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Mega 11-21-2013 06:12 PM

Dragon Vault Update - Fabled Fashion

Magic and manticores, oh my! These latest additions have the Dragon Vault practically bursting at the seams!

Dragon Egg Update

Fantastic New Light Weapon Costumes
If good Ďol fashioned metal weapons just donít cut it for you, then you should check out our brand new Light Weapon Costumes. Your character will truly SHINE when they're wielding a weapon made of pure energy! (See what we did there?)

Light Weapon Costume (main & off-hand weapon)
- Set Bonus Stats: Phys/Magic Dmg +1%, Critical 400, Str/Agi/Int/Vit +3%, Max HP/MP 1%
- How to get Light Weapons: Get an exchange coupon from Dragon Eggs and exchange it with Pania in any town for the weapon of your choice

*One coupon can be exchanged for 1 weapon (main or off-hand). Two coupons are needed to complete the set.

White Luminous Wings and Blue Luminous Wings (Rare)

Chasing the Prophet can get a little stressful, especially when you keep messing up. Wouldn't it be great if you could fly away? Our new Luminous Wings may be cosmetic, but at least they'll lift your spirits and make you look great.

Unicorn Mount

Crack open a Dragon Egg and you'll get the chance to snag a Unicorn Badge. Trade it in to Tamer Lindsay and you'll receive your very own unicorn mount! You know what's cooler than a horse? A horse with a spike on its head. Tame your very own unicorn today!

Players get a chance to get a unicorn badge that they can turn in to Tamer Lindsay to get a unicorn mount.

Return of the Golden Egg!
The Golden Goose Traders have returned... but for one month only! Act now and grab the legendary Golden Egg. You can only purchase one per character, but each egg has between 50 gold to 100,000 gold inside!

Grab the New Manticore Pet!
If you've faced Saslavan and Kirshlaval, you may have wet your pants. Thankfully, their smaller cousins are cute and cuddly! Act now and snatch one up for 3900 NX, a 30% discount!

Grab a pair of Big White Headphones or a Gentle Fedora, and deck out your new pet in the latest styles! Too serious for you? Then make the little guy silly with a Luxurious Mustache Pipe or Toy Megaphone! All Manticore accessories are priced at 2900 NX.

White Big Headphones/Gentle Fedora

Luxurious Mustache Pipe/Toy Megaphone

Combine two of the accessories, and get a set bonus:
-Phys/Magic Dmg 50-50, Paralyze/Stun/Critical 100, MP Recovery +2%

How to Train Your Pet

Already have a pet? Pick up this additional Pet Skill Slot Expansion Scroll for 2,500 NX to give it an extra skill slot.

We've also got a new Pet Skill Box, which will grant you pet skills with random stats for 1000 NX.

Debonair Lv. 15 Magic Costumes
These fancy new armor sets will make you the most stylish guy (or gal) in the desert! Pick up the five piece set for only 19,000 NX, a 17% discount!

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