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kuyaBaka 06-08-2012 02:33 PM

LF> Inferno Act I farm/Act II Progression
Anyone interested? Probably won't make it a permanent group or anything, but I'm definitely looking for people to run with. It's kind of boring/tedious farming solo, and I wanna practice how well to play a Witch Doctor in co-op.

Also, I can't play Diablo on my personal laptop since it can't run it so I have to use my mom's MacBook for the time being until I get a new desktop (hopefully) by the time the Fall semester starts. This kind of stops me from playing too much, which isn't that great as far as farming goes. But if you can get to me with like a time/day I can definitely try to grab it for a couple hours of farming.

Battletag is in my sig.
I prefer using my though, since I like to hop back on WoW to play through some BGs and stuff just so my day isn't completely on Diablo. But if you're interested in running some stuff, you're free to whisper me so I can do a quick hop back or something if I can.

(Don't laugh at my money. I just got done with a buying-spree to gear up my Wizard and other stuff. I should probably start investing in GF items--)

I normally run around DoTing and kiting until everyone's HP just melts. I'll probably be switching out a couple of my skills and passives to better suit co-op.

Maybe something like!WVc!baZacb!WVc!aaZZab

... idk.

Ayumi 06-09-2012 12:50 PM

What are you farming for? Gold or items?

Do you have a GF or MF gear, with what percentage when equipped?

I might be interested, once I fix my GPU.

kuyaBaka 06-09-2012 01:02 PM

Saving up for an actual MF set.
My current battle gear has about 63%, though.

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