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06-12-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Nest Building with Lucius and Princess K: Dragon Nest at E3

Welcome, Dragon Nest fans! I’m Desmodeus, the Lead Producer for Dragon Nest. We wanted to keep you updated on the progress of the game. The thing is, two of my Associate Producers wanted to handle this blog. So I decided to let them work on it together in the hope that the two of them might somehow balance each other out. If nothing else, it’s an hour a week where I don’t have to deal with either of them.
-- Desmodeus

This week: Dragon Nest at E3

Lucius: Welcome back, Dragon Nest Fans! You’ll have to forgive me if this blog entry has a few extra misspellings this week. I am exhausted from showing off Dragon Nest at the annual festival of flashing lights, deafening music, and searing headaches that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Princess K: Really, Lucius? That’s how you’re going to start this blog entry? Come on! E3 was spectacular – especially for Dragon Nest. Our booth was mobbed and we received almost universal praise from everybody who played the game. The press certainly loved it. Check out some of the amazing articles that were written up about us.

"Dragon Nest has a fluidity and smoothness to the environments, while Vindictus is slightly more brown and harsh. This more cartoony look doesn't translate to feeling like a "kids game" but instead feels like a really evil cartoon come to life. You won't see gushing blood or grappling moves in Dragon Nest, but environmental traps and tricks will still keep you on your toes."

"I noticed the animations right away, it is a spectacular show of light and sound as you battle your way through areas".

"Both games continue Nexon's tradition of publishing titles that change how free-to-play games (once considered the black sheep of the industry) are perceived as they offer continually growing experiences that rival traditional pay releases."

Lucius: I certainly hope so. I spent three days locked in that tiny little press area giving demo after demo. I think I sat down for a total of three minutes over the three days. The good news is that every time I did the demo for members of the press, they were all really impressed. The bad news is that taking my shoes off after three days was not a pleasant experience.

Princess K: That was you? You know Nexon got fined for overloading the air conditioning system because of that!

Lucius: Well Princess, I’d certainly never argue footwear choices with a woman who comes to a trade show wearing six-inch stilettos. I understand why you did it though. I mean you and Desmodeus were wandering around shooting viral videos, getting interviewed by game sites and partying like you were at the Golden Globes. It’s important to look good while some of us are sweating in the coal mines.

Princess K.: You’re so silly, Lucius. Everybody works hard at E3. I mean once you get past all the glitz, we were there to get the message out about the game. We all had important responsibilities to this end. You had to demo the game for the press, I was on the floor facilitating the crowds, and Desmodeus was the voice of Dragon Nest.

Lucius: “The voice of Dragon Nest?” Is that what you call him throwing himself at every camera in sight like… well, like you at a muffin?

Princess K.: Me? What about you and the donuts? Our booth manager must have told you a dozen times – the breakfast was for the models! I’ll admit it was funny watching you get smacked by the Vindictus Succubus while reaching for a bear claw, but that was really unprofessional.

Lucius: Yeah, like any of those models would eat a bear claw…

Princess K: Anyway, you may have been a grumpy Gus throughout the show, but I really enjoyed working with people on the floor. If you read Desmodeus’ last blog, he described the setup at the booth. We were showing off a new dungeon in single-player mode on a few stations and the rest were devoted to a three-on-three multiplayer mode. Players could select their character and jump into a simple “kill’em’all” scenario.

One of the things I found really shocking was how many people who came up to play at the show had no idea that there was a multiplayer component to Dragon Nest. I mean, we expected that there would be people who hadn’t heard of the game – that’s why giving as many people as possible the hands-on experience was so important. But many of those who had heard about the game didn’t know that they could take all those cool skills they used to beat up monsters and turn them on each other. I think that got them more excited than anything!

Lucius: Funny, I saw that too. A couple of times while helping members of the press through their multiplayer demo, I saw these really big surprised smiles on their faces. On Tuesday I met a guy from another gaming website who called the multiplayer part of the game “simple in a good way.”

I asked him what he meant and he said that the game doesn’t have a lot of obscure button combos. It’s really simple to learn and the skills are pretty straightforward. The thing is, once you start playing, you’re not confined by the simplicity. There are so many combinations of skills and equipment and classes that go into multiplayer that allow you to really get into it. The guy I was talking to said he was really looking forward to digging into the system and figuring out all sorts of combat strategies for different class combos and scenarios. That’s the kind of thing I love to hear. It means that it doesn’t take a lot of play time for people to really get what’s so awesome about Dragon Nest.!

Princess K: Wait a minute, I met that guy! He came back on Wednesday, played the demo again and said the same thing to me. He also said you asked him to run out to the LA Convention Center snack bar and pick up a bear claw for you!

Lucius: I was hungry and it was like that Vindictus Succubus was everywhere!

Princess K: Yeah, but you wanted him to pay for it!
Dragon Nest at E3.
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