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Default Walk to The Edge of Darkness

Adventurers walk the world of Dragon Nest, challenging the forces of evil in a mighty crusade to save the world. Now, a new bastion of evil lies out there waiting to be conquered. To face it, you will have to walk to the Edge of Darkness!

Welcome to Rozin Sanctuary

…As it says in the most ancient of texts, the world was corrupted when the Goddess Vestinel tricked her sister Althea into drinking a poison that began corrupting her soul. Falling into a deep slumber, the Goddess was condemned to a half-life, unable to ever die or wake up. The nightmares of Althea began corrupting the world that she had created, and nearly destroyed it…

…Unbeknownst to most, Althea still dreams and her nightmares still seep into our reality. It fell to the Priestesses of Darkness to study the dark magic of her nightmares and use that power to seal the wounds of the world.

-- The Secret Diary of Jacob, sealed by the Clerics’ Order under penalty of death.

Rozin Sanctuary is a hidden place where the Priestesses of Darkness use ancient powers to keep the corruption of the Goddess Althea from further damaging the world. In recent days however, untold horrors have begun to creep into reality. Now the priestesses have put out a call for mighty adventurers to assist them in keeping the door between reality and nightmare closed.

Accessing Rozin Sanctuary

You must be at least level 15 to accessRozin Sanctuary. To reach it, select the [Edge of Darkness] tab on the channel list at the top right portion of your screen, then choose the [Rozin Sanctuary] channel. Like the PvP Arena, Rozin Sanctuary is unconnected to any other portion of the world and has its own NPCs that will give you information, can be used to sell items, and will reward you with various items when you successfully complete challenges in Edge of Darkness dungeons.

The most important NPC in this area is Shea, one of the Priestesses of Darkness. She will provide two “Abyssal Veil” passes every day that can be used to enter an Edge of Darkness dungeon. Note that you can never hold more than two Abyssal Veils at a time. Currently Jealous Atrium is the only dungeon accessible from Rozin Sanctuary.

The Jealous Atrium

…Sister Lithia told me that if we could only understand the import of the nightmares into the world, we might find a way to awaken the Goddess by healing her psychic trauma. If that is true, what am I to make of the Jealous Atrium where enemies perpetually attack a statue of Althea herself? Does the Goddess hate herself for what she is doing to the world?

-- The Secret Diary of Jacob, sealed by the Cleric’s Order under penalty of death.

Jealous Atrium is a “wave” dungeon. The challenge is to successfully defeat 35 rounds of successively more difficult enemies and protect a statue of the Goddess Althea. In order to pass a wave, you must complete the wave’s victory conditions and prevent the statue from being destroyed. Every player who enters the Jealous Atrium only has one life. Should you die during the challenge, you will no longer be able to affect the battle.


There are six different types of rounds that players can face. As soon as one round ends, the next round will automatically begin.

· Round types:

· Wave: Players will face a large number of enemies, all of the same type. They may vary in size and power. The round ends when all enemies are killed.

· Mix: A large Boss with a few minions appears. The round ends when all enemies are killed. The tip is to have an allotted member fight off the boss.

· Boss: A large boss enemy approaches the statue to break it. The round ends when the boss is killed.

· Crazy Duck: These usually happen after Boss rounds, although they may happen randomly at other points during the challenge. “Crazy Ducks” will appear and may be killed to recover the Goddess Statue’s HP. This is the only way to recover HP during the challenge.

Final Notes

There are a few more things to note about the Edge of Darkness:

· Players will not consume any Empowerment Points to access a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.

· Players will not obtain any EXP in a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.

· There is no penalty for leaving a dungeon at any stage, but players will not receive any rewards.
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