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Default Complete Update Notes - Requiem of Twilight

For months the evil scientist Jasmine has plagued the peaceful citizens of Altera. Too long have her clones wreaked havoc across the land- it is time to put a stop to her mayhem. Seek out Jasmine's top secret base and face her once and for all...

Apocrapha 2: Jasmine’s Last Stand

A new year brings a renewed sense of danger and doom. Face off against Jasmine and her newly enhanced army. Gather your friends and allies to stop the twisted time traveling technician from changing the future forever!

To uncover all the secrets the base holds, click here.

Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode

The Desert Dragon Memoria is Altera's most tragic love story, one that has captured the hearts and minds of even the most hardened adventurers. Now it's time to return to the desert once more for a challenge so excruciating, only the bravest need apply. Enter the Desert Dragon Nest Hardcore and defeat Zakad the Ill – Fated... if you dare!

- Recommended level: 60 and above
- Party Requirement: 5 - 8
- Entry pass required: 1x Zakad’s Third Eye (Found after clearing Desert Dragon Nest Normal)

- Portal location: Garden of Eternity (Level 60.)

- Rewards:
- Lv. 60 Legend Grade Armors, Weapons, Accessories and Sparks.

Skill Window Update

The Skills Window has been improved to streamline leveling rewards for new and veteran players alike. Boasting original art, the new Specialization Window allows players to preview class Specializations before they are chosen. Preview videos are also available in the window, giving players great insight into a Specialization's formidable powers.

Brand New Talisman System

Despite Jasmine's incursions into the time-stream, Alteran archaeologists have unearthed special lustres capable of boosting characters to stratospheric levels.

To learn more about this amazing discovery, click here.

Dragon Vault Update

The New Year's madness continues with fresh new items in the Dragon Vault! Pull a rabbit out of your hat with the new Magic Costumes, then canter through the courtyard atop a valiant steed.

For more information, click here.

Bug Fixes

- The Cleric’s Holy Shield skill no longer triggers when other party members perform a skill.
- Tinkerer’s Contagion skill now functions as intended.
- Shortcuts quest no longer displays untranslated text.

System Improvements/Changes

PvP General
- Spectators that are present when the Combo Room is closed will be sent back to the lobby.
- Spectators can no longer view the buffs and debuffs of the combatants.

Class Balances
- Warrior
- Mercenary class has been updated.
- PvE
- Toughness
- When Mercenary’s HP reaches 50%, the character receives a buff which increases attack damage by 20% for 60 seconds.
- Empowering Howl
- Empowering Howl increases the caster’s maximum HP for certain period of time.
- Calamity Crush
- Damage has been increased.
- Barbarian class has been updated.
- PvE/PvP
- Bone Cleaver
- Bone Cleaver now raises the caster’s attack power based on STR.
- Overpower
- When Barbarian receives damage while his HP is under a certain amount, he receives a buff that raises his STR.
- Critical Mastery
- Taunting Howl now consumes the caster’s HP and raises STR.

- Tinkerer
- Alchemist class has been updated.
- PvE
- Salve Slimer
- HP restored by Salve Slimer has been increased by about 100%.
- Salve Slimer’s restoration time has been reduced to 30 seconds.
- Overall, the amount of HP restored per second has been increased by about 400%.
- Toxic Spill
- Toxic Spill skill damage increases caused by the number of bubbles have been changed. The rate is now40% for 3 bubbles and 80% for 5 bubbles (previously 25% for 3 bubbles and 50% for 5 bubbles).
- Toxic Surge
- Toxic Surge skill damage increases caused by the number of bubbles have been changed. The rate is now40% for 3 bubbles and 80% for 5 bubbles (previously 25% for 3 bubbles and 50% for 5 bubbles).
- Physician class has been updated.
- PvE
- Good Vibrations
- Good Vibrations grants a buff to its user. The buff raises all elemental damage by 20% for 10 seconds.
- Additional healing from bubbles has been removed, but the base healing value is significantly increased.
- Using Good Vibrations now adds a bubble and doesn’t cause bubbles to disappear.
- Toxic Spill EX (Common)
- Additional healing granted by right-clicking the mouse has been changed from flat value to base attack damage.

- Kali
- Screamer class has been updated.
- Curses now stack up to 3 times.
- PvE
- Curse now also applies a debuff that lowers the enemies’ elemental defense rate.
- Each stack of Curse lowers elemental defense rate by 5%.
- Since Curse can be stacked up to 3 times, the debuff can now also be stacked 3 times.
- Puppet Dance applies a Curse debuff to all enemies within 5 Meters.
- PvP
- Curse debuff from Spirit Creeps, Ghost Gate, and Spirit Wolf lowers the enemies’ elemental defense rate by 1% in PVP.
- Curse damage caused by Spirit Creeps, Ghost Gate, and Spirit Wolf has been lowered from 50% to 20%
- Since these skills can stack Curse 3 times, the total damage after 3 stacks will be at a 60% increase.

- Cleric
- Cleric class has been updated.
- Divine Combo
- PvE/PvP
- Phsyical Damage percentage has been reduced.
- Priest class has been updated.
- Lightning Relic
- PvE/PvP
- Magic Damage has been adjusted to 100%
- Magic Damage percentage per projectile has been added.
- Healing Relic
- PvE/PvP
- Magic Damage has been added when summoning.
- Cure Relic
- PvE/PvP
- Magic Damage has been added when summoning.
- Bind Relic
- PvE/PvP
- Magic Damage has been added when summoning.
- Grand Sigil
- PvE
- Text has been updated to say “Magic Damage upon Summoning: 25%
- Inquisitor class has been updated
- Consecration
- Text has been updated to clarify that state “Enemy Light Resist: - 10%”.
- Paladin class has been updated
- Charitable Zap
- PvE
- Magic Damage has been increased.
- PvP
- Reduces Enemies Light Magic Resist.
- Electric Smite
- PvE/PvP
- Reduces Enemies Light Magic Resist during electrocution.
- Heart of Glory
- Updated to affect Magic Damage and not Magic Attack Power.

Dungeon UI
- Stage information icon is now present next to the dungeon name on the Dungeon Select Screen.
- Clicking on the newly added question mark on the dungeon select screen will reveal possible rewards.
- A system message has been added reminding players that turning off a party member’s skill effects may result in a boost of the game’s performance.
- The difficulty in the Edge of Darkness now depends on the number of participants.
- Foods that give negative effects (sleep, electrocution, negative health, etc) have been removed.
- Quest objectives such as destroying mushrooms or eggs, or clicking on altars and flags have been updated with quest markers for both in-game and the mini map. (This only applies to quests found in Ironwood Village, Mana Ridge, and Carderock Pass).

Town UI
- The Wintertide celebration in Altera has come to a close.
- The mini map is now defaulted to the first zoom in setting.
- The Quest Helper can now hold up to 10 side quests.
- A Final Countdown UI has been added for the first specialization and only appears when visiting Carderock Pass. This triggers around Level 9.
- Irine now displays a Gift Box over her head when event quests are available.
- The Q key (Default) can now be used as the [Go Back] function as well as the [Talk to NPC] function.
- A new Login Event Timer has been added.

Desert Dragon Nest
- Hardcore Mode has been added.
- Practice Mode has been updated to feature unlimited revives.

- New Main, Story, Remote, and Item quests have been added.
- Equipment Rewards from lower level quests have been updated so players can use them almost immediately.
- Titles from low level achievements have had their stats upgraded.
- A new Level 16 quest detailing enhancements has been added.

- Priestess of Darkness Mocha’s Shop in Saint’s Haven has been updated with a new tab.
- Priestess of Darkness Tarte’s Shop in Lotus Marsh, has been updated to match Priestess of Darkness Mocha
- NPC’s with a shop function now have an icon next to their name.
- A tool tip has been added to the top of every shop menu describing how to move a whole stack of items.
- Potions available in NPC shops either restore more HP/MP, have a reduced cooldown, or both.

Craft UI

- Gift creation has been removed.
- Legendary Grade item creation has been added.
- When suffix crafting, players will be able to view the material they wish to use.

- Newly created characters will now receive 5x Health and 5x Mana potions.
- The Talisman Tab has been added to the Character Window.
- Character deletion now requires a word confirmation before the process continues.

Mentor/Pupil System
- Pupils now graduate at Level 50.
- “Long Road to Graduation” level increased to level 50.

Extractor UI

- Players can now preview the item(s) they will receive when extracting.
- Enhanced equipment of 7-15 can be extracted. (Epic, Unique, and Legendary).
- Skill level-up accessory items (Technique) can also be extracted.
- Items of Rare or lower tier cannot be extracted.

NPC Friendship System
- Normal and Magic Friendship items have been combined to create new Faction Friendship badges.
- A button to access the Faction's shop has been added to the menu.

Friendship System
- Friend requests must be accepted in order for two players to become friends.
- Pending requests will be sent to the players’ Friend tab of the Social Window.

Party System
- Rolling Dice tooltip has been added to the bottom of the Party tab in the Social Window.

Known Issues

- Dragon Orbs are mentioned when Suffix crafting, however they cannot be obtained.
- Skill descriptions in the new Specialization window display as MIDs.
- Kitties and Manticore pets still cannot be purchased.
- MID appears on talisman items that were born from extracted items.
- MID may appear when accepting a friend request from a player that is already a friend.
- MID appears on new specialization prompt when entering Carderock Pass at level 15 and higher.

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