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StarishCUTE 04-07-2009 10:10 PM

Fanfic Story called *Daybreak*
I got bored and I wanted to do more for the guild forum... also I like wanted to write a story about our guild so ENJOY! ^^

Setting: Osaku, Japan 2009
Characters: Everyone in the Guild will have a role so try to find yourself :D

In this little town in Japan, there are many fun and exciting things to do. As they hear a legend called the Daybreak Hour ... when you turn off the computer, but turn on the screen it will lead to another dimension. Is the legend really true or is it false. Nobody really knows until the a group of students from Osaku High decided to try this. There are also mysterious disappearance of civilians during the past few months and the police have no clue what happened to them. Are the legends and disappearance related? That's where the story begins.

Chapter 1 The Beginning!
Brandon hard-working boy, got up at 6am to get to work at a fast food restaurant. He works for 2 hours before his school starts at 8:30am and rushes to school. He then meets his friend.
Thomas: Yo, BK whats going on? You didn't go on msn yesterday
Brandon: I told you to call me Brandon anyways I was busy
Thomas: Haha, but BK suits you and anyways we need to hang out sometimes you're always busy with work
Brandon: Did you get a fortune for me while you were at the shrine?
Thomas: Yea, but I don't know why you need it.*Heads fortune to BK*
Brandon: YES! It says I will find love today! *Thinks of his love*
Thomas: *Makes a funny face knowing who his love is* You can forget Amy being that love
Brandon: Who else can it be? I always had a crush on her! Today is the day I will finally confess to her!
Thomas: Well, when she rejects you... that means I might have a chance.. hehehe
Brandon: *Glares at Thomas* Don't you think like that to every girl in class?
Thomas: Noo!.. But every girl in our class is outrageously hot and cute I mean wearing skirts blows my mind already *Daydreams of harem*
Brandon: *sign* come on we're about to be late "pulls Thomas while he Daydreams*
The bell rings to get to class

Inside the classroom of 2-B Amy, a shy smart girl sitting at the corner near the window, is talking to her friend Rin, an athletic girl who is hyper and strong. Thomas and BK walks in to see them and Thomas quickly rushes to the girls.
Thomas: *Trying to look attractive* So girls? How do you love these massive muscles I have? Do they make you want to touch me?
Rin: *Punches him across the room* That jerk, does he really have to do that everyday?
Amy: lol At least it's never boring being around him
Brandon: Forget him.. he's always like this anyways.
Rin: Well, did you guys hear about the news, another person disappeared and no where to be found
Amy: That's awful what do you think might of happen to them
Rin: Idk, but it says they have no idea how they might have disapeared
Brandon: That's impossible there's gotta be something?
Rin: Nope there were witnesses that the person never went outside his house but after 2 days it shows no sign of activity or anything
Brandon: He could have gone on vacation or something, there's no way a person can keep watch on the house
Rin: Maybe but the house was searched and nothing was packed up; everything was there, but the guy wasn't
Amy: Wow, thats really spooky
A science teacher comes in the room and walks in front of the class
Professor Aku: EVERYONE BE QUIET NOW! Class has started
Everyone rushed to their seat but Thomas who is still unconscious
Professor Aku: THOMAS! Wake up... slaps him*
Thomas: OUCH! Why did you do that for Professor.
Professor Aku: Be quiet and go sit down
Thomas: Yes. sir ... *sits down at his seat

Professor Aku: Ok everyone! We have two new students joining us. One of them is from the city and the other is one that was intelligently made smart .
Picksi:Professor! What do you mean one that was made intelligently smart?
Professor Aku: Huhuhu! You will see soon enough
Thomas: Are they both girls Professor? *Gets ready to be excited for a yes*
Professor Aku: No! There both males.
Thomas:*Stands up* Nuu! We have enough guys in this class! My harem will never come true now!
Brandon: Shut up! And sit down nobody wants to see you flirting again.
Thomas: Man! you're just jealous. *sits down*
Professor Aku: Ok, if everyone is finished. Come in please you two
One boy came in who looks very handsome and also looked like he has a tan
Another boy came in walking kinda weird, but looks like an average high school boy
Professor Aku: Introduce yourselves
Pachis: Hai my name is Pachis and I hope we become friends.
Molli: *Quietly* Wow, he's kinda cute don't you think so
Rin: All guys are the same too me
Amy: Well he does look kinda strong *while smiling*
Brandon:*Hears there conversation * Ohh, man Amy is actually falling for him
Thomas: Don't worry about it, he's no competition to me! *Saying it Proudly*
Picksi: YEA! Just that you smell peww ew!
Thomas: Shut up. *While he smells himself*
Brandon: You're a dork /Facepalm
Professor Aku: Quiet down! We still need to introduce my creat... err I mean the other student.
Flooky: *With a weird accent* Hai, am Flooky and I am programed to be a student
Professor Aku: DON'T SAY THAT! I mean...err he meant he is delighted to be a student
Picksi: I thought he said programed? Mr. Professor sir!
Professor Aku: Noo now forget that and go take your seats. Flooky you will sit near Picksi and Pachis you will sit behind Amy
Brandon:*Speaking to himself* Noo, why does he get to sit behind her!
Thomas: *Eating a banana while watching Ben* You know you look kinda pale. Wanna eat some of my banana?
Brandon: err.... that's ok *Stresses out*
Thomas: Well. I can tell you have competition. *Throws his banana peel on the floor*
Brandon: Please... Amy knew me for years, we are neighbors I know she wouldn't fall for him
Thomas:*Bites an apple* From looking at Pachis, he was checking out Amy. So your confession has got to be today
Brandon: *signs* It's still hard to get her alone from her friends.
Thomas: Don't worry let me deal with that
Picksi: Yea me too. I want to help! *while hugging Flooky next to her*
Flooky: Can you please let go of me?
Picksi: Why? You're so shiny and your skin is so hard, you should use some lotion! *wipes lotion on him*
Flooky: Stop your damaging me! *Flooky escapes from Picksi's clutches*
Picksi: Fine then! But you smell too.
Professor Aku: Everyone stop your chitchat and pay attention to my lesson *walks over to be slip by a banana*
Thomas: Err.. Professor did you just slip on a banana
Professor Aku: THOMAS! This was your banana and don't go eating every fruit in your bag
Thomas: Don't worry sir! I have many more where that came from!
Professor Aku: Great!*sarcastically* Now be quiet while I start my lesson.
Lesson starts and everyone listens to Professor Aku


The Lesson is over and it is time for Lunch. Pachis is talking to the girls while Thomas, Brandon Picksi and Flooky devise a plan to get Amy alone.
Brandon: Guys this plan will never work.
Thomas: Of Course it will! All I have to do is to get Rin to notice me and she will stay behind.
Picksi: Yep while I ask Molli to help me with carrying soccer balls back to the storage room
Thomas: Yes and Flooky will have to get Pachis attention
Flooky: When did I agree to do this?
Picksi: Because if you don’t I will haunt you forever *makes scary face*
Flooky: Alright! I’ll try to get pachis out of the way
Thomas: OK! That means you are good to go with Amy.
Brandon: This is still unlikely to happen but if it works I will confess to Amy
Thomas: Good, Good now everyone leave
Everyone leaves to get ready while Thomas stays in the classroom

While at the other side of the classroom, the girls start talking to Pachis
Molli: So Pachis how is the city like?
Pachis: The city was really noisy and is too bright to see any stars at night
Rin: It sounds like you don’t like the city
Pachis: No, it’s just I like to get away from it all for a while and view our environment before cities was ever there
Amy: Wow, you want to be like an environmentalist?
Pachis: Lol, No, I want to be an Engineer, but being here is worth it
Amy: Why?
Pachis: Because I get to meet friends like you here *while he smiles*
Molli:Well we should eat lunch together
Amy: Yea, Pachis wanna eat lunch with us?
Pachis: I’ll be glad too.
Rin:*Notices something odd going on* You guys go on I’ll catch up to you guys later
Amy: Ok Rin. I’ll save a seat for you
Everyone leaves, but Rin

Rin: Thomas I know you’re are there and what are you doing?*disgusted face*
Thomas: Am just scarping the gum of the desk
Rin: Ok… and why are you doing that?
Thomas: Because it was my punishment for slipping Professor Aku with my Banana
Rin: Well, that’s what you get for not throwing away the peel properly
Thomas: That’s ok Rin, but anyways we’re alone together! *With eager face*
Rin: Don’t even think about it! Or else I’ll have to punch you again
Thomas: Nah I wasn’t asking that I was just hoping you would help me scrape the gum under the desk?
Rin: I can’t I got to meet everyone for lunch. Sorry Pachis *About to leave*
Thomas: *Grabs her hand* No don’t! I got to stay here.
Rin: *Kicks him up to the ceiling* And why is that?
Thomas: *Falls back to the floor with an injured tone* because am helping Bk to get some alone time with Amy.
Rin: You mean Brandon?
Thomas: Yes Brandon as in Bk and I think BK is going to confess his love to her today.
Rin:Aww .. am sure they will make a good couple
Thomas: So you will stay here with me?
Rin: No! Not for you but for Amy and Ben. I hope Ben knows what to say to her, but anyways how is he going to get Pachis and Molli away from her?
Thomas: Don’t worry it’s all already planed out!
Rin sits down while Thomas scrapes the gum off the desk
Thomas: Are you sure you don’t want to help me?
Rin: If I do you will just slack off and let me do the work so I won’t help this time
Thomas:*With a laziness attitude* errr this is going to take awhile.

As Molli,Amy, and Pachis went to get some lunch. Picksi and Flooky are also on their way to get Amy alone. Will this plan succeed or fail?
Amy: Pachis what do you want to eat?
Pachis: I don’t know what do you guys recommend?
Molli: I recommend getting their ramen! Their ramen is the best.
Amy: Well you can get that or eat some of my homemade food I can never finish it
Pachis: I guess I’ll eat some of Amy’s homemade food no need to spend money
Molli: Well am going to get a bowl of ramen!
As Amy and Pachis leave to sit on the lunch tables, Picksi came up to Molli to tell her something
Picksi: Hey Molli! Want to help me pick up the soccer balls and put them back into storage?
Molli: Why do you have to do that?
Picksi: Because! You know how I like to help the school! Enough said
Molli: Can you do it by yourself today I don’t want to keep Amy alone with Pachis
Picksi: Huhuhu… Are you jealous?
Molli: NO! It’s just leaving Amy with Pachis wouldn’t be safe for her. You know Amy isn’t the kind of girl to be alone with a boy!
Picksi: Tisk, tisk, Amy is a big girl now! There’s no way she wouldn’t want to be alone with a boy.
Molli: Am still not helping you pick up those soccer balls.
Picksi: Fine then you leave me no choice! *Grabs Molli with a huge sac of bag and drags her across the room out of the cafeteria*
Molli: Hey let me out of here!
Picksi: No! You have to leave Amy alone right now!
Molli: Why?
Picksi: Because big head Brandon doesn’t have the courage to tell her when you guys are around
Molli: Tell her what?
Picksi: What do you think! It’s obvious Ben had a crush on her sense elementary!
Molli: A confession? OMG! That’s so cute!....
Picksi: Now you know why I am kidnapping you! Muahahaha
Molli: Just let me out, I’ll leave her alone
Picksi: No! You will be my slave MUahahaha! *Laughter echoes in the halls*

Now it’s Flooky’s turn to get Pachis out of the way. Will he be able to take Pachis away from Amy? Let us find out…
Pachis: Wow your cooking is delicious! Who taught you how to cook?
Amy: My mom, when I was little I would always go inside the kitchen to help her cook.
Pachis: That sounds great your mom must be proud of you.
Amy: She is. She recently got a new job so she never has time to cook anymore. So I cook for my brother and my mom most of the time now
Pachis: That sounds sweet of you
Flooky: Excuse me Pachis but the student council would like to speak to you. So they told me to send you to their room
Pachis:Why would the student council want to speak to me?
Flooky: They wanted to greet all there new students. THye greeted me when I went so they wanted to greet you next.
Pachis: Hmm that sounds odd, but I don’t want to leave Amy unintended
Amy: Its ok Pachis you should go greet them *smiles*
Pachis: Fine then, but I need directions to their room
Flooky: I’ll take you! *Quickly grabs Pachis and run off like it has wheels*
Amy: *Surprised when Flooky ran out* hmm maybe he should try out for the track team *giggles*
Brandon: Hey Amy, why are you here alone?
Amy: Hey Ben, Molli is probably still trying to get her ramen and Pachis went to greet the student council with Flooky
Brandon: *Talking to himself* Yes guys! I own you one!
Amy: What did you say Brandon?
Brandon: Ohh nothing… Anyways I have something to tell you.
Amy: What is it Brandon?
Brandon quickly tries to find his courage to tell her.
Brandon: I wanted to tell you that I … I …
Amy: Hmm Ben spit it out already!
Brandon: I love how you decorated your lunch box! */facepalm*
Amy: Thx Ben *smiling*
Brandon: No, that wasn’t it! I meant that erm
Bell Rings for the end of Lunch
Amy: Well, we should get to class now *packs her bento box and gets up to walk out of the cafeteria*
Brandon: *Grabs her hand* I love you!


Amy: I love you too silly!*smiles* we’ll be friends forever!
Brandon: Wait but… that’s not what I meant
Amy: What did you mean?
Brandon: I always loved you sense elementary! I always love your smiles and your great personality
Amy: Of course that’s when we met and became friends! And I also love your sense of humor and hair!
Brandon: Amy I’m thinking you’re not taking me seriously
Amy: What are you talking about we’re playing a game right?
Brandon: No! I mean it for realz!
Amy: *distracted* Ohh no! We’re going to be late!
Brandon: *sign* Alright lets get to class.
Amy and Brandon walks back to class, one really depressed

After school! Everyone is out of class; Thomas, Picksi, and Flooky wanted to know how the confession went.
Picksi: Hey Brandy! How did ya confession go!
Brandon: I said it.. but
Flooky: Did you get rejected?
Brandon: No! Just that she didn’t read my message right.
Thomas: Message? I thought you were supposed to tell her!
Brandon: I did that was hypothetically speaking!
Flooky: Maybe you weren’t speaking clearly
Thomas: Yea you looked pretty nervous out there
Picksi! STOP! *Hits Flooky on the head and threw Thomas across the bushes* Let him talk he wasn’t done speaking yet!
Brandon: Well, she thought we were playing the “I love you game*
Picksi: What is that?
Brandon: It’s a game we used to play when we were little, I would say I love her dress and she would say I love your shirt
Picksi: OMG! I forgot I left Molli locked at the storage room! *Quickly runs back*
Flooky: Ohh yea! I forgot to unlock the janitor closet for Pachis too brb *Walks back*
Thomas slowly walks to Brandon
Brandon: *sign* How will I tell Amy that I love her if the confession didn’t work
Thomas: I got an idea! Why not pretend to pretend playing the game and maybe she will take you seriously because she knows you were pretending to play the game.
Brandon: Thomas are you even thinking of what you said just now?
Thomas: Yes, err No, I forget *Laughs* Well today turn on your computer screen and turn off the computer before light comes out in the morning
Brandon: Why would I do that?
Thomas: Because you always wake up early to go to work and it’s part of a legend I came across when I was in the library
Brandon: You were in the library? When?
Thomas: Never mind that! Remember to do it am going to try to do it too! *Quickly runs off home*
Brandon: My fortune failed me today… *crushes the fortune and throws it* I wonder if Amy loves me… *walks home depressed*


Chapter 2: The lost fortunes
5:59 in the morning the next day Brandon decided to turn on his screen with his computer off and see if the legend is true.
Brandon: Man! This is stupid! Why did I want to test something Thomas told me… It’s never true anyways. Look at the time am going to be late for work!
Flashes of light suddenly flashed onto the screen and started to show a faded screen of a teenage girl.
Brandon: What is that noise? Wow how did my computer turn on? *Checks his computer* This picture looks like my wallpaper of Amy *Touches the screen*
But my computer isn’t on!
The computer screen then suddenly disappeared.
Brandon: What was that?.... Oh no am going to be late! *Quickly rushes out to work*

Brandon quickly finished work early and rushes to the shrine for another fortune.
Brandon: I don’t even know why am I doing this? Yesterday was a big disappointment. *Reads his fortune*
Fortune: You will find a new power awakening in you. The power of darkness awaits you
Brandon: What the heck is this suppose to mean. This is the first time having this type of fortune.
Thomas: Hey BK! *Quickly runs to him* did you come for your fortune too? Well time to get mines. *Grabs and reached for a fortune*
Brandon: What does it say?
Thomas: Wow this fortune sounds like a compliment and a to-do list.
Fortune: Your passion for happiness is complete. Take your light and flash through your heart
Brandon: These fortunes are kind of weird today.
Thomas: I don’t get it but I hope it’s good
Brandon: Ohh yeah, Thomas! Did you check your computer screen today?
Thomas: ohh err… I kind of slept in.
Brandon: Listen here then, the strangest thing happened. My computer wasn’t on, but it showed Amy on the screen.
Thomas: Did you touch the screen?
Brandon: Yeah!
Thomas: Did you get sent to another dimension?
Brandon: No?
Thomas: Hmm guess of the legend was true.
Brandon: Huh?
Thomas: See here when you see something on your computer screen that’s odd during Daybreak and when you touch your computer screen. You get sent to another dimension!
Brandon: Ok… Now that’s just a stupid!
Thomas: But… you did see something odd so it’s safe to assume that the light fraction from the light did something to your computer screen
Brandon: But it was Amy!
Thomas: Dude, it’s probably because you were still down about yesterday
Brandon: I guess you’re right *gets depressed*
Thomas: Ohh sorry man… I didn’t mean it like that. Well let’s get to school before Professor Aku makes me clean the desk again.
They both left to school. When they reach their classroom, they found out something was odd.
Thomas: *Quickly ran to Rin and touches her shoulder* Hai RIN! Did you miss me yesterday? Because I missed you!
Rin: *Grabs Thomas and throws him out the window*
Brandon: Hmm… you know we’re on the second floor right?
Rin: And your point is? *Evil face*
Brandon: Err never mind *scared*
Molli: Guys! Where’s Amy? She’s not at her desk. She’s usually here before us
Rin: Did you guys do something to her? *Has evil face still*
Brandon: No! *still scared*
Molli: Aww… Did she not come to school because she was to shy to face you!
Rin: Ohh yeah. How did that confession go anyways?
Brandon: I don’t want to talk about it.. *Depressed*
Molli: Ohh no! Did you get rejected?
Brandon: No! She didn’t take me seriously. She thought we were playing a game
Molli: Err. Amy! How can she be that dense!
Rin: That’s how Amy is.
The other side of the room
Picksi: Ahh… No Amy?
Flooky: I wonder where she is
Pachis: Flooky! I still didn’t know why you locked me in the closet
Flooky: I told you it was to keep you away from the evil student council! I heard there our senpai, the president is Evil!
Picksi: Yes he’s really Supah evil!
Pachis: But you were the one who said they wanted to meet me!
Flooky: It wasn’t the right time; our president wasn’t in a good mood
Picksi: Plus he smells!
Pachis: Whatever… Am going to get you back Flooky you hear!
Picksi: Noo he’s my Flooky! *Hugs his head* MINE I TELL YOU!
Everyone in the class then hear some noise outside sounding like Professor Aku.
The class looks outside the school window to see what was going on. But once again it was Thomas… who has landed on Professor Aku
Thomas: *Dizzy*
Professor Aku: THOMAS! Get off me! It’s against the school rules to jump from the 2nd floor!
Thomas:*Dizzy still* Noo, that’s my piece of bread….! Mom noo! I don’t want to go to school

After school, Thomas, Brandon, Rin, Picksi, Flooky and Molli are walking to Amy’s house to check up on her.
Flooky: Why am I following you again?
Picksi: Because my flook flook! You are worried about Amy too and want to see how she’s doing!
Flooky: But, I’m still new here.
Picksi: You silly! *Slaps flooky on the back on the head and jumps on top of him like a horse* Now Carry me I’m tired of walking
Flooky: Fine and Your feet smells!
Picksi: Shut up!
Molli: LOL. You guys sure make a good couple.
Picksi: No he’s just my slave!
Flooky: WHAT!?
Picksi: Ohh yeah Molli is too!
Molli: Stop saying that! Am not your slave!
Thomas: PICKSI! Can I be your slave?
Picksi: No! HAHAHA
Thomas: *Depressed*
Brandon: You’re hopeless dude.
Thomas: What are you talking about! Am a hit! Right Rin?
Rin: *Hits him* If you mean that then yes
Thomas: Ouch!

They finally reached Amy’s house. They ring the doorbell. A little boy answered the door.
Thomas: Hello there little boy would you like to take a ride on the Thomster?
Pie: OK! *Gets up on Thomas’s neck and hooks him with his Jump rope* Giddy UP!
Thomas: OUCH!
Thomas gives Pie a ride while Molli, Picksi, and Flooky watch them. Kathy, Amy’s mom, came to check who it was outside.
Kathy: Ohh! You guys must be Amy’s friend.
Rin: Yep we are!
Brandon: How is Amy?
Kathy: Ohh why it isn’t Brandon.. Long time no see! You know Amy still talks about you
Brandon: She does? *In a fantasy world*
Rin: Err I’ll repeat his question, How is Amy?
Kathy: What do you mean isn’t Amy with you guys?


Brandon: We thought she was sick?
Kathy: She wasn’t here in the morning so I thought she went to school
Rin: But she wasn’t at school today
Brandon: What’s going on? Amy isn’t the type to run away?
Rin: She would even tell us where she’s going to before she leaves somewhere alone
Kathy: Don’t tell me *In shock* !
Brandon: Amy got kidnapped!
Kathy: But her room is nice and clean, she would have resisted!
Brandon: It doesn’t have to look like struggle; she could have been taken at night.
Rin: That’s ridiculous we can’t assume she was kidnapped. Lets look around town am sure one of the towns people might have seen her.

Finally Pie got bored of riding Thomas, Pie then looks at Flooky.
Thomas: *Exhausted* Dude finally
Pie: *Notices Flooky and walks up to him*
Flooky: Hey there little guy. What is your name?
Pie: Pie!
Picksi: Whahaha! What a funny name! I could just eat yoo!
Molli: Don’t laugh at him! I think his name is cute.
Pie: Are you a robot?
Flooky: Of course not *smiles*
Pie: Amazing! Whoever created you use very complex mechanics to get you to work in synch of humans
Picksi: Hey! He said he wasn’t a robot!
Pie: You’re not very nice *Bites Picksi on the Head*
Picksi; *Runs around with Pie still stuck on her head yelling*
Molli: I told you to be nice Picksi!
Kathy, Brandon, and Rin got out of the house to tells everyone else
Kathy: PIE! Stop biting her right now!
Pie:*Quickly let’s go of Picksi and jumps on Flooky*
Flooky: Hey what are you doing? *Struggling*
Pie: I see. I see. I think I can add some more stuff onto you.
Kathy: PIE! Get over here now! *Yells*
Pie: Aww… but mother I wanted to play with Flooky longer.
Kathy: Pie if you want to play with him ask first.
Pie: Flooky can I play with you?
Flooky: Err…. Sure?
Pie: YAY! *Quickly pulls Flooky inside the house*
Picksi: Hey come back her! *Chases after them*
Thomas: So how is Amy?
Rin: She’s missing
Molli: Ohh no that’s horrible!
Brandon: We’re going to split up and search for her!
Kathy: I’ll wait here in case she comes back
Thomas: Ok I’ll decide how we will split up! First Rin and I will head downtown while you and Molli look for her uptown
Rin: I don’t like your way of grouping us
Molli: But we have to find her… I’m worried about her.
Rin: Right *quickly grabs Molli* we will be heading uptown you two go look downtown
Thomas: NOOO! I knew she was going to do this
Brandon: Thomas. Now is not the time for this lets look.
Thomas; Right!

While Brandon and Thomas were looking for Amy they found a appliance store and decided to start looking there. There is also somebody following them as well
Brandon: I can’t believe we’re looking in here
Thomas: Who knows maybe she needed some electronics?
Brandon: Shut up. You just want to look here first because you wanted that new Pokemon Game.
Thomas: Come on! That game is a classic!
Brandon: Whatever you look there while I look at computers
Brandon notices the computer monitor. He looks at it thinking of Amy.
Brandon: Where are you Amy? I know you’re here somewhere.
Brandon hears Amy’s voice coming from the computer screen
Brandon: Amy?! *Touches the screen and his hand goes right through the screen* What is this!
Thomas: Man the game hasn’t been stocked here yet and it came out yesterday.
Brandon: Thomas looks at this!
Thomas: WTH! How did you do that?
Brandon: I can’t get my hand out its stuck!
Thomas: Hold on! *Helps to pull Brandon out*
Suddenly a gust of wind blew and a vortex came out of the screen sucking Brandon and Thomas inside. Brandon and Thomas landed on a grass surface after being sucked in by the vortex.
Thomas: Errr… where are we?
Brandon: I don’t know this doesn’t look like our town
Thomas: Yeah it looks like a Jungle.
Brandon: This place seems familiar…*odd gesture*
Thomas: Really? This place doesn’t even seem like a ordinary Jungle too.
Suddenly two unknown darkness monsters pop out of no where about to attack Brandon.
Thomas: Brandon look out! *Pushes Brandon and dodges the monsters attack* What are these things!
Brandon: I don’t know!
The two monsters then aimed for Thomas. Thomas left arm got scratched.
Brandon: THOMAS!
Thomas: It’s alright I’ll keep these guys busy just run away!
Brandon: Never tell me to do that again! We’ll beat these guys *Purple light starts flashing around him* I had ENOUGH WITH THESE GUYS!
A dark purple fire shot out of Brandon and hit one of the monsters.
Brandon: Wow what did I just do?
Thomas: I don’t know but another would be nice for the second one!
Brandon: *Aims his hand to the monster* Nocturnal Blast!
The second monster is killed by the blast.
Thomas:*exhausted* this must be a dream but it hurts
Brandon: *Remembers his fortune and quickly reach inside his pocket to read*
Fortune: You will find a new power awakening in you. The power of darkness awaits you
Brandon: Thomas!
Thomas: What is it?
Brandon: It’s no dream but I have an idea that Amy is here too
Thomas: What? Why would she be in here?
Brandon: Thomas listens to me! Amy is here I heard her from the computer screen and the morning too. The legend is true! This must be another dimension
Thomas: *In shock* trying to take this all in.
Brandon: *To himself* Amy, where are you?

In the same dimension, Amy is tied up and finally wakes up. There are henchmen guarding her. Some mysterious man walks in to see her
Amy: Hmm where am I?
Mysterious Man: You’re in the world called Daybreak
Amy: I don’t remember being here?
Mysterious Man: Because am the one who kidnapped you
Amy: What! Why would you do that?
Mysterious Man: The time has come for you to rule. I have the power to also rule the real world. That means I need a fitting Queen to help me rule.
Amy: I refuse. I don’t want to help anyone who wants to cause trouble to my friends and anyone
Mysterious Man: *Evil laugh* you will see soon enough. Two of your friends have entered this dimension.
Amy: What?!
Mysterious Man: And only I have the key to return to the other world
Amy: No *in terror*
Mysterious Man: Yes, I remember perfectly, your oldest brother is somewhere here too, but I keep losing his position
Amy: Onii- Chan? I thought he was off in college!?
Mysterious Man: He was sent to this world before I came. He attempted to stop me but failed to do so. So I spared him because he was related to my Queen
Amy: I said I refused!
Mysterious Man: You will agree soon enough. You will be my queen.
Amy: I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t like this
Suddenly a vines pop out of no where killing the guards and cutting the chains. Amy then ran away to the halls and drops her fortune on the ground
Mysterious Man: *Walks to the halls slowly and picks up her fortune*.
Fortune: The Sweet Nature of Beauty will bestow upon the request of desires
Mysterious Man: So that’s her powers now. *Evil Laugh*

Rin and Molli attempted to ask anyone at school if they saw Amy. They were walking down the halls while they saw the school Nurse. They walk up to her to ask her a few questions.
Jei: What can I do for you girls?
Rin: Did you know Amy was absent?
Jei: Yes, I did. She must have gone to the other world.
Molli: What?
Rin: I know you used to be in that world
Molli:*still confused what is going on*
Jei: Molli, I already told this story to Rin so I’ll make this short for you.
Molli: Is Amy in trouble?
Jei: Yes. Amy’s power was awakened and originally she must have been sent to her home world
Molli: What?
Jei: Amy was originally the princess of the world called Daybreak
Molli: Amy? A princess?!
Rin: Try to take this in Molli.
Molli: Then how do you know all about this?
Jei: We also had this coincidence years ago.
Molli: What do you mean? You’ve been to this world and came back?
Rin: It wasn’t just her.
Jei: Yes, it was me and Amy’s big brother Blue. We were transported to this dimension before we were sent to college. I made it out, but Blue decided to stay in the world
Molli: What!?! *still in shock*
Jei: You girls must help save Amy. *Gives them a fortune* these fortune are not ordinary fortunes. They are called the lost fortunes. There are only 12 in the world. Can you tell these fortunes are different?
Rin and Molli noticed that it was different from other fortunes and opened their fortunes.
Rin: Wow the description is different too
Fortune: The strength of your will can go beyond the horizon of the core
Molli: Yeah these fortunes are like real different!
Fortune: The reflex healing inside liquidity will be your soul.
Jei: Go now before anything else happens. Touch this computer screen and you will be sent to the world. You must also defeat the evil lord who must have kidnapped Amy
Molli: This is too much how do you expect us girls to beat this guy?
Jei: I have faith in you guys
Rin: Don’t worry Molli we can do it. We will save Amy and her brother
Jei: Thank you… now get going I’ll help you as soon as I can
Rin and Molli gets transported to the world
Jei: Let god be with them!


Back at Amy’s House, Pie locks his door to do something with Flooky. Picksi waits in front of the door while Kathy tells Picksi a story. You hear Flooky yelling in the room.
Picksi: PIE! What are you doing to my Flooky!
Kathy: I’m sure Pie won’t do anything harmful; when supper is ready he’ll come out.
Picksi: Ohh what are you making?
Kathy: Pie.
Picksi: Figures….
Kathy: Amy usually does most of the cooking, I haven’t cook for a long time.
Picksi: I really wonder if she’s ok
Kathy: Picksi is it ok if I tell you something?
Picksi: Sure?
Kathy: Amy isn’t really my daughter
Picksi: What?
Kathy: I adopted her when she was little. I never told her or anyone this. I found her one-day at the beach. She was lying there unconsciously. When she woke up I asked her if she can remember anything, but she doesn’t.
Picksi: She probably had amnesia
Kathy: That’s what I thought. So I decided to take care of her. *sniffs* When she was little her big brother Blue always taken care of her. But suddenly when he went of to college we lost contact with him. We planed to visit him but never had the time.
Picksi: Maybe he’ll come visit you guys! I mean he has to be Home sick!
Kathy: Yes. He has too. He hasn’t met his little brother yet.
Picksi: What really!
Kathy: Yes!
*Ding Dong* the doorbell rings.
Kathy: That’s probably her!

Kathy went to answer the door. While Picksi stayed and tried to get Flooky back.
Picksi: Pie! Open up! You don’t want to play with him! He smells!
The door opens and Flooky is there answering the door. There was Flooky holding the Wii Remote and Pie playing as well.
Flooky: What Picksi? I was beating him in Brawl with R.O.B
Pie:Yea right! You can’t beat me on Toon Link!
Picksi: WHAT! Is that all you guys were doing all this time?
Pie: Noo… I gave Flooky guns and his own free will! The person controlling him can’t control him anymore!
Flooky: Yeah look Picksi!
Flooky’s arm changed into automatic Machine guns.
Pie: I told you!
Flooky: Hehehe it makes you want to run away? Huh!
Picksi: What? No way having a robot friend is cool! No wonder your skin is rough
You’re like “Flooky and the Beans”. That shows funny!
Pie: NOO! He’s my gundum !
Picksi: Shut he’s my robot!
Pie and Picksi continues to argue until a Kathy and a detective looking guy came in.
Picksi: Hello who are you?
Flooky: Isn’t that you Super-senpai?
Super: Shhh, I’m undercover
Picksi: That costume is not fooling anyone!
Super: Shut up! You’re like a bunny that goes MOO!
Flooky: Bunnies go MOO?
Super: Never mind that I got to tell you guys something
Picksi: If it’s about Flooky being a robot then it’s Pie’s fault
Pie: What! I only made him better!
Kathy: What is this about making him better?
Pie: Nothing *whistles*
Super: Noo…. I already know he is a robot, but the news is about where Amy is.
Kathy: You know where she is?
Super: Yes, she’s in another dimension
Everyone look at Super as if he was crazy.
Pie: *Throws a pie at Super*
Kathy: Pie I told you not to do that!
Pie: But mom! He’s crazy.
Super: *Wipes the pie of his face* No! I’m telling the truth. Here Picksi and Flooky open these fortunes.
Picksi: Ohh fortunes! I forgot to get mines today!
Flooky: Hmm *opens and reads*
Fortune: Your mind is sharp like electricity
Picksi: HAHA, because you’re a robot!
Flooky: What about yours then?
Picksi: Fine I’ll read mines *opens and reads*
Fortune: Your fiery is as hot as your temper
Flooky: Makes perfect sense to me *smiles*
Pie: What does this have to prove about Amy being in another dimension?
Super: Well I’ll tell you. Picksi and Flooky. Go touch that computer screen.
Picksi: What! Why?
Super: Just do it?
Picksi: Fine, but you have to smell your feet!
Super: What? No, but before you do you guys will have to save Amy from that world.
Picksi: Why?
Super: Because she’s been kidnapped
Kathy: *In shock* Why would they do that to poor Amy?
Super: Because she’s a princess of the world of Daybreak
Everyone then is in shock
Pie: *Laughing* my onee-chan a princess?
Super: Yes, unfortunately only you two can go to this dimension
Picksi: QUESTION! Why us?
Super: Your powers are awaken by opening those fortunes. They give you special abilities in that dimension. Those fortunes are called the 12 lost fortunes. The lost fortune chooses the chosen ones. The powers are element base types there are: Dark, Light, Earth, Electricity, Water, Fire, Wind, Ice, Steel, Sand, Nature, and the 12th is unknown.
Picksi: SO which one am I?
Pie: Isn’t it obvious you’re fire!
Picksi: COOL!
Flooky: Guess I’m electricity
Kathy: *Still in shock* is there anything that we can do?
Super: No. Only the chosen ones can enter the world. The lost fortunes chooses a chosen one every year. Kathy, did you know why your oldest son wasn’t in contact?
Kathy: Why?
Super: He was chosen to enter the world. But the only thing we can do is hope the chosen ones can help the world of Daybreak and save Amy.
Pie: So this world? Is it like ours?
Super: There are people there like us, but they are not as developed as us. So it’s like going back to the past. Now GO! We don’t have a lot of time.
Picksi: OK! Picksi *Quickly jumps on Flooky* TOO THE OTHER WORLD!
Flooky: On it! *Touches the screen*
Flooky and Picksi get transported to the other world
Pie: Now what?
Super: You guys come with me, I have to show you guys something.
Kathy: I wonder what it is?


Chapter 3: The Revolt
Thomas and Brandon still trapped in the world of Daybreak have been walking for an hour finally spotting a city across a huge river.
Thomas: *Trips* Brandon go on without me… Just leave me here to die!
Brandon: Thomas… There’s a city over there.
Thomas: Really?!?! *runs towards the city until he fell inside the river*
Brandon: */Facepalm* Well anyways I wonder how we are going to get across this river.
Thomas: *Getting out of the river still wet* Well we can always swim across
Brandon: With this current, I’m sure we won’t be able to make it half way of this river
Thomas: What about we ask this stranger that’s right behind us
Brandon: What!?!? *Surprised*
The man is wearing a ripped brown coat looking like a poor man
Poor Man: Hello
Brandon: Don’t sneak up behind like that. Sir you almost gave me a heart attack
Poor Man: Don’t worry I’m sure you are stronger then that
Brandon: Well, hmm any ideas how to get to the city?
Poor Man: *Hohoho laughs* There’s no way across this river for miles.
Brandon and Thomas: WHAT!?!?
Poor Man: Usually this side of the river is inhabited by jungles and wildlife
Thomas: I know what you mean. *In distressed*
Brandon: You think we can build a raft then to get across
Poor Man: No can do *points to the waterfall that the current is heading*
Thomas: WTH!?! A waterfall!
Poor Man: Yes unfortunately there’s no other way to the other side.
Thomas: How did you get to this side? *with a doubtful face*
Brandon: No use trying to ask Thomas we just have to think of a way
Poor Man: Ohh! I got across by walking behind the waterfall.
Thomas: WHAT!?!/ Why did you tell us that there is no way across?
Poor Man: I’m an old man, I lose my memories often
Thomas: *Trying to pull his hair off*
Brandon: Come on Thomas! *Way ahead of Thomas*
Thomas: Wait hold on!
Thomas, Brandon, and the Poor man walked to the town with a familiar face a waiting
Thomas: Whoa? Isn’t that pachis?
Brandon: That is what is he doing here?
They walk up to Pachis outside of the town still surprised
Pachis: What took you guys?
Brandon: What are you talking about how did you even get here?
Pachis: I followed you guys here back when you were at the electronics store
Brandon: Did you get transported to that jungle too?
Pachis: Yep, Right after that I saw you guys but I decided to walk my own path to this town
Thomas: Well then you could have helped us we got lost like 20 times!
Pachis: I wanted to see how you guys would do without me.
Brandon: This isn’t a game! We have to find Amy! I know she’s here
Pachis: I’m way ahead of you.. Amy’s been kidnapped by the lord Yoshi
Thomas: The what? /Yoshi? You mean the Yoshi from Mario Bros.
Pachis: No! That’s just a game.. There is really a person name Yoshi in this world
Thomas: Riggghhhtt…
Brandon: This is serious then! We have to save her!
Pachis: I’m the one who’s going to save Amy, she’s the first friend I made at Osaku.
Thomas: Oh come on… you have a crush on her too? Haha GOLD!
Pachis: Yes I do love her and I’m going to be her knight
Thomas: *Laughs* Haha what do you think this is the medieval times?
Brandon: Shut up Thomas! *Glares at Pachis*
Pachis then sees the old man and begins to attack.
Pachis: It’s you!!!
Pachis then suddenly opened his hands and a gust of wind starts blowing. The Poor man only watched as Brandon and Thomas isn’t aware of Pachis powers.
Pachis: Sonic gust!
A sharp looking wind starts heading towards the poor man, until a dark blast stopped it.
Brandon: Pachis! What are you doing?
Thomas: Yeah I get angry at him, but I don’t go attacking him out of no where
Pachis with an angry face pulls out another gust of wind this time something new.
Pachis: Get out of my way! This man.. This man killed my brother!
Brandon: What!
Thomas: Your brother?
Pachis: I will strike down anyone in my way * The gust of wind sets* Tempest Blade!
Pachis holds a wind sword on his hands and stikes Brandon in front of the poor man.
Thomas: Brandon!
Brandon: *Thinking to himself* What do I do?
Suddenly darkness suddenly surrounded Brandon’s hand turning into some kind of weapon
Brandon: What is this!
Poor man: Call out its name
Brandon: Its name?
Poor man: Yes the weapon of darkness.
Brandon: *Amaze about how much the man knows* Fine.
Pachis: *Still angry and gets ready to swing* Die!
Brandon: Death Scythe!
A dark scythe suddenly blocks Pachis swing.
Brandon: Pachis! Control yourself
Pachis: Not until that man is dead!


Meanwhile, Amy is still running away from the mysterious man. She went outside the castle and figures out she’s about 17 floors high but spots a beautiful garden.
Amy: Wow… this place it’s beautiful. I got to get out of this place though before he catches up to me.
Suddenly a boy as small as Pie wearing a black coat comes up to Amy.
Amy: Aww… what’s your name?
The boy is silent and then another same looking boy came up from behind Amy
Amy: Whoa Twins? *Startled*
Timo: Grab her!
Both the boys grabbed her, but she was able to break free by a vine throwing the boys.
Amy: Who are you guys?
Mo: We came to capture you. Princess!
Amy: What?!
Mo and Timo hands suddenly turned into metal.
Mo: She’s a tough one to capture.
Timo: We have to use our powers
Amy: Ohh.. no!
Amy started running until Mo grabbed her arm while Timo grabbed the other.
Amy: I can’t break free! *struggles to break free*
Timo: Don’t even try! Once we grabbed on to something!
Mo: Nothing can escape our grip!
Amy was taken into a chamber with a huge flat screen T.V.. She was tied to a chair that was permanently still. The mysterious man walks in with a rich looking guy walking besides him.
Amy: Who are you guys!
Mo: Lord Yoshi!
Timo: We have captured the princess
The mysterious man pulls down his black coat hood
Yoshi: Good job. Go take a break while I have a little word with the princess.
Mo: Ok!
Timo: Sir!
Mo and Timo exit, while leaving Yoshi and a rich man with Amy.
Bika: So this is the princess? Hahaha she’s prettier then I thought.
Amy: Why do you guys keep calling me princess? I don’t even come from this world
Yoshi: Of course you do. You just don’t remember.
Amy: Remember?
Yoshi: Bring in her twin sister!
Guards walked another young girl into the room. A girl that looks like Amy.
Tira: Onee-chan is that you?!
Amy: What?!? *Confused but somehow delighted*
Tira: It has been so long!
Amy: Sorry, but you’re my sister?
Tira: What’s wrong Onee- Chan you don’t remember me?
Yoshi: Don’t worry Tira. I will help her gain her memories again before that day.
Amy: What day? *In shock*
Bika: The day when you were sent to another world
Amy: That’s crazy! I have a real family back at where I live.
Tira: But Onee-chan we switch places!
Amy: Switch places?
Bika: Yes, apparently two daughters of the king cannot both be Princesses, so Tira here decided to take your place while you ran away.
Amy: Ran away? I don’t know what’s going on anymore *Thinks for a moment*
I know this must be a trick my friends did to trick me! I know what you’re up to guys you can stop this now and have a great laugh!
Tira: Onee-Chan what are you talking about *worried*
Yoshi: This is no trick.
Yoshi suddenly turned on the T.V. showing Pachis and Brandon fighting each other.
Amy: What’s going on?! Why are my friends fighting?
Yoshi: They won’t be anymore. Summon Cerberus to them at the town of Ochihawa!
Amy: noo…!
Everyone watches as the two heros fight each other.

Pachis and Brandon start fighting it all out either protecting or killing the poor man
Pachis: Gale strike!
Brandon: Dark Barrier!
Thomas: Pachis! Stop! Killing this man won’t solve anything!
Pachis: Shut up! That man is the reason why my brother isn’t here with me today!
Brandon: That can’t be right this man doesn’t look like he would murder someone.
Pachis: Tornado Rush!
A giant Tornado goes towards Brandon.
Thomas: Brandon! Watch OUT!
Brandon: Ghostly Wail!
A wave looking sound cancels out the Tornado running towards him. At the same time they hear screams of civilians at the town.
Thomas: What’s happening?
Brandon: I don’t know?
Poor Man: Cerberus. He’s coming!
Thomas: What!?! Cerberus! You mean that three headed dog?!
Poor Man: Yes and it looks like Yoshi knows where you guys are.
A giant three headed Dog came out of no where with a hungry looking face. At the same time the poor man took off his brown coat and disguise and pulls out a sword
Blue: Pachis can you put on hold your desire to kill me?
Pachis: *still has an angry face* Fine, but you are going to die
Blue: No worries use all your anger to kill the beast!
Brandon: Blue? Is that you?
Thomas: Who’s Blue?
Blue: No time for questions, we have to survive first before that!
Brandon: *surprised face* Alright, but you’re not dying because I have questions!
Blue: I wouldn’t have liked it any other way.
Cerberus getting ready to breath fire on the heros
Blue: You! *Pointing to Thomas*
Thomas: ME?
Blue: Summon your light skills on him!
Thomas: What!?! How?
Blue: Just believe you can and you will!
Thomas: *Concentrates* errr I can’t!
Brandon: You can Brandon! Just think of the girls you would have!
Thomas: YEAH!
Cerberus inferno fire hits the ground
Thomas: Shield of HEAVEN!


Back at the Castle where Amy is being kept prisoner everyone is watching what the heros are doing.
Amy: Noo! Thomas, Brandon, Pachis……. Blue *sad face*
Yoshi: Haha! Nothing can stand up to Cerberus!
Bika: Lord Yoshi.. They have somehow manage to shield themselves
Yoshi: What!? That’s impossible!
Amy: Yay! Go Thomas!
Yoshi: Grr…

Back at the battle field against Cerberus! Thomas was able to shield everyone from the clutches of Cerberus flames
Thomas: Dang it! How long can he keep using his flames?
Blue: Keep the shield on longer. I’ll think of something.
A moment later
Thomas: I can’t hold on much longer!
Blue: Pachis! Can you use your tornado to stop the flames?
Pachis: I’ll try!
Thomas: *Begins to disassemble his shield* Go Pachis!
Pachis: Tornado Rush!
Suddenly the tornado absorbed the Cerberus flames. And the heroes runs out to dodge the flames
Brandon: Ghostly Wail!
Cerberus Blocks
Pachis: Sonic Gust!
Cerberus Blocks again.
Thomas: Your attacks are not working guys!
Blue: Everyone has to attack at the same time!
Thomas: Yeah!
Blue: Even you Thomas!
Thomas: What?!?
Brandon: Ok, but Pachis has to cooperate
Pachis: Alright just give me the signal!
Blue: OK ON my mark! *Waits for an opening*
Cerberus Attacks and everyone dodges
Blue: GET SET!
Cerberus opening revealed
Blue: GO!
Brandon: Dark Lance!
Pachis: Gale Strike!
Thomas: *Pause* Hmm what’s my attack skill?
Blue: *Next to him* Say “Arrow of Light*
Thomas: Ohh right! *Starts again* Arrow of Light!
The attack makes a rainbow like a Tri-attack and hits Cerberus. Cerberus begins to fall from all there attacks at once! Cerberus disappeared after the attack out of thin air.
Thomas: Whoa what happen to him?
Blue: He went back to his world. Someone summoned him here
Brandon: So someone must be watching us.
Pachis: OK! Enough! Time to die!
Brandon: Hold on, he helped us beat that dog and you want to kill him now?
Pachis: Yeah!
Thomas: Well then you have to get through my Shield of !!
Blue: Stop Everyone! I got something to say.
Pachis: What can you say that would make me stop killing you!
Blue: Your brother is alive!
Thomas: Ohh that’s a good one!
Pachis: What?!?
Brandon: You could have said that earlier!
Blue: I know, but I wanted to see how good you guys are.
Thomas: ?!? We are handsomely good Looking!
Blue: No not that.
Thomas goes emo at the corner
Pachis: Your lying! That man said you killed him!
Brandon: What man?
Pachis: He was wearing a rich suit, didn’t catch the name though
Blue: That must be one of Yoshi’s accomplices. I’ll take you to your brother. I’m sure he will be happy to see you too.
Pachis: ok Fine!
Brandon: We can’t waste our time though! We got to save Amy!
Blue: You won’t be able to stand against his forces alone. Come with us. You can help us overthrow Yoshi.
Brandon: But.. Amy…
Blue: Don’t worry about my sister; I’m sure she’ll do just fine.
Brandon: Blue, I thought you were at college?
Blue: I see you still have a crush on her since you were little.
Brandon: Stop changing the subject!
Blue: Come with us then.
Pachis: Come on lets hurry!
Everyone left but Thomas
Thomas: Wait for me! *Trips* Ouch!

Back at the Castle, Everyone has witness the heroes triumph over Cerberus
Yoshi: These guys are better then I thought and now I found the location of Blue! So it wasn’t a total waste.
Amy: Blue…
Tira: Who’s he onee chan?
Amy: He’s my big brother.
Tira: You don’t have a big brother silly!
Amy: Don’t say that!
Yoshi: Doesn’t matter he will be dead soon.
Bika: Lord Yoshi! There are readiongs that all the fortunes are present in this world
Yoshi: That’s impossible! We’ll have to take drastic measures then.
Bika: What are your orders Lord Yoshi?
Yoshi: Stay here and guard my bride while I lead my troops to kill the heroes
Amy: NOO! *Struggles to break free*
Tira: Onee-Chan… *with a sad face*
Bika: Don’t worry sir you can count on me.
Yoshi leaves
Bika: The real plan begins….

Molli and Rin have made it to a town that is near the castle. They find guards on every corner.
Molli: How are we going to get pass those guards?
Rin: Here! Molli put on this disguise
Molli: Good thinking they won’t think it’s us if we dress like everyone else!
They walk around the town with disguise on asking most of the towns people for answers
Molli: It looks like Amy is in that castle
Rin: Yeah, I got another person saying the princess is back.
Suddenly Molli begins to sneeze
Molli: AHH!
Rin: Molli hold it in!
Molli: I can’t!
Rin: You’ll make a scene!
Big waves of water start gushing into the city. The guards then notice them
Rin: Ohh no!
Guard 1: GET THEM!
Rin: Come on Molli!
Molli: Ok!
They ran too a corner of two buildings
Molli: Oh no we’re trapped
Rin: Hold on! Solid Punch!
The wall breaks which creates another path
Guard 2: What the?
Guard 1: Stop dazing off get them!
They run off again to be surrounded by more guards on the other side
Rin: Great..
Molli: Hold ON let me sneeze again!
Rin: Just use your powers!
Molli: OK! Hydro Pulse!
Rin: EarthQuake!
Some of the guards were knocked out, but there are still too many
Rin: Darn what’s with these guys!
Molli: They won’t give up!
Guard 1: Come ON there getting tired! Get them for Lord Yoshi!
Suddenly an arrow shot out of no where killing one guard
Guard 2: What was that?
Then a whole bunch of arrows shots came from the sky killing most of the guards
Guard 1: Brace yourself!
Suddenly two people on horses rushes to save Rin and Molli
Rin: Who are you guys?
Cyber: We came to save you guys!
Molli: What?
Deux: HAHA don’t worry about it! Piru will handle it from here
Deux gives Piru the signal to stop shooting arrows. She escapes on a horse to ride on with them.
Cyber: Nice distraction!
Piru: Thx! I wanted to shoot them anyways!
Molli: Hmm if you don’t mind where are we going?
Deux: To our hideout!
Rin: Hideout? But we have to get to the castle!
Piru: Don’t worry we’re working on a way in right now.
They escape to a path and disappeared


Picksi still on Flooky are walking on a path no clue where they are at. Soon they will find out that there near the hideout.
Picksi: Flooky! Did you find a town yet!...
Flooky: I’m still looking!
Picksi: But your shoulder is so hard! Get a cushion please!
Flooky: *sign*
They spot a guard chasing a man across the path.
Flooky: Maybe we should help him
Picksi: Ok! This will be fun!
The man is trapped on the corner
Guard 3: I got you now!
Hitomi: I wouldn’t be sure about that.
Guard 3: What are you talking about nobody can save you!
Flooky: Excuse me sir, Can you please not harm this man
Guard 3: Who are you?
Flooky: I don’t know what he did, but violence is not the answer
Picksi: Shut up Flooky! Scorching Punch!
Guard 3: Whaaa! *Runs around burned*
Flooky: You dind’t have to do that, I was going to reason with him.
Picksi: Ohh Welll!
Hitomi: Thanks guys! How can I ever repay you?
Picksi: I could use another slave like Flooky here!
Flooky: Don’t even think about it!
Picksi: Fine then! Can you take us to the nearest town?
Hitomi: Better yet, you guys have the Lost Fortunes! I’ll take you to our hideout!
Flooky: err…!!!
Picksi: OK! *Covering Flooky’s Mouth*
They decided to follow him to the hideout.
Flooky: Are you sure we can trust him!
Picksi: Off course! What can go wrong!?
Suddenly sand starts pouring to the path
Picksi: What is this?
Hitomi: I don’t know, Flooky must be using his sand powers.
Flooky: errr… I don’t have sand powers? I’m electric.
Picksi: Then this must be someone else.
Hitomi: Guys stay back and run to the hideout! It’s just a mile away from here using the path!
Picksi: Why it’s just sand!
Hitomi: *Gets ready to pull a knife* this must be one of Yoshi’s elites!
Picksi: What! Yoshi’s elites!
The sand then attacks turning into a sand storm!
Picksi: Gahhh!
Flooky: I can still see! He’s behind us!
Hitomi: This storm is too powerful! Flooky use your electric powers!
Flooky: Fine! Electro Attack!
The sandstorm stops. And the culprit decided to show himself in front of them.
Hitomi: This is one of his elites! Ren!
Picksi: Ren?
Ren: You guys can’t beat me. Take my attacks and die, Lost Fortune of Fire and Electric.
Flooky: Can’t we reason?
Picksi: Shut up Flooky! We have to fight him!
Hitomi: He’s one of the strongest you guys must run!
Flooky: Fine then! Better yet! *Arms turn into machine guns*
Picksi: Do ett!!!
Flooky: Whaaaa!!! *Bullets starts hitting Ren, but it has no effect*
Ren: Is that all you can do? You guys will give me your lives and there’s nothing you can do about it!
Picksi: Shoryuken!
Hitomi: Gahh! *Stabs him with his knife*
Ren turns into sand once more.
Flooky: ThunderBolt!
It hit’s Ren again and the sand vanishes.
Ren: Hahaha! I’ll be back! You won’t be able to defeat me that easily! You only begun to see my power!
Flooky: This guy just won’t give up
Hitomi: Hurry we should keep moving!
Picksi: Aww… Flooky carry me again!
Flooky: Shouldn’t you walk?
Picksi: That Shoryuken took a lot out of me! *Sits on Flooky*
Flooky: *Sign*
Hitomi: Come on! He runs ahead!
Flooky: Wait! * Uses his wheels to run forward*

Back at the real world Super has taken Kathy and Pie to Amy’s School. They walk inside the a science lab class and see’s Professor Aku, Nurse Jei and another women besides Jei. Professor Aku is working on some machine.
Jei: Ohh! I’m glad you’re here.
Moffy: We can use Pie’s genius to help Professor Aku to finish the machine.
Professor Aku: Shut up! I don’t need a little boy’s brain to make this machine!
Pie: Are you the creator of Flooky?
Professor Aku: How the heck did you know that?
Kathy: Pie behave yourself.
Pie: Ok Mom!
Super: We don’t have much time.
Jei: We need this machine to help Blue to defeat that Yoshi!
Moffy: I just want Ren back!
Kathy: Ohh isn’t he one the people who disappeared without a trace.
Moffy: Yes! And I hope he helps Blue instead of that Yoshi!
Jei: Don’t worry I’m sure your Ren is a good guy and defeat Yoshi.
Moffy: *Sniff* I hope so.
Kathy: We also got to save my daughter as well!
Jei: Don’t worry her friends should be honing their powers now and if they don’t! I’ll do such terrible things to them! *Thinks of Punishment*
Moffy and Kathy are scared by Jei’s Thinking while Pie rushes over to see what Professor Aku is doing.
Pie: Sir! That’s the wrong cord to cut!
Professor Aku: I know what I’m doing!
Super: Maybe you should heed his advice Professor.
Professor Aku: Pleasee!!.. I deal with harder things then this machine!
Pie: Ok if you want then. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you!
Professor Aku cuts the wire and gets shocked immediately!
Pie: You got electrified! *Laughs*
Super: Hmm guess he was right.
Professor Aku: Fine! If you can do better! Be my guess!
Pie: *Stops Laughing* I made your Flooky better! So don’t feel unaccomplished!
Professor Aku: So you’re the one who made me lost control of Flooky!
Pie: I gave him machine guns too! *Goes over to the machine*
Professor Aku: What!??! He’s supposed to be blending in with the people! Not becoming a killing machine!
Jei: Professor! Let the boy do his work!
1 min later… The machine starts working
Professor Aku: What the? This machine takes at least two days to build! How the heck did you!
Pie: I’m just a boy genius!
Kathy: Nice to know he’s not failing anything at school.
Pie: Mom!! Can we go see Amy now! I want to tell her how I’m smarter then her teacher!
Kathy: Don’t go showing off your smartness just because your smarter then everyone
Pie: Awww!!!..
Professor Aku: You better not damage him you brat!
Pie: I told you I made him better! *Smiles*
Kathy: Don’t forget we’re here to save Amy! And Blue!
Pie: Blue my big brother!? I want to meet him! *rushes in*
Kathy: Pie don’t run off by yourself *Rubns in after Pie*
Jei: Ok let us enter this world!
Super: Hope there’re doing alright!
Moffy: Ren I hope you are alright too!
They enter the world worrying about them

to be continued ... continue at page 6 please

moffit 04-07-2009 11:46 PM

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LOL I love this! This is gold! Please continue Amy! 8D

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slushies 04-08-2009 02:03 PM

No worries Pie. You will be eaten, but it will be by me and we become one super powerful being that will save Rin and Amy from a horrifying tentacle monster.

LolKathy 04-08-2009 04:36 PM

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wat a cool story.. good job star :py48:

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