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Mega 03-29-2013 04:35 PM

Easter Event
The Easter poochums are out hiding Dragon Eggs and treats, which gives you just enough time to prepare for Easter in Dragon Nest! Log in Friday, Saturday, and Easter Sunday to take part in 4 marvelous events!

Easter Weekend 50 % Drop Bonus

Find some rare gifts this Easter with a 50% Drop Bonus!

Date: 03/29 – 03/31
What: 50% Item drop bonus

Easter Dungeon Clear

What better way to celebrate Easter than by clearing some nests? Take on the Apocalypse Nest on Normal or Hell mode and you stand to earn some Goddess Tear Drops and Quality Crystal Sparks.

Date: 03/29 – 03/31
What: Clear Apocalypse Nest on either Normal or Hell mode at least once
Reward: 5x Goddess Tear Drops, 5x Epic Quality Crystal Sparks

-All rewards will be distributed starting April 3rd
-All characters on an account are eligible to receive the rewards provided the character clears Apocalypse Nest on either Normal or Hell mode.

Easter Pet Sale

Enjoy Easter with a companion. Pick up a pet, and you’ll get a free Pet Alicorn to revive it for another 30 days!

Date: 03/29 – 03/31
What: Buy any pet
Reward: 1x Pet Alicorn (30 days)

-Free Pet Alicorn will be distributed starting April 3rd

Item Protection Jelly Sale

Make sure your items are protected while you enhance with Item Protection Jellies. Pick up 2 packages of 30 or 50 Jellies and you’ll get another package of the same size for free!

Date: 03/29 – 03/31
What: Buy 2 Item Protection Jelly packages (30 or 50 count)
Reward: Get 1 of the same item for Free

-Purchase limited to 30 and 50 count items
-Buy one 30 and one 50 count package, and you’ll receive one free 50 count package
-Free Item Protection Jellies will be distributed starting April 3rd

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