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Joey 06-22-2008 07:55 PM

Guild Words to Live By and Guild Rules
:3 these Guild Words To Live By where made by an old guild leader of mine who i respect and trust. Hopefully you all follow this rules too.

Guild Words to live by

Now these are very simple that anyone can do thems or probably already does :3

* Never do something that you would despise if someone else did it. Be your own role model.

* Never speak evil of anyone, so as to cause him dishonor, more or less, except for some real good. Instead, let there be benevolence in everything you speak.

* Be as happy as possible and have fun.

* Be courteous to party members. When leaving a party, say thanks and goodbye.

* Do not fail your classes because of a game.

* Always offer your help when a guildie looks in need. Don't wait for them to ask. And don't be shy to ask for help.

* Before vending an item, check that no one in the guild wants or needs it.

* Never use a hack or even dream of using one.

* Always check guild chat regularly. Say hi to everyone and get to know every single person.

* Never ks someone intentionally, with hopes of gaining something by a cheap

* Do not spam in public chat nor use intense profanity.

* Help to recruit awesome people to the guild.

* Do not train monsters onto afk people, but save them instead when they're in danger.

* When you go to a dungeon, ask in guild chat if anyone wishes to go also. Try to include everyone in group activities.

* Check guild forum everyday and post.

* Do not beg for gold and items

* Drama is not tolerated at all

* Convert play points into guild points

* Donate 5k gold a week to our guild stone

* Post in the guild check in thread every 2 week. No post for 2 months is auto kick unless a reason was stated in guild check in thread.

* Do not buy/sell NX

* No mod talk if you to talk about it take it to pms

* No Spoilers (anime episodes)

Last updated October 2, 2008

AnnabelleMarie 11-11-2008 04:36 PM

rules updated

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