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11-21-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default update Complete Update Notes -- Enter the Mobius Realm

Though Zakad, the fearsome Desert Dragon, may have disappeared, a new threat to Altera has emerged on the horizon: the Mobius Realm. A twisted alternate dimension of pure chaos, this rip in space-time was caused by Jasmine's meddling in the time stream. Join Sarasa on the Dragon Expedition to uncover the Mobius Realm's secrets- new locations, new bosses, and much more!

The Dragon Expedition

Heed the Priestess of Darkness' call and venture inside the Mobius Realm.

- Recommended level: 60 and above
- Entry pass required: 1 Mobius Strip (from clearing Lv. 55 Abyss dungeons in Tel Rosa)

- Portal location: Garden of Eternity (Level 60)

- Rewards:
- Lv. 60 unique accessories, crests and sparks

To learn more about the story, click here .

Apocrypha 2: Codename Zero

Journey to the Tel Numara desert and unravel the mystery behind Tel Rosa's destruction. Jasmine's mission to change her future rages on...

- Recommended level: 50 and above
- Entry pass required: none
- Portal location: Liverwort Marina

- Rewards:
- Lv. 60 weapons, armor, accessories, crests, sparks and more...

To learn more about the story, click here.

New Items Coming to the Dragon Vault

Spruce up your wardrobe and adopt a new pet with these awesome additions to the Dragon Vault.

The Light Weapon Costume will make even the most ordinary weapons shimmer and glimmer! If you're looking to shine even brighter, throw on a pair of Luminous Wings. We've also got a slew of debonair new magic costumes for true sartorialists .

The Golden Egg has returned for one month only! Each contains anywhere between 50 gold to a 100,000 gold so don't miss out!

And if you're looking for a cute but sneaky new pet, check out the Manticore and all his awesome accessories.

For more information about the latest Dragon Vault update, click here .

Bug Fixes
Selecting auto loot option no longer displays MIDs as System messages.
- Skill descriptions should no longer display as MIDs.
- The text when talking to Maury while having the remote farm quest has been translated.
- The Guild information in the Guild options drop down no longer displays as MIDs.
- The Cleric skill Holy Shield now works properly.
- The Guild reward Durability Aura has been fixed.

System Improvements/Changes
- The 3rd Suffix for level 60 armors and weapons were been added.
- 4 additional crest slots have been added to the Crest window.

- Challenge side quests now activate after the player has entered certain fields, dungeons, and nests.
- Main story quests, and side quests have been added.
Dragon Vault
- The Wicked Dragon Egg has been removed from the Dragon Vault, and was not updated.
- Expedition Guide Sarasa has been added to the Gate of Eternity (Lv. 60).

Known Issues
- The Contagion EX skill does not function as intended.
- There is an untranslated message in the Marsh Queen room of the Dragon Expedition that informs to jump on the platform.
- There are three untranslated Korean messages in the Dragon Crest Protection room of the Dragon Expedition that inform the players of additional monsters, the fail and success of using the protection crest.

- Playful and Cute Kitty Pets cannot be purchased at this time.
- Golden Eggs may not be able to be purchased.
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