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05-15-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dark Eir myth build

Hey guys please give me some advice/critique/constructive criticism about my Dark Eir myth build. I've got 15 points to use right now, and I don't know what to put them into


1/10 Plague of darkness
11/11 Rb Tentacles
2(1+1) Rb Gaze

11/11 Lunar (moon) fragments
10/10 Flames of Chaos
10/10 Voice of Terror
5/10 Blade of Chaos
1/5 RB Blade of Chaos
1/8 Pentacle of Chaos

3/11 Recovery
10/10 Wave of Quick Healing

10/10 Power of Darkness
1/9 Bloody Contract
9/9 Chaos Reinforcement

Remember, i've got 15 points left to play with at level 78; I'm generally going for a chaos build but I may go hybrid if need be. Also what skills dyes should I get if I want to bolster my Deir's power?

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05-15-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Ashee is a jewel in the roughAshee is a jewel in the roughAshee is a jewel in the roughAshee is a jewel in the rough

i would lvl up one of the darkness endu frames since they are pretty long
and maybe a few points in some other healing skills to fake ress

b> hana's knowledge :<


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