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Mega 06-20-2012 10:59 AM

Complete Update Notes - The Tinkerer and More!

Has anyone ever time-traveled without messing something up? All the Tinkerer wants is to salvage the future, but she’s arrived in our time as a 12-year-old girl! Create a Tinkerer character and level up quickly to bring back her former strength and earn a plethora of prizes along the way. The most dedicated Tinkerers can take on the tough Race to Level 40 event for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a smorgasbord of in-game items. When the leveling cools down, head over to the Dragon Vault for a ton of new costumes, hairstyles, and faces for all characters as well as some exciting additions to the Dragon Egg!

New Character – The Tinkerer

The Tinkerer has traveled back in time from a future tainted by darkness and strife to alter the course of fate and strike down the baddies that have slaughtered the Gold Dragon and countless heroes. Unfortunately, a miscalculation during time travel preparations has left the Tinkerer trapped in her 12-year-old body. Play as the Tinkerer to fire long-range weapons like cannons and bubble blasters and command a robot bodyguard, gobs of sentient goo, and even an army of mecha-quackums to knock enemies clear into the next century!

Learn more about the Tinkerer Here!

Events – The Tinkerer Sprint

Create a Tinkerer and win tons of prizes just for leveling up! If you’re in a competitive mood, you can take part in the Race to Level 40 Event for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab! Be the first Lv. 40 Tinkerer to complete all of the Tinkerer’s main quests or solo clear the Manticore and Apocalypse Nests on hell mode to claim this gadget from the future. Not in a rush? Take things slow and get in-game items as you level up at your own pace.

Check out the event!

Dragon Vault Update – Icarian Heights

The latest Dragon Vault Update is jam-packed with new costumes, hairstyles, expressions, essential packages, and Dragon Egg items like the Chestnut Fire Mare and the Gadget Robo Wings. Whether you’re in need of the adventuring essentials, or you just want to add another layer of flair to your character, the Dragon Vault has everything you need!

See what’s new in the Dragon Vault

-Fixed an issue with Warrior characters not unable to login if they are wearing a certain hairstyle.
-Fixed Tinkerer, Engineer, and Alchemist tooltips and added missing important information in the descriptions for certain skills.
-Fixed a text issues in Goddess’ Medal, Donation interface, equipment, and various quest items.
-Fixed voiceover issue for Tinkerer’s “Alfredo Drop” skill.
-Updated texts in quests and NPC dialogues.
-Changed remaining instances of “Guild War” to “Guild Rumble”
-Removed duplicated texts present in tooltips of some Titles.
-Removed (SOLO ONLY) texts on some quests that can be completed while in a party.
-Brightened the color of the side arrows that toggles between 1st-4th character slots and 5th-8th slots.
-Corrected a visual text issue in May’s Friendship page.

-Hybrid empowerment system has been added. More information can be found here.
-Friendship System:
oAversion has been removed
oPlayers can now set quantities when gifting to NPCs.
oPlayers now receive faction points when giving Epic Gifts to NPCs. The type of faction points depend on the NPCs faction affiliation.
oMinor improvements to hints when opening NPC Albums.
-Guild System:
oGuild Member Recruitment System has been added.
Guild Masters can post their guild as an active listing to attract potential recruits. Players looking for guilds can submit their application for review in hopes of being inducted to the guild of their choice.
Guild Masters can set membership requirements based on class and level.
oGuild Points has been changed to Guild EXP.
oGuild Masters and members can now redeem Guild Rewards depending on the guild’s level.
Duration-based rewards
Bonus experience when killing monsters
Bonus Arena EXP
Bonus Guild Rumble points
Bonus faction points
Decreased item durability consumption
oAdded Guild Missions which lets guild members band together to earn Guild EXP.
oIncreased Guild Level to 25
oIncreased Guild Member limit to 200.
o“Manage Guild” option has been removed from Adventurer League NPCs.
oQuest equipment rewards are now enhanced.
oChanged EXP gained from Commission Quests.
oChanged amount of gold obtained from Main Quest.
oChanged level range of Goddess Teardrop quests given by Jeff and Honest Ed.
oPlayers now receive faction points when giving Epic Gifts to NPCs. The type of faction points depend on the NPCs faction affiliation.
oMinor improvements to hints when opening NPC Albums.
oChanges have been made to Guild Interface to reflect the implementation of Guild Recruitment System
oAdded “Close” function to the Quest Journal notice.
oAdded 1:1 Request to towns
When the invitation is accepted, both players automatically warp to an arena room.
oAdded an “Arena Room List” shortcut accessible from towns.
oAdded Daily Quest Journal tab.
o“Show Helm” option now available from the Character Profile window.
oObservers in Ladder matches can no longer see HP display.
oChanged the color of the HP gauge.
oGuild Storage can now be accessible via Storage NPCs.
oAdded an improved “Control Settings” menu in the ESC menu.
oAdventurer Bags and Storage Slots can now be purchased via a button in their respective inventory interface.
oItem Protection Jellies are now automatically placed in the Jelly slot when enhancing items.
oAdded a “translucent background” option to the chat window.
oIncomplete Approval Stamps are now applicable to equipment up to level 32.
oChanged description of some consumable items.
oAdded a “Delete Cash Item” function to remove Cash Shop items.
oMinotaur and Gerrant’s Skill Crests are now tradable.
This only applies to Minotaur and Gerrant crests acquired after 6/20.
oAdded Guild-related Items
Item Rewards
Guild Costume
Guild Banner
Guild Weapon and Mount effects
Three Guild Titles
“Salute” Guild Gestures
oIncreased drop rate of items found in Apocalypse and Manticore Nests.
Known Issues
-An empty popup appears when a player attempts to spectate on a Guild Rumble match.
-Some NPC dialogues and item tooltips have line break and word wrapping issues.
-On rare occasions, Guild Permission changes resets back to default or reverts back to an old setting.
-Clearing a Chaos Rift dungeon with a 4-player party of guild members will not unlock the “Order out of Chaos” Guild Mission Achievement.
-On very rare occasions, Nest boss’ BGMs will not play.
-Side-quest “A Bottle of Rum” cannot be completed with Tinkerer characters.

-Several side-quests cannot be completed when characters are level 40. These same quests can be completed if players are not level 40.

Woohoo! Finally Dragon Nest updateeeeee :py12:


BoredomKillz 06-20-2012 11:21 AM

yay no more aversion on npcs xD
lots of guild updates /not in a guild
with the item jellies do we have to uncheck to not use them if we dont want to now since theyre automatically place in the upgrade slot? seems kinda annoying....

but yay finally update o3o

Mega 06-20-2012 11:26 AM

I like they finally got the same PWR system as SEA, that way we can level up even faster :)

BoredomKillz 06-20-2012 11:40 AM

but then once youre at the cap farming becomes kinda lame once youre out of pwr >:

Mega 06-20-2012 12:09 PM

I'm not even close to level 40 on any of my characters :(

I wonder if it'll stay from level 1~39 or go up to 49 once we get 50 cap.

LiLMewmew 06-20-2012 01:20 PM

Is the patch done? Time to come out of hiatus ... :py27:

Mega 06-20-2012 02:49 PM

They said update at 6pm so like 12 minutes :X

Hopefully soon~ I want to get to work on "Tinkerering" lol.

Mega 06-20-2012 03:18 PM


All servers are now open.

NOTE: To receive the free Character Expansion Slot, please log into the character you have designated as your main character from the website. You will then need to enter the Dragon Vault and receive the item from the 'Gift Box'. Once received, you'll be able to create an extra character.

LiLMewmew 06-20-2012 06:11 PM

I didn't get the free slot. *sends ticket raging* >=(

edit: what happens if i select the main character now? do i get it still?

Lilica 06-20-2012 10:28 PM

They fix all the bugs but the one keeping me out of my account e.e. But Engineer is funner then I thought it would be, so I'm not feeling too bad.

LiLMewmew 06-21-2012 12:24 PM

So I found out... oldest character creation is where my extra character slot would be.

I made an Engineer on Argenta ... IGN: MewBerry
Higher level alchemist looks kinda fun with all those summons...

Are you guys still on Argenta ? :py56:

I got Ping Pong Ball .. (Super Ball) on my first golden bunny~~~~ XD

Mega 06-21-2012 12:42 PM

^ Lucky horeee :(

I'm on Gerrant~ And there's already like 3 level 40 Tinkerer's =_=;;;;

BoredomKillz 06-21-2012 01:06 PM

its those same ppl that rush to the cap that complain about nothing to do.........never makes sense to me but w/e. i am taking my time and enjoying tinkerer /o/ although wish i had more inventory space ;-;

/only velskud person here

Mega 06-21-2012 03:14 PM

I wanted a free tablet for leveling :< lmao.

He was already using birds bragging about how he hadn't slept yet and blah blah blah.

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