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Mega 10-09-2012 04:03 PM

Login to Win Event!
Prepare to be rewarded. Log in from October 9th to October 18th, and watch the rewards stack up!

Login 2-5 days and you’ll get the Snack Pack:

- 10x Quick HP Potions
- 10x Quick MP Potions

Login 6-10 days and you’ll get the Survivalist Pack:
- 10x Quick HP Potions
- 10x Quick MP Potions

- 5x Average Diamond Lustre (Rare)
- 1x White Cupid Wings (30day)
- 7x Resurrection scrolls


-Limit one bundle per account.
-Players must select their main character through the Character Info Page of the website.
oThe Character Info page can be found by clicking the link or going to Support > Character Info on the Dragon Nest Website.
oTo select a main character, simply hover over the desired character and select “Make Main Character”.
oIf no main character is selected, the rewards will be given to the highest level character with the oldest creation date.
-Players must not change their main character on the website during the event.
-Rewards will be distributed starting Friday, October 19th.

All times are GMT -7. The time now is 01:08 PM.

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