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Perfect World
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Perfect World



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07-04-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default Let's play another MMO!

Hey there, guildies! Erio here.

I'm not sure if someone actually still read or look here anymore, but since I don't have any other way to contact you guys, still worth a try.

I want to invite you guys to play a game I'm currently totally addicted to: TERA: Rising. Hiku and Nichi may still remember I played back then in late 2012, but since February 2013 is practically a new game.

First and foremost, now it's free. It means anyone can jump in even if you don't have $15 to spent montly (if you do, there's some nice rewards for doing so). Just need an account and download the game.

Okay, the 28+GB may be a little intimidating, but worth it! The visuals and gameplay are very nice, and better: you can still play without the whole game download with the happy cloud system. Just wait for the core files and you're set for the first areas.

The big differencial is the gameplay: it uses the UNREAL engine, meaning it's like hack'n'slash games - with collision/hit detection - making every fight very interesting as defensive skills (defend/dodge) are played BY you. You miss the dodge, you eat the damage everytime. You do nice, you avoid all damage. Even healers have exciting jobs instead of simple button mash.

I'm online almost everyday and can happily aid you guys with anything - aside money, as I'm, I was, and always will be poor. XD

PROs: Awesome combat; Tons of items to customize your character; Tons of character customization; Instance/Raid events are very interesting, with surprising mechanics; Free; Nice details/visual;

CONs: F2P means advantage to paying players (but they CAN'T buy equipments in the cash shop); First areas can see too easy/boring specially for healers and tanks; Makes you addicted; Equipment and stuff can be really pricey in the first areas.

My nick is Himekami and I'm a Mystic (healer) in TEMPEST REACH server. Call if you need any help~ (And there's no Dawn guild in my server so we can totally make one ;D)

PS - Triple drop event this weekend starting friday! Join while is hot! ;D
PSS - I totally can let you guys hear my weird voice trying to speak in english as we'll prolly need it in last dungeon runs~ NO pictures, though. ;P

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07-10-2013   #2 (permalink)
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ERIOOOO OMG!! ;-; WAIII TERRRAAAAAA alot playing terra tho "o but so far i havent tried any other gamez "shrugz shrugz" same as usual still playing dragon nest SEA lol so time consuming dat -_-;;; even w/ so much free time doesnt feel like it...or maybe cuz i got too many charas...... >.> tnx to the power of 4 event zzzzz

maybe i'll check the game sometime when i get epicly bored DN afterall is sorta similar to terra i think XD

"still checkz the forum from time to time hehehe"
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