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Mega 01-16-2014 05:28 PM

Introducing the New Talisman System
Nowadays, there are some pretty powerful Alterans roaming the land. How can an adventurer get any stronger, you ask? Well, an exciting discovery has been made: an innovative new technique that allows lustres to be refined into jewels known as Life Stones. Legend has it that Life Stones possess even more power than an ordinary lustre, due to their proximity to the Dragon Nests' magnetic energy.

Thanks to the efforts of some of Altera's finest scientific minds, Life Stones are now small and compact, capable of being carried by adventurers. Dubbed Talismans, these powerful gems are a must for anyone looking to be the best of the best.

Talismans can be found as drops in dungeons and Nests, or can be acquired by purchasing a Talisman Pouch. Pouches are available at Priestess of Darkness Mocha's (Saintís Haven) or Priestess of Darkness Tarteís (Lotus Marsh) Goddess's Breath Store, for the low, low price of 4x Goddess's Breath and 7 Gold and 50 Silver.
Talismans can boost STR, AGI, INT, ATK (both Physical and Magical), Critical, Paralysis and Stun, and come in five different grades: Normal (White), Magic (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Orange) and Unique (Purple).
Only one Talisman of the same type can be equipped at once, meaning you can only boost each of your stats once. No gold is needed to equip Talismans, but there is a cost to unequip a Talisman or change its slot. Purchasing a Talisman Expansion Slot from the Dragon Vault will allow you to equip additional Talismans beyond the default maximum, but expire after a set time.
What mysteries do the Talismans hold? Head to the Goddess's Breath Shop and discover for yourself.

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