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kuyaBaka 05-27-2012 02:56 PM

Witch Doctor Strategies
My main is a Witch Doctor, and I love her to death. Definitely my favorite class to play with all the eccentric skill and abilities. Also, I'm in love with their channeling animation.

So, I was just wondering how other people play their Doctors.
For me, I switch between two main sets: a General/AoE and then a Bossing set.

General/AoE-- Witch Doctor - Game Guide - Diablo III
Left-click: Plague of Toads (Rain of Toads)
Right-click: Grasp of the Dead (Unbreakable Grasp)
1: Spirit Walk (Jaunt/Healing Journey(?))
2: Soul Harvest (Siphon/Vengerful Spirit(?))
3: Hex (Hedge Magic/Unstable Form(?)) or Big Bad Voodoo (Rain Dance)
4: Gargantuan (Humongoid/Restless Giant or Big Stinker/Restless Giant)
Passives: Spiritual Attunement + Blood Ritual + Pierce the Veil

My strategy behind this is when I see a group of enemies, I open up with Grasp of the Dead to help snare them and gives me more time to dish out damage while I channel Rain of Toads for some epic damage. At Lv 39 right now, I see myself ticking up to 1100 damage a sec per target buffed with Soul Harvest (3+ stacks). If I need stacks beforehand, I run in and harvest them, then Spirit Walk out while dropping a Grasp of the Dead then spam my frogs.

If there's a special around, I be sure to drop a Hex or Big Bad Voodoo, and make sure my Gargantuan is on Restless Giant before starting up. For the most part, I have no problems with this and I'm able to knock out half its HP before I'm in trouble and have to Spirit Walk out and set it all up again. This normally works well when I'm in narrow alleys or inside dungeons because there's less room for them to run around and get away from me.

Hex, I like because he can help me keep some of my health up (or enough to buy me time on my potion/Soul Harvest cooldown or until a life orb pops up) and the chicken spell is a nice CC. I haven't gotten the Unstable Form rune yet, but I'm curious to see how it works. Big Bad Voodoo on Rainman is to help keep up my mana while I spam Rain of Toads because it sucks up quite a bit of mana when I'm under the attack speed buff. Amazing damage, but it really drains me fast.

On fields, I have some problems since it's difficult to set it up correctly. In that case, I switch to Firebomb with the Flash Fire rune so I can just kite and toss bouncing, flaming shrunken heads while laying a Grasp of the Dead to keep them at bay.

Left-click: Plague of Toads (Rain of Toads)
Right-click: Haunt (Consuming Spirit)
1: Spirit Walk (Jaunt/Healing Journey(?))
2: Soul Harvest (Siphon)
3: Hex (Hedge Magic/Unstable Form(?)) or Big Bad Voodoo (Rain Dance)
4: Gargantuan (Restless Giant)
Passives: Spiritual Attunement + Blood Ritual + Pierce the Veil

Instead of opening with Grasp of the Dead, I switch it out with Haunt for the health regen while I'm running around using Plague of Toads. It's a pretty high-damage channeling spell, and works well single-target and multi-target so I can use it in most fights. I'd probably be using Blow Darts with Splinters as my main nuke, but I don't really have the attack speed gears to pull it off quick enough. Whenever I use it, I feel like there's a really long delay time between shots. Plus, I find it funny just watching frogs fall from the sky and beat down on Diablo.

At least, this is what I've been using recently. I've only got up to Act 2 of Nightmare, and not even all the way done with it so this might be moot later on. I've been curious to try a Locust Swarm-based build, as well. I like the idea of it, and was trying to think of ways to actually use it in combat efficiently. Corpse Spiders is another spell-family I'm interested in trying out. So far, I've only used Widowmakers as a mana-regen ability (when I used Rain of Toads before coming across the Mana Attunement + Blood Ritual passive combination) and was interested in seeing a build revolving around Blazing Spiders or Spider Queen. I liked the idea of just tossing it out once every couple seconds instead of repeatedly spamming the ability to score damage.

kuyaBaka 06-05-2012 09:28 PM


Apparently, my Locust build was a pretty amazing support.
Witch Doctor - Game Guide - Diablo III
My strategy was to run and Spirit Walk into the middle of the mob, do a quick Soul Harvest and Locusts before I run back out. Once I break from Spirit mode, I lay down a Grasp of the Dead to help slow them down before I start to take my spot to shoot darts and DPS. Locusts is Pestilence only because my current weapon only offers +Poison damage, and if I using Searing Locusts it won't get the same damage increase since it's Fire-type (at least, if I'm understanding this correctly).

It works great since I'm packing 18k base DPS with this really awesome Staff I ended up buying with a base 1.3k DPS and a couple damage mods on it. The hefty damage plays very well with Locusts and Grasp of the Dead since the damage isn't that reliant on the overall DPS rather than the bulk damage it will do. Both skills do % damage over a set amount of time.

I've also got some attack speed mods on my gloves, ring, and amulet which helps make Poison Darts a decent single-target option. My other choice would probably have been to use Haunt or Spirit Barrage, but they make me too mana-starved for it to be efficient.

I've also realized that I die too quickly, even when I pack on the Vitality and some resists so I re-gemmed all my Amethyst gems into Topaz so I can get more Intelligence for damage and resistances. I still die just as much, but at least my Locusts can tick off more than they normally do.
(I'll post my set-up tomorrow when I'm able to get back on Diablo.)

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