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07-22-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default Instead of playing..

League of Legends, wanna play doctor? I'm a gynecologist.


The other day David, a friend of mine, suddenly messaged me begging me for my help. I of course asked him what he needed help with, and he requested this sign. I made it and he put it on 4Chan, showing me the replies. Everyone reacted with ''WE WANT FEET'', ''WTH ARE YOU DOING WE WANT FEEET'', some were even worse, like a lot of swearing. So he asked me to make another picture... of my feet.

On which reactions were ''Ahh dat sum gud feet'' ''I would massage those everyday''.

After reading all that my face was like this: for awhile.
Anyone else here had some strange experience with 4Chan people? And are they always that weird (I don't use 4Chan so ye).

.-. -tried to keep forum alive-
It doesn't matter what they say. To me you're beautiful
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