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07-25-2011   #21 (permalink)
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lmaooo mazuu!!! xDDD "patz patz" ur bro in ur dream's a meanie!!!!!
it may come true iRL instead ;D!!!!
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07-27-2011   #22 (permalink)
Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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Wow. I got a dream that involves some of the Umineko cast. O.o;

It starts with this soon-to-be-wed Princess Jessica and Prince Battler. They were all over the news, like the royal wedding stuff. However, there's this one woman (Beatrice?) who loves Battler so much, and the only way to win Battler's heart is to make Jessica the "bad girl".

So Beato hired a "girlfriend" while she role-plays as Jessica and records their lesbian love life at the golf course (no one is here I bet). Oh and she's not alone. In-case things go wrong, they kidnapped (18 year old) Ange into this mess. I pretty much eavesdropped until I saw them doing hardcore yuri. To make your noses bleed, after they make their blackmail video, Ange starts to "toy" with herself (and of course some stripping). Both girls got her notice and decide to do Beato's blackmail 2 video by playing with poor Ange as well. @.@;

That doesn't end there. The "girlfriend" RPer loves Battler too, and decides to make her own blackmail video with Jessica playing with a half-dead rat from my Trick-O-Treating garage. Oh and did I mention that I somehow got these ladies into the house for the night? That girl is also a big Queen of Hearts fan (and a Alice in Wonderland fan too), and owned the Queen's dress as well a Lady Luck keyblade. Anyway, more oddball blackmail recording, playing and microwaving that dead rat. Scenery is just plain odd.

Sadly I don't know how it end, and I just want to recollect my dream's memory. X_X; So this is all I know and can describe.
03-23-2012   #23 (permalink)
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hello Dawnies and everyone outside, I still rememebr this topic of dreams and since I had one yesterday, I decided to go back and lay it here I suppose for whoever is interested xD;

I know i am not a part of dawn anymore, so I hope u won't mind if i share the dream ><

I had this tragic dream which made me wake up with tears all filing my face…I never had this situation ever in my life..The dream was so long but I wanted to write it all as far as I remember because it may mean something, and this is the 1st time I write my I decided to write it in a word book for all those who are concerned about it..

The dream somehow started in a war like place..its during probably the age of knights wearing armors and such…I was within this army but I wasn't sure of the rank I was given to.

Somehow our army managed to win the battle against the enemy, and then we decided to take a tour around the battlefield to check for survivors and eliminate them I guess at once when seen.

While walking, we found a little girl crying. She had a long blond hair and have a really white beautiful skin.

She was wearing a torn rob and had a lot of dirt on her that covered her beautiful true self.

I gotten closer from her and tried to calm her down, but she was still crying. Hell she even was so scared of me.

The army with me decided to either kill her or ditch her. I refused to do so. She was really a very young girl that doesn't deserve to be killed or ditched like that.

The army were like "Ali come on, if you don't come now with us we will kill you and her"
I have no good influence to the army because I am normal and not from the higher ranks. When the guy said that I felt really scared…(heck I don't know why am I even with this cold army…some weird dream I have)
After they didn't hear a response from me…they decided to kill us.
But before that happen, someone with higher rank in the army came and stopped them. That person was my sister..

My sister for some reason had a greater high rank, she was a professional knight as it seems. She saved me and told the army units to retreat and help me with picking up the girl we found.

The army wanted to pick up the girl, but she pushed their hands and clinged to me. The guards got angry and tried to drag her from me. But she still refused and wanted to be with me.

The girl somehow was kinda…I dunno, like totally clueless…she only felt warm toward me cause I treated her nicely, she doesn't know how to talk when I found her and she barely understand whats going on…she was like a none taught baby…doesn't know how to write or anything of the sort.

My Sister found how she was attached to me and smiled, she was the only person in the whole castle that feels happy about this.

After we took her to the castle, I spent my whole time together with her. I first asked the maids to wash her, I bought new clothes for her and taught her how to speak and write. when I seen her new clean self…I felt like I've seen an angel…she was totally like a princess, and whenever she grow up her beauty makes her shine more than any girl in the castle.

Everyone in the castle started to get angry and jealous whenever they see me walk and she was clinging my arm so tightly. She was even so obedient to me, I could say that she will go as far as licking my foot clean if I asked her to, but of course I will never do that... Men were like "dude..i can't believe this was the dirty girl we've seen in the battlefield few years ago…she is like a totally different person now, why she only get along with that boy Ali!!"

When I go shopping with her, men try to flirt and get close from her, but she always runs away from them and clings to my arm right away. and when the men get angry and try to force her to hang with them, Sister always comes and scare them away from us.

One day my sister was promoted to guard a red beautiful Jewel. Somehow that Jewel was very famous and expensive that they went as far as showing it to the whole town people.

But there was as saying that whoever get that Jewel will have an eternal happiness with his couple.

My sister liked how me and the blond girl are close to each other, she even went teasing me by saying "you lucky brother~ you got for yourself a hot chick!". I blushed while looking at the s blond girl who was happily hugging my arm.

My sister then said "I am so happy for you my brother, I am currently storing money so I can get you that Jewel as a present for your wedding with her!" I was so shocked yet happy of how my sister is willing to provide me such a rare jewel, that everyone in the country wishes to have it. But, she said that she won't buy it now cause 1st she has to guard it for the viewing day then she will buy it the day after. I didn't mind at all and I told her to take her time.

When we were still shopping, the curtains was risen to show off that Red Jewel. I told the blond girl with me (I don't recall what was her name but I think I called her with something like melody or any name that ends with "dy")
Anyways, I told her "Hey Melody! Look at that jewel over there. If we get this me and you will live happily for eternity^^"

Melody was looking at it and said "Really? =o"

And then I continued "yeah my sister will get it for us soon =)"

And then she said "if it will make Ali really happy I will get it! "

I saw how innocent she was and I said a joke to her back "haha Sure! XD you can go there while my sister guards, hit her to distract her Then take the jewel and run fast to me" I laughed when I said this to Melody cause I know there was no way she can beat my sister or even tickle her cause she is a professional knight. But melody answered innocently with a smile "ok I will "

I laughed as I think that she got my joke. When I decided to leave the shopping streets I saw her not following me and rather seeking somewhere nearby. I saw her holding a bat or something similar. And I called "Melody leave that, let's go!"

Melody put the bat down and went following me..then, we stayed the whole day chatting together in our room in the castle till the sunset. At that time melody asked me "Can I go get the jewel now?"
I jokingly replied "haha sure but don't be late!"

Then I said inside myself "oh well, I am sure sister won't be angry on us, in case she got hit by Melody and then snatch the jewel since she going to pay for it tomorrow for us anyways"

And this is where everything start to take bad turns…
As the night engulfed the place with darkness, Melody went to the place where she saw the bat. She took it And then went up to where my Sister guards the jewel.

As she was hiding behind the walls, she saw my sister holding a lamp and patrolling the area in a hallway. After my sister turned her back on Melody, she snake behind her and hit her with all her might in the back of her head…
My sister fell on the floor with a lot of blood spilling from the hit…

Melody felt confused and shaking…she got scared somehow after seeing my sister move a little bit…

So she continued smashing that bat in the back of my sister head till she stopped moving completely.

Melody went to the Jewel and took it, she ran all the way back to our room and she jumped at me with happiness holding the jewel.

She was like "Ali! I got the jewel that will make us both happy!"
And I laughed and cuddled her tightly in the bed "wow you actually did it! Haha never thought u would!"

Then tomorrow morning when I woke up…all the soldiers in the castle were shouting and searching…

I went out to check what was the cause of all that noise. I stopped one of the running soldiers and I asked him about what was going on.

The soldier replied "Your Sister is missing, we sought her everywhere and we didn't find her…" -- for some weird reason he didn't mention the jewel here in my dream…

I was confused…and stared a bit on Melody. She must be the last person who saw my sister..

I asked her "do you know where my sister is?"

Melody replied " Yes she is thrown in a hallway near the shop market o_o"

And then I was like "Thrown?! What do u mean by thrown!?"

And then at this moment..I had a terrible feeling that…the word "hit" I mentioned to melody…would rather turn to killing than a joke hit…

And my feared thoughts came right…I went there and saw my sister thrown on the floor with her blood..

I crouched and took her in my arms

I looked at Melody with shocked impression.."What in the god name have you done...?!"

Melody looked innocently to me and said "You told me to hit her, I did so.."

I shouted in her face with rage "DO YOU CALL THAT HITTING?! YOU KILLED HER!!!!"

Melody jumped in fear…it was the 1st time in her entire life I look at her with anger..she was almost about to burst in tears herself.

She replied while shivering and a bit of her tears starting leak from her eyes "You wanted the jewel, I wanted to make Ali happy so…"

I cut her words and shouted on her face again "I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE FREAKING JEWEL!!!!…YOU STOLE THE MOST VALUABLE TREASURE IN MY LIFE!!!"

When I said that melody started crying even more, she tried to wipe her tears with her hands repeatedly but the more she try, more tears fall.

She said regrettably… " she gone? Can't she move anymore?"

I cried more when she said that and shown her my sister dead face "look!!!! Look at her face…her eyes…there is no life in it! I lost her for good ;______; !!"

Melody didn't know what to do she crouched and tried to get close from me, but I pushed her away and told her "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!! DON'T GET CLOSE FROM ME!! I HATE YOU"

I carried my sister corpse and ditched melody, at this moment the soldiers reached the area and arrested Melody, they gripped her violently and one of the soldiers slapped her when she tried to resist. She kept on calling my name but I didn't pay attention..

The Judge decided to execute Melody with death punishment..and they thrown her in the prison for a month. All her pleasurable heaven life was turned in an instant to a lonely hell. She kept on crying in the cell calling my name, whenever soldiers came in to punish her with the whip.

Though, there was a nice soldier guard to her..he was kinda a good friend of mine. She always cry to him and say "I want to see Ali..please I want to see him" but the guard was always rejected that as I was really upset on her and I never wanted anyone to mention even her name to me.

But one day, that guard solider gathered his courage and went to me personally.

He asked me "My friend Ali, I know how hard it is to lose your sister, but this girl seem really regrettable about it and she wants to see you just one time before her death execution. Can you please go and see her?"

I replied coldly to him "No I don't want to see her face, I wish she dies as soon as possible"

He knew this answer was coming, he lost hope in convincing me and went down back to her.

He said "I am sorry…but Ali doesn't want to meet you anymore"
Melody cried more and then she asked the nice guard to do her one last favor…she asked him to bring her a paper and pen.

And after a month, it was the time of the death execution. Everybody gathered to see it and I was there too..crossing my arms and looking at Melody being handcuffed , her head covered with a black bag. while they Put her head on the wooden part to get chopped (yup it was a head chopping death execution type)

At that moment when they put her head on the wooden part. The nice guard came to me and gave me a letter..he said "I know how much you hate her…but she left this letter and I think it was meant for you, can you read it for her sake?"

I looked at him a bit, then took the later and opened it slowly…I will try to remember the conents and write it down for u

"My precious Ali,

I still remember the day when you found me in the dirt all alone and homeless, I was hungry, I was feeling cold…I thought I might even die. But you came and patted on my head and took me in.

I was following a group of people without learning anything about life just to survive, and you were the one who taught me everything and opened the world for me.

Those moments I spent with you were the happiest moments in my entire life.
I didn't realize how valuable a human live is till I seen how sad u were after I killed your sister, I know your so angry on me and there is no way you will forgive me for it..that's why I will accept death punishment happily..

But I really hopped for one last thing, is to see your good smile one more time, that smile which always brought me warmness in my heart whenever we're together…but since this is the last day I wanted to write this letter I don't think it would be possible, but at least I wanted you to know…

That you were **everything**to me…

After I read the tears fell so much…

I hated myself of how cold I was and why I didn't give her a chance to hear her out…

I ran as fast as I can into the crowd, hoping I could mange to reach the execution spot and stop it…but…I was too late…

The chopping blade fell on her head and chopped it off…leaving it rolling on the execution floor …the execeutionar and the town people were all happy for the death of the killer of my sister rising her head to the crowd…except me..I was crying…

when the executioner put her head on the floor…I took it in my arms, her face was….yes….she was crying…her tears are still in her face…

I hugged it tightly in my arms…Then I shouted in agony…;____;

"oh god why I didn't forgive her!? I knew she didn't know how valuable a human life is…I knew I didn't teach her about that…why did I not forgive her?! …and because of that..I lost both of them….;____; I am all alone now!!!!"

And that's where my dream ended..I woke up with tears falling on my cheeks…this is the 1st time I wake up from a sad dream that could actually make me cry while I sleep…so yeah ><;

Sorry for the lame grammar everyone…T.T; I hope u still can understand what was going on..if not u can always ask me =x though there might be some weird parts in the dream that I can't explain ><; but that’s I guess how dreams usually are x_x;

Thanks for reading =x

I can turn your nightmares into reality


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