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Mega 09-23-2013 04:50 PM

Complete Update Notes - Twisted Hope
The poochum poopís about to hit the fan. Not only is modern-day Altera on the brink of destruction, but now, history itself is about to pull a switcheroo and throw things into quackum doo doo. But thereís good news, too, such as the grand opening of the Dread Gazebo, the launch of the 2nd Anniversary Events, and a bunch of new Dragon Vault items. So whether you want to save the world or just relax and participate in events, thereís plenty to do.

Tel Numara Passage

-Explore four new dungeons in the Liverwort Marina, and discover the dark secrets that lay within.
-Fluffy desert bunnies.
-Sand. Lots of sand.

For more information about the first Apocrypha, click here.

The Dread Gazebo

Compete with the best in the Dread Gazebo. In this newest addition to the Dark Gateway, youíll be pitted against waves of monsters in the first three floors of the Furious Mezzanine, but hereís the catch: the monsters deal 300% more damage. Complete different objectives to get past each floor.

The Dread Gazebo goes on endlessly, and the idea is to get as far as you can within the 110 minute limit without dying. Rank in the top 10 each month for a Dark Lord package bursting with rewards. Donít worry if you donít quite make it, though, you can still earn Lv. 60 wellsprings and other items just for participating.

-Recommended Level: 60 and above
-Entry pass required: 3 Abyssal Veils from clearing floors 1-3 of the Furious Mezzanine
-Portal Location: Dark Gateway

-Rewards for the top 10 players each month:

Think you have what it takes? Then step into the nightmare, and collect your just rewards.

2nd Anniversary Celebration Events!

-Celebrate Dragon Nestís 2nd anniversary with events all month long.
-On September 28th, log in and get a new permanent title!

To find out about more these events, check out the anniversary event page.

Dragon Vault Update

The theme is back-to-school, which means blazers with buttons, pleated skirts, stockings, and ties. It also means... winged backpacks and cheek scars? Hey, as long as it all looks good, right?

For more information about the latest Dragon Vault update, click here.

Bug Fixes:
-The text within the Ranking Board for the Furious Mezzanine has been localized.
-ď_NotUsedĒ no longer appears during rounds 36 and 44 of the Furious Mezzanine.
-The description within the Hurricane mountís tooltip now displays the correct text.
-Text in the new sub-quests regarding the Gateway of Memories and the dungeons within, have been fixed.

System Improvements/Changes:
-3v3 Ladders have been removed.
-2v2 Ladders have been added.
-ďBe the StormĒ room (Green PvP room) and all Achievements associated to it have been removed.

Events Window

-The rewards in the Daily Stamp tab have been updated.


- The Goddess Breath Shop is now available from Mocha in Saintís Haven.

Dragon Vault

-Coupon redemption system has been added.

Known Issues:
-The 2nd Anniversary quest name appears untranslated in Irineís quest list.
-Rewards from the 2nd Anniversary quest display as MIDs.
-Various quest items and an NPC in a dungeon contains MIDs.
-Some players may receive an Authentication error when logging into the game. This error does not occur 100% or the time, so please keep trying.
-Attempting to inspect the skill Irine Lovesick on another player will cause the game to crash.

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