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AnnabelleMarie 06-16-2011 08:41 AM

[NA] Come Together in the Dragon Nest “Beta Legion” Event!
Hello, Adventurers!

In a game as big as Dragon Nest, the best advice for conquering evil is simple – don’t go alone! To encourage that, the Dragon Nest team would like you to create your own “Beta Legion.” Simply get together with your friends and form an alliance to fight off your enemies. When you do, you’ll reap the kind of rewards that your brave band of adventurers deserves!

To participate:

• Form a group of two to four players and start clearing dungeons together.*

- Clear one dungeon and every member of the party will receive a 5% EXP bonus thereafter for the length of the Closed Beta.
- Clear your second and third dungeons for another 5% EXP bonus each time, up to a total of 15%!
- Additionally, if any member of your party is also on your Friends list, you get another 5% boost for a possible total of 20% EXP bonus through the end of the Closed Beta!

Welcome to the world of Dragon Nest!

-The Dragon Nest Team-

*The bonus will stay as long as you keep the requirements of staying in the same party or having your friend on the party.

Dragon Nest - Come Together in the Dragon Nest “Beta Legion” Event! -- the fastest online Action RPG!

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