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Paul 09-03-2011 11:34 AM

Lagging Issues. Just me or everyone?
I've only started playing but I'm already starting to have dilemmas between quitting or continuing Dragon Nest because of the lag in-game. Is it just me or does anyone else have lag issues in this game? I read on random forums that it's actually Nexon (NA) or just the NA version of Dragon Nest that's having this issue.

Everything is fine for me, no bugs and stuff. Plays smoothly in town, but when I go into a dungeon, the game can start lagging, not hardcore lag or anything but enough to deteriorate gameplay. Usually happens when monsters are nearby and especially when I'm being mobbed in a corner/wall.

Does this happen to anyone else or can anyone play extremely smoothly?

If your curious to as what I've already tried/done/etc to improve gameplay, I've already:
-Disabled Nagle
-Installed/UseGame Booster (v3.0)
-Mod (Yes, even mods, which helped greatly with Mabinogi)
-Set to Lowest Quality / Lowest Reso (This is the only thing that actually noticeable in helping my lag.)

I'm sure it's not my internet connection.

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