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Nani 08-03-2011 07:14 PM

Dragon Nest Webcomic
Erm this comic just started, don't know if it it's against the rules since it might count as a fansite? If it, please just delete this thread ;^_^

Aki has been a shut in all her life. When she finally leaves her small cottage in the country, she's thrown into a world of dragons, chaos and a battle over a prophet of legends.

This is a fan comic based off the MMORPG Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest is property of Nexon Games, and I am by no means claiming ownership of Dragon Nest. Dragon Heart is in no way related to Nexon. Characters featured in this comic that are featured in the game as well belong to Nexon, while original characters, such as Aki and Tip belong to me.


Page One

Erm you should probably favorite the comic it's smackjeeves profile for updates or something.

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