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engputer 12-02-2008 10:04 PM

Cutest game for cuties - Legend of Golden Plume, free MMORPG
Anyone here tried this cartoon themed free MMORPG: Legend of Golden Plume?

Official Website:
Cutest Game for Cuties, Free to Play For Ever!

Game Story:

Once upon a time, the world was dominated by a fiend, Apofis who claimed himself as the messenger of sun. Torturing people seemed nothing but fun to him. He felt satisfied by simply destroying people’s peaceful lives. One day, he used his horrendous power to make 9 giant fireballs and hung them up on the sky. All plants were burning. Lakes were drying. People were crying. Death wandered on the surface of the earth.

Finally, one day a hero arose. His name was Illios. He produced 9 arrows with the distillate of the nature. This took him 49 days , after which he started his adventure.

The fight with Apofis was something like never seen before. Illios used all his power to shoot the 9 giant fireballs from the sky. As he hit them. they turned into 9 golden plumes. As the fireballs disappeared, the world cooled down and the people could see Illios fighting against Apofis. In his hands he held the 9 golden plumes and he was flying during the battle.

The people called the plumes “suncrows” and they believed the suncrows were the source of Illiose’s bravery.

Unfortunately, the destruction of the fireballs took most of Illios’ power and he could feel himself falling to the face of the world. In a final attempt to destroy Apofis, he gathered all the strength he had left and launched his final attack. The attack killed both Apofis and Illios, freeing the world of the evil being and letting the world return from chaos.

The 9 golden plumes fell to the earth with Illios. Nobody knows where they are at this time, but everybody believes in their magic power and the bravery they can bring.

Over thousands of years, the search for the 9 suncrows never ended. Many people have tried and failed but they never gave up.

Different kinds of persons have searched for the suncrows. People like the Taoist, which is able to discern the secret of nature; the Swordman, who can wield weapons better then anyone; the Warrior, whom is believed to be Illiose’s offspring; the Priest that lives as a hermit and is good at curing people; and finally the Mage, which has unbelievable magic power.

A journey with no end has just begun. Are you ready for it? Find the suncrows, fulfill the legend, gain the true power and be a true hero.

The best is yet to come……

For more details, please check:

Legend of Golden Plume | International - Discussion Board - Free MMORPG! - Powered by Discuz!

Game Features:

Skill System

Pet System

Equipment System

Marriage System

Tribe System

Booth System

Master-Apprentice System

Auto-Tracking System

Quest System

Detailed information, please check it here:
Cutest Game for Cuties, Free to Play For Ever!


More screenshots please visit:
Cutest Game for Cuties, Free to Play For Ever!

Have any of you tried this game yet?

Kudaranai 12-03-2008 02:03 AM

I'm currently playing it right now...It reminds me of Fairyland. I graphic's actually pretty nice and cute :U I shall post SS later

Currently playing in Koala server.

Tea 12-03-2008 02:47 AM

played it n gave up after i got into my 20s...

LiLMewmew 12-03-2008 02:50 AM

played it and gave up after getting to liek level 4 ish. >.> (hate the graphics)

Miyuki 12-03-2008 02:59 AM

Kinda looks like...typical other chinese mmo that advertised in bitcomet @_@...or it was only me.

LaTale 12-03-2008 06:08 AM

This kinda reminds me of Angels Online... Only better Graphic...
I don't know if I will try it... But it is somewhat cute~

engputer 12-04-2008 06:30 PM

Graphics are good compared to some other 2D cartooned style mmorpg...

And systems are being upgraded and new stuff are being added. If you read their forums you will see GMs do care about the suggestion fom players:)

So, why not give it a try:) :py09:

Kenjii 12-04-2008 06:38 PM

The graphics look horrible.

The gameplay itself, I wouldn't know. It looks like another grindfest to me.

Kowiz 12-04-2008 06:49 PM

How fast is the leveling?
and how crucial is leveling to the game? o.o

DemiGodDanzig 12-04-2008 07:32 PM

oh snaps,when did we get actual GMs into this?
also,i dont know,
its not my cup of tea unfortunately /=

engputer 12-04-2008 07:41 PM

We welcome all opinions since we are still adding things to it.

If you would like, we would invite you to give us more suggestions. Glad to get to know you:)

DemiGodDanzig 12-04-2008 07:50 PM

well,i've played so many MMOs its not even funny,
and what you and all MMOs need is,
lots of different quests and end content.
you know,no one likes straight grinding.
decent quests with moderate exp. rewards are something everyone likes.
and end content is key,when getting near the top levels,players find themselves bored with the lacks of things to do,since they are so high leveled.
also,player participation and events are great.
you know,small events,things that get the community together.
and lastly,GM participation,at least talk to players,even if you cant help them,people like it when GMs reply to them.

since you're actually here,and trying to learn what people want,thats a great start already.

engputer 12-04-2008 08:29 PM

Personally I think mmorpg is a platform to make friends, spending time happily with your friends, new friends.

Quests/functions are all just tools to realize that. Because our ultimate fun is the interaction between people while the game is the bridge.

That is why we focus more on the community building as well as the adding interesting things to gameplay.

Killing mobs quests are really boring to me, so that is what we are going to avoid:)

Kudaranai 12-04-2008 08:54 PM

Graphics in the screenshot is kinda bad, but the actual game itself is pretty good. The game has an interesting skill system, where you actually use your earned EXP and spend them on skills.

Too bad there's not a lot of info available, like jobs, the pet system and whatever this game has to offer. I don't even know if there are 2nd jobs.

Lemon 12-04-2008 09:58 PM

As for the information about LGP... we are working on it. We'll release as much information as we can.

And...yes... LGP do have some very special systems ~

Kenjii 12-04-2008 10:17 PM

I didn't even know engputer and Lemon were GMs until I saw the color change. Nice to know that they're actually a part of this community.

I, who lost all faith in MMORPGs, would love to actually see one that isn't a grindfest. Grinding in any form instantly makes the game boring.
MapleStory and Trickster are good examples of grinding games.
LaTale is a good example of a grinding game that includes quests that you grind with.

I'd like to see quests that don't involve me killing 200 turtles for 50 turtle heads because the quest-giver wants to exact revenge on the turtles for killing that person's daughter. I'm not fond of errand quests because they involve me walking form point A to point B. Quests need to be more original and more fun to do. Include some that involves parties, and not things called party quests.

I want to see a combat/skill system that doesn't involve me skill spamming like in MapleStory and LaTale. Make the game a little more skillful.

PedroRomero 12-04-2008 10:43 PM

i dunno kenjii... i kinda feel that that's what mmos are. you either grind/quest all the time. or you hang out with friends/pvp all the time. or you can balance the two. what do u expect otherwise? maybe i'm not understanding your request

Kenjii 12-04-2008 11:10 PM

I want an MMORPG like Diablo 2, where the story is good, the questing is useful and unique, and the PvP is amazing. Not to mention that killing bad guys is awesome in that game.

An MMORPG that makes it so that you grind a lot or have a bad PvP are bad. Most MMORPGs are like that. I'm just always hoping for a good MMORPG that is like that and isn't WoW (P2P) or EVE (P2P).

Miyuki 12-05-2008 12:04 AM

hmm, maybe can give it a try later.

Ronin 12-05-2008 04:41 AM

Welcome to the forums GMs, i'll give it a try and try and squeeze it in i'm currently really busy in the real world ;P

To be honest though what i always say to myself when i see a game that isn't up to par with the graphics "They better have amazing gameplay to back it up". Runescape is a good example when i played it for 3 years back then i had members for about 3 months and was about Free to play for 2 and a half years and grinded my way all the way to level 110 and heck it didn't seem to much of a chore because the game offered ALOT. Bored of killing things? go make some money with the skills you enjoy doing. Bored of making money? go do quests with amazing story telling.

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