should I choose?(cleric or mage)
I can't decide and don't need any more archers and warriors.

So which class would be the best out of the two? (including what second and third class to be or at least the good in them) (couldn't tell difference between the cleric third classes)

1stsim144 11-28-2011 09:39 PM

Elemantalist -> Pyromancer = DPS burst. Epic Dmg. Just a crazy witch.
Elemantalist -> Ice Witch = Big distraction with the slow buff, freezing, Ice Barrier (Practically protects you from everything)

Mystic -> Chaos Mage = Gains more control and debuff abilities, aka Time Stop, Time Acce, Time Dodge.. Having the skill where you steal buff from opponent.
Mystic -> War Mage = The Light attack version of Chaos Mage.. Excellent raw damage output. Having a skill that greatly increases Magic Attack at the cost of significant MP consumption. (mana sucking hippo)

Priest -> Saint = Epic Relics.. If you are more of a support player, choose this as this class gives enhance abilities to heal + buffing mates..
Priest -> Inquisitor = More focusing on lightning attacks, with skills that decrease Light resist, so you can rape them..

Paladin -> Crusader = Magic user of Paladin.. More damage output and more AoE skills.
Paladin -> Guardian = A tank. lol

(As for me, I have Elementalist (Pyromancer), Mystic (Chaos Mage), and Priest (Saint))

kmelfina 11-29-2011 08:02 AM

I have Elementalist (HOT ROD FTW! But I'm going Ice Witch because of Ice Sword EX)

Priest since I like dropping relics which serve as walls at times for big enemies or stops their movement. I want to go Saint for better relics, but the more awesome lightning from Inquisitor >_<;

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