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Grand Fantasia
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Grand Fantasia



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06-15-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Minuss is a jewel in the roughMinuss is a jewel in the roughMinuss is a jewel in the roughMinuss is a jewel in the rough
IGN: Minus

Mumble is a Voice Server just like Ventrilo, and Team Speak except Mumble is almost Real Talk and uses less bandwidth than other Voice Servers!

Variant Gaming's newest sponsor, Welcome to Pure-Servers, 2011 has generously sponsored us with a 1500 Slot Mumble Server for free that is usually hundreds of dollars a month.

"Pure-Servers Was founded based upon quality, and only that. We're not a multi-million dollar corporation looking to make a few more bucks. We're here to stay. Our founders first started off reselling gameservers from several companies, we then told ourselves that we can offer even greater service for a less price if we use our own networks and hardware. Thus FastPings, LLC was founded in early 2008, then born pure-servers. In early 2010 a merger has then performed. After months of planning, research our market, economics, we then decided it's time to open up a new professional gameserver provider founded upon our morals of best service for less.

What makes us different is that, we're gamers, we're professional IT guys. We love using the latest and greatest when it comes to our home pc's, and we decided to bring that mentality along side our servers. We use the latest in server grade hardware. Either it be Dual 6 core servers, Single Quad processors, Super Fast SSD drives, and the best network for the lowest jitter and lowest possible pings in the industry, we will not sacrifice a pinch of performance for a extra dollar.

Other companies simply use lowergrade hardware and stack the servers with significantly more clients than we do on our high-end servers.

Our goal is to stick around for long, and setting the best benchmark for what one may pay for a simple gameserver. We will not decrease our performance, but rather improve as time passes.

If you have a question, or any concerns our employees are always happy to help our clients out, regardless if it's a discount, more information regarding our networks and hardware, or just a question such as how do I restart my gameserver.

We try to keep everything as transparent as possible, we have nothing to hide, and if a company says we use extremely secret technology to run their servers even better, it's just a lie." - Welcome to Pure-Servers, 2011

We will allow ALL Dragon Nest ggFTW players to use our Mumble Server!
If you want your own Mumble Server, please check out Welcome to Pure-Servers, 2011

1) Download - | Download Mumble


3) Label - Variant Gaming
Address -
Port - 3215
Username - (Name Here)

Anyone who is spamming, messing with other channels, etc etc Will be Banned.
Mumble is a GREAT PROGRAM, It is more complicated to Ventrilo
But once you get used to it, it is awesome!
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06-15-2011   #2 (permalink)
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pretty kewl server gogo so many slots free for all!#@!


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