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theSinned 08-22-2011 08:05 PM

Exp Gain
Just dropping this here incase anybody didn't notice:

q = Base xp (before PWR is applied or when PWR is used)
y = XP shown gotten [like y=5 in 5(+2pwr)]

When killing things, to some people:

Total EXP = y

simply because it appears as y(+PWR +Event +Pro) being the only one outside of the parenthesis

However total exp is really:


So if it appears as:

5xp (+2 PWR +1 Event +1 Pro) then your total XP is really 7xp

Some things are pretty much wrong like (q*event) since it only works out with low xp mobs (like I got 25xp + 38 event for higher xp) but the point was to show how you do get more XP than shown outside of the parenthesis.

This of course means that bonus xp events are more than just 50% added on.
Like the recent 50% bonus xp event in NA following the really long Sunday 8/21 maintanence was not really 1.5x rates but rather 2.0x to 2.3x rates (depending on how much base xp the monster gave) from what I found.

I have no idea how pro bonus works and the only thing I can think of for PWR is 1/2 base XP added on.

If anybody knows how much PWR is added on or pro bonus please share it :c

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