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razorbubble 04-20-2010 07:29 AM

ChupaChupa's Buy/Sel Thread[D.Eir, CS, GCoins]

Dark Eir
Lvl 70 CS
Pink Aqua Head
Pink Aqua Chest
Pink Aqua Skirt *bought*
Pink Aqua Gloves
Pink Aqua Shoes
Pink Aqua Wand
Pink Aqua Support
Pink Aqua Wings
ZS Head
ZS Shirt
ZS Skirt
ZS Gloves
ZS Shoes
ZS support
ZS Weapon
note: must be clean

GCoins 1:35 (0 gifts left this month)

*Important Read!*
I will sell each of my Guardian Pieces accordingly to the pieces of Pink Aqua I have bought. Though they have only 2 unbinds left after I unbind them from me, the price will be HIGHER than normal obviously due to the dyes. Prices are negotiable, but don't expect too much.

Dark Eir
Lvl 70 CS
Guardian Angel Head [+15 Int] *Tentacles of Darkness+2* (2) - 3250g
Guardian Angel Chest [+15 Int] *Plague of Darkness+2* (2) - 3750g
Guardian Angel Hand [+20 Str] *Lunar Eclipse Moon Fragments+2* (2) - 2250g
Guardian Angel Shoes [+20 Str] *Recovery+2* (2) - 2250g
Guardian Angel Wand [+20 Str] *Blade of Chaos+2* (2) - 4250g
Guardian Angel Support [+15 Int] *Darkness Reinforcement+2* (2) - 2750g
Guardian Angel Wings *True Blade of Chaos+1* (2) - 3500g

Other Misc.
Lvl 60 Rare Husky [Chance of Deadly Magic Blow +30.42%, +68 STR] [Name: CutiePie]

IGN: ChupaChupa
Can't find me ingame? Leave a message here or PM in the forums or ingame. Cheers.

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