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12-15-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help Us Fight Gold Farmers

Greetings, adventurers,

Have you ever wondered just why MMO companies come down so hard on gold farmers and those who use their services? First, it’s because use of such services violate the Terms of Use that every player agrees to when they play a Nexon game. If someone is willing to break the ToU in that way, they may be willing break it in other ways. We want to protect legitimate players not only from the gold farmers but from unscrupulous players for whom purchasing gold may be the least of their sins.

The Ripple Effect

The biggest reason to come down hard though, is because gold farmers and sellers can destroy a game for legitimate players. That sounds like a pretty big claim, but it’s happened before.

Here’s essentially how gold farming can destroy a game’s economy:

• Inflation: When people can buy gold easily, the amount of in-game money increases exponentially. This means that individual gold pieces are worth less and prices rise. Players who earn their gold honestly get outbid for items by players who purchase large sums of gold with real money outside of the game. Since sellers only take the highest offer, honest players simply can’t keep up.

• Devaluation of Items: As more gold buyers purchase extremely high-priced rare items, low-to-mid level items become worthless. Even high-end items drop in value because they lose their “specialness” as the number of them in the game increases.

• Destruction of Market Liquidity: You may have found a special item that you’re able to sell for three million gold today, but because gold buyers continue to increase the supply of gold, the same item could go for 10 million tomorrow. Prices moving up and down in wildly unpredictable ways results in people holding back on certain goods because they expect gold buyers to increase their offers. That causes shortages of certain goods in the marketplace.

• It Encourages Thieves: Wherever gold selling occurs, thieves naturally follow. Although there are some gold sellers who operate more or less the way they advertise, many more are just fronts for people who will try to scam your identity or credit card information out of you in order to raid your account or worse, your real-life bank account!

So What Can You Do?

Simple: don't buy gold, NX, or game “services” from anyone other than Nexon or a Nexon-authorized marketing partner. Encourage others to do the same. Remind them that it’s against the Terms of Use and can bring down action from the company. Seems pretty simple but it’s the most effective thing you can do. If there’s no market for it, the business will just dry up.

You might ask yourself “Hey, I’m just one player. What difference does it make when so many other people do it?” By yourself, not much, but if everyone who asked that question took action to stop gold buyers, the problem would solve itself. Big change doesn’t come from one person. It comes when a lot of people do a little something each. Keep your gamer pride and don’t buy gold.

There are no easy solutions, but together we can keep honest players from losing and keep Dragon Nest healthy and fun.
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