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06-20-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default Complete Update Notes - A New Era Has Arrived

It’s time to step up your game and power-level your way to level 60! You’ve already seen the powerful skills and new nests in the microsite, but there’s a lot more exciting content coming with the level 60 update! Check it out below.

New Unified Skills

The New Unified Skills system lets you improve all your characters at once! These skills boost things like Max HP, Damage, Gold, and more across all characters on your account.

Click on the “Unified Skills” tab within you skills window and mouse over each icon to find out what each skill does. These skills are unlocked based on the combined level of all the characters on your account.

New PvP Lv. 60 Ladder Shop Gear

New Ladder Shop Gear has arrived to prepare you for PvP! Equip the Bloody Fighter’s sets to boost your stats so you stand a fighting chance in the arena.

Dragon Vault Update

Magic and darkness have engulfed the Dragon Vault this month. Dark powers are seeping through the Dragon Egg in the form of new wings and weapon costumes, and new Magic Costumes will help you steam past your enemies!

To see more information, click here.

Race to 60 Event

Prove that you’re the fastest player in Altera to get some amazing prizes and an exclusive title.

To see more information, click here.

Journey to 60 Event

If you don’t have time to compete in the Race to 60 Event, you can still get your hands on some awesome prizes for reaching level 60 at your own pace!

To see more information, click here.

Lv. 60 Nest Challenge

Complete the new Typhoon Krag and Professor K. nests to get sparks and a permanent Title!

To see more information, click here.

Bug Fixes:
-Rewards from “Binding and Sealing” quest now appear in the Dragon Vault Gift Box for new users that complete the quest.
-Older users who complete the quest, please submit a ticket with the subject line “Crude Approval Stamps” and include your character name in the ticket.
-The Content Update window no longer requires multiple close attempts before it closes.
-“Champion” ranks now appear in the PvP boards of the merged servers.
-Priest skills “Protection Shell” and “Blessing of Strikes” now pass onto other players in the party. Additionally, the higher level version of the buff does not remove lower level versions of the buff.
-Priest skill “First Aid” no longer gives large damage reduction in PvP.
-The Priest’s skill “Grand Signal” now functions properly.
-The description for the Lucky suffix has been fixed.
-The description for Wind II Suffix items has been fixed.
-The typo “Cali” now appears as “Kali” within the technique crafting menu.
-Reward for completing Kali’s specialization quest now has an enhancement.

System Improvements/Changes:
-All potions within the Level Up Reward Box now have a 7 day duration.
-Officers no longer have the same abilities as Guild masters. They can, however, still control over lower ranking guild members.
-Character Unified Level now appears in the upper right hand corner of the log in screen.
-All difficulties below Abyss level in all dungeons now drop various Magic, Rare, and Epic grade items, armors, and weapons.
-Level range of Boss Rush (SH), Danger Dash, and Treasure Run has been increased to Lv. 60.
-Removed required items from Lv. 50 non-raid nests.
-Specialty Weapons Vendor NPC, Pania, has been added to Ironwood Village, Mana Ridge, Carderock Pass, Saint’s Haven, and Lotus Marsh.
-All armors and weapons that are Lv. 50 and higher that can be suffixed have been added.
-The Help Window has been completely updated with up to date information.
-A Necklace search function has been added in the NX Accessories section of the Marketplace.
-Kali skill pouches have been added within the Dragon Egg.
-The amount of Dimensional Keys when a player hits max level when they joined the guild for the first time (Joining Level) has changed:
-Lv. 1 – 15 = 468 Dimensional Keys
-Lv. 16 – 31 = 444 Dimensional Keys
-Lv. 32 – 39 = 334 Dimensional Keys
-Lv. 41 – 49 = 264 Dimensional Keys
-Lv. 50 – 59 = 149 Dimensional Keys
-Titles are given as a reward for joining a guild for the first time. They have a 10-day duration.
-(Lv. 50 – 60) Starting Out Crown Jewel

Known Issues:
-Kali’s “radio messages” display incorrect text in party chat.
-Names within the “Skill Boost” section for the Kali Technique accessories contain typos.

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