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kuyaBaka 07-09-2012 10:09 PM

kuya's UnIDs and other stuff.
(Because the marketplace doesn't allow editting, and I don't want to have to re-post every time I get new things in stock. Sorry if it's not allowed!)

Updated July 9th, 2012 @ 10:03PM

(Prices are flexible)
Ceremonial Knife -- 252.7 DPS @ 1.4 Attacks/sec [350k]
2h Polearm -- 596.1 DPS @ 0.95 Attacks/sec [200k]
2h Staff -- 584.5 DPS @ 1 Attacks/sec [200k]
1h Mace -- 322.2 DPS @ 1.2 Attacks/sec [300k]
1h Axe -- 244.4 DPS @ 1.3 Attacks/sec [300k]
Fist -- 246.4 DPS @ 1.4 Attacks/sec [350k]

{2x} Archon Gloves -- (326 and 335 base Armor) [125k ea]

ilv 60 Ring [90k]

62's and below:
(All offers. Usually not looking for anything over 100k unless it's got some nice stats on it.)

Battletag is in my sig, or if you want to RealID me to contact me if I'm on WoW just leave me a PM and I can send it to you. You can also post below if you want something on reserve or if you're interested.


Now that I can just faceroll through Act 1 Inferno and while I'm still enjoying watching my Acid Rain melting faces left and right, I'm looting all these 60+ rares. And I need moneys so I can buy some upgrades (I'm so low on resists right now, it's a miracle I was able to make it through Act 2). So I'm selling stuff.

How this works: I usually spend the last half my day running and farming up all these gears. After that, I'll edit this post with the new stuff I get so you guys get first grabs. I hit up the trade chat every couple days so I've got a running list of gears I've got up for sale.

(Also, if you'd like to join me on these runs I'd totally be down with that! Normally, I just run Skeleton King repeatedly since it's quick and easy and hard to screw up. When I feel like I have a good couple hours to spend on a single run I'll do a full run of Act 1, starting with the beginning of the Skeleton King section. Then other times I just run the last dungeon, but take a trip to Festering so I can build up some Neph Valor.)

Any ilv 63's and 61+ jewelry I keep unid'd. I'll update a list of all that I'm selling below. I'd like to give a fixed price for each type just because it makes it easier to get buyers, but I'm always open to haggling.

Then I'll also sell select ilv 60-62 gears (that aren't jewelry) that have already been identified. These will be for offers-only, since stats make it difficult to price things.

If for some reason I'll have a large number, I'm open to selling for a bulk, discounted price.

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