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Default Player Hot Issues: July 2013 Edition

Hey Dragon Nest fans,

Last month we asked you, the players to come forward with your questions and concerns about Dragon Nest. As expected we were flooded with many great questions. After reading them all we picked some of the most commonly reoccurring questions to address in hopes of letting players have more insight into these topics.

1)Will we ever see an implementation of the Dual Skill Build System?

Yes, we will be getting a Dual Skill Build! In fact this is a feature that we are adding in our upcoming July content update. Players will be able to purchase an item in the Dragon Vault called the “Dual Skill Scroll” which will allow you to have an alternate skill build for your character. This means you can have one skill build for PvE and one more catered to PvP.

2)We really like the traditional Korean costumes we saw that were released in other regions. Are we ever going to see those costumes released in our region?

As always we love getting player feedback on which types of costumes and events they like and enjoy. When it comes to choosing which costume packages are made available with each update, we try to select ones that display the characteristics we feel the community will appreciate. Sometimes we are spot on, other times we are slightly off the mark.

As far as making this particular costume package available, that is something we can look into. We plan our costume and content release schedule months in advance and it can be difficult to make content changes. If possible we will see about working this request in to our schedule, so keep an eye out for them in the future.

3)Why was player ABC976 banned? OR Please unban player XYZ123, our guild really needs them!

When a player is banned from the game or forum, it is done because the player broke the stated rules. This is a very unfortunate thing that happens on occasion. Depending on the severity of the player’s actions, the ban may be temporary or permanent. The player is welcome to submit a ticket and try and clear up any possible misunderstanding, but that is between the player and the Nexon. The rules apply to everyone, and we cannot make exceptions just because a particular player is a friend, or is “vital” to a certain guild.

4)I am experiencing some slowdown in Dungeons and NPC interaction (PvE Lag), what should I do?

No adventurer wants to be deep in a dungeon only to be struck by a bit of lag. Sometimes it can even result in your untimely demise and potentially lost loot. While we do try to make sure there is as little PvE lag as possible, it can happen.

If you do experience PvE slowdown, there are a few things you can do:
-First, check the PC you are playing Dragon Nest on. If you are playing with the visual setting on high, try lowering your resolution and other visual settings.
-Make sure there are no other unnecessary programs running when you are playing Dragon Nest.
-If you have done both of the above suggestions and you are still seeing issues with PvE slowdown or “lag” please let us know about it with a post in our Bug Reporting sub-section of the official Dragon Nest forums. As always when reporting an issue, please give as much pertinent information as possible.

5)Will Nexon add the missing hair dyes, eye colors, and skin colors to the Dragon Vault and make them available for direct purchase?

We are currently working on this very thing! After many requests for additional skin colors and various dyes, it is finally happening. In a future game update we will be adding several of these items to the Dragon Vault. Soon players will have even greater control over customizing their characters!
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