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Mega 04-25-2012 05:00 PM

Rollback Compensation
Dragon Nest | News - Rollback Compensation


Dear players,

There was a security issue with direct launch-launching the client directly from the game folder late last week, which resulted in players reporting that they were being hacked, so we performed a rollback on Saturday April 21, 2012 to resolve the problem.

The game was rolled back to 2:00pm (PDT) on April 19, which meant many of you lost gold, items sold, items received, and other tangible goods, along with the time you invested in-game during those two days.

We’d like to offer the following to all players as a sign of our appreciation for sticking with us through all of this:

-1 Dragon Egg
-2 Apocalypse Eyes
-2 Apocalypse Ramming Devices
-10 Goddess Teardrops
-10 Apocalypse Hearts
-20 Dimensional Box Keys
-300 Comet Dust
-500 Dimensional Crystal Fragments
-A four-day extension on all items purchased from the Dragon Vault. (This only applies to items that have durations.)
-A refund of all NX spent in the Dragon Vault since 2:00pm PDT (5:00pm EDT) on April 19. The refund will be in the form of NX Prepaid.
-A refund of all Scales spent in the Dragon Vault since 2:00pm PDT (5:00pm EDT) on April 19.

Also, on Sunday (April 22), Monday (April 23), and Saturday (April 28), we’re holding an all-day compensation event. This event will include the following:

-3x EXP Bonus
-Double Drop Bonus
-1,000 Extra PWR (Bonus PWR will be labeled as Event PWR)

And remember, your account information was not compromised during this security breach. Even accounts that were affected by the attacks are safe from outside access.

Now that the smoke has cleared, we'd like to offer everyone some tips on protecting your accounts in the future.
- Creating a 2nd password offers an additional, and powerful, layer of security to your account. Visit the 2nd Password Info Page ( for more details on how to protect your account.
- Change your account password regularly to foil account access attempts.
- Never share your account information with anyone, even your friends! That includes the email address you signed up with, your account ID, password, or 2nd password.
- It's a good idea to have a separate password for your Nexon account and your e-mail account. That way, if security is compromised for one account, the other will still be safe.


NMService initialized failed. and Launcher initialization failed. (E:3) message may appear when launching the game. Please refer to the Complete Update Notes – Guild Champions post for more details.

If there are any additional issues, please submit a Customer Support ticket.

Also, the Play Button may appear as "OFFLINE" even if the game is up. If that’s the case, please press CTRL-F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page, and the Play button should appear again.
To me that sounds like a big "SCREW YOU" to the Vindictus community :py14:

I fail to understand why they would do it for Dragon Nest, but not their other games...

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