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Default Lunar's Wizard Guide

Lunarís Wizard Guide

I decided to release my guide because THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES!
TIP FOR PVPERS: Get your *** to 41+.

Version 0.0000000000000001b (Iím too lazy to finish it, i'll finish it one day)

Ice Arrow-it shoots out 2-6 ice arrows depending on skill level that follow target (only if target is in front of u)

Pros: It gets dash cancellable in a later patch. Good to continue combos or run away after a messed up dash as. Good to hold down opponents in team play and for its damage.. 100x6 not so bad. 12 second reuse is a bit average but helps a lot in comboing. Higher damage plus faster cooldown than fire orb so Iíd recommend this instead of fireorb for staging. For team pvp, Iíd recommend getting this and remove ice rain completely.

Cons: this is one of the skills that has absolutely no cons. NONE!

PVP: 1:1 (1 point), teampvp (max)
Stage: 0, 1, max

Icicle Rain-casts 7 ice pieces that drop from above

Pros: One of the best damage skills with its 15 second reuse.

Cons: there is only one combo it can be used in which is pillar of abyss then ice rain if used further into a combo does small amounts of damage because of damage reduction. The pillar+rain combo is semi-hard to do for full effectÖ most people do not use it correctly but think they do..(requires full 7 hits for full damage)

PVP: max
Stage: max

Ice wall-casts a wall behind you.

Pros: good to use as a get away tool after u mess up dash as. Also you know that annoying magic defense by knights? Ice wall helps u survive that. There are other uses like wall trap, etc but Iíll let your imagination do the work.

Cons: if used incorrectly can trap you or be used against u.

PVP: any level depending on your use since reuse is 25 secs at any level. (1 for dash as icewall, 3 for dash as icewall and dodge from magic defense and dodge from ppl and lure people and ***** and ****** and***)
Stage: max

Cold Blue Dragon- summons a dragon that flies vertically upwards and hits 3 times.

Pros: Your best friend in pvpÖ High damage large radius.

Cons: reuse is 30 secs? Donít waste your dragons!!

PVP: max
Stage: max

Ice Pillar-summons 3 pillars from the ground that strike enemies on the ground or standing.

Pros: correction reset skillÖ if maxed can do about 500-600 dmg if two pillars hit.

Cons: EXTREMELY hard to hit targets (when youíre a noob). Mostly only hits once so about 200-250 dmg which isnít worth maxing..

PVP: 1 or max (does not increase height by level only damage)
Stage: 1 for knock down

Bitter Cold Breath-jumps upwards becoming invincible then freezes everything in its radius

Pros: Defensive skill used to save yourself in tight spots.

Cons: leaves you vulnerable for skills that track. i.e. whirlwind wave. Donít be an idiot and waste your BCB on a dash as pillar figure out your opponents pattern and use wisely.

PVP: 1 is enough
Stage: 1

Fire Bomb-shoots two fire balls forward

Pros: High damage skill. About the same as cold blue dragon but only 2 hits max (usually one hit but wise people use it on a wall which is two hits). 7 second reuse, fastest cooldown skill for the wizard

Cons: spam this and say goodbye to your mana.

PVP: max
Stage: 0 or max (0 for pure aoe mages)

Fire Orb-shoots one big orb that splits into 4 that track its target

Pros: tracking skill.. good to help you recharge mana or other stuff. It travels faster and farther as it levels.

Cons: no time to cast if your opponent is aggressive. Tracks many targets if in team pvp.

PVP: max
Stage: 0 because your usually fighting mobs meaning 4 monsters get hit 100 damage.. that is not a lot. Plus I recommend icearrow over this cause it does more dmg with less cooldown.

Ocean of Fire-an AOE attack

Pros: area of effect skill, burns, stiffens.

Cons: slow cast, slower than fury of land.

PVP: 0 or 1 the damage isnít worth it since it drains mp.
Stage: 1 or max

Fire Dragonís Heart-places an orb where casted and automatically shoots fireballs.

Pros: same as Fire orb except planted at one spot and shoots itself.

Cons: gives time for knights to cast magic defense which renders this skill useless.

PVP: 1 or max for the speed and distance
Stage: 0 or 1

Rain of Fire

Pros: area of effect skill

Cons: need to waste a skill to cancel

PVP: 1
Stage: 1 or max?(if your full aoe I guess you can add this to your arsenal)

Red Fire Dragon

Pros: none I hate this skill

Cons: slow casting.. for wut? 400 dmg max. wow. This skill is slower than meteor. To successfully cast this skill u must be far off screen which gives opponent time to recharge mp or heal or whatever while youíre wasting 2xx mp to cast this slow skill.
For stage learn to combo and donít waste time on 400 dmg when your regular hits will do 100 per.

PVP: 0 or 1
Stage: 0 or 1 (damage increase isnít worth it.)

Death Dragon

Pros: I donít have this skill donít know but.. from videos.. fast cast.

Cons: I donít know either. Only good if you can time it so that youíd get interrupted after cast thus allowing you to be free to cast other skills.

PVP: 1
Stage: 1

Fury of Land

Pros: slows, 100+ dmg per hit at higher lvls

Cons: 70 sec reuse

PVP: 0 or max
Stage: 0 or max (people who say you should max either fury or ocean of fire are talking about hybrid builds. Itís good to max both so you can nuke mobs in a well organized party.)

Hand of Earth

Pros: good to combo with

Cons: none really.. besides the 17 reuse

PVP: 1
Stage: 1

Summon Rock

Pros: look at cons. Best mob combo, dragon + rock.

Cons: ice rain is better, uncomboable after, can only be used after blue dragon making this skill very weak after damage reduction. For those instances that blue dragon only hits 2 times this skill goes to waste as it is uncancellable thus allowing opponent to counter.

PVP: 0 or max if u like this skill (do not put 1 point.. thatís stupid u get like. 40 dmg total for a waste of a skill point, aa aaa does about 40..)
Stage: 0 or max

Land Giantís Fist

Pros: good to combo with like hand of earth

Cons: 30 second reuse

PVP: 1
Stage: 0 or 1(if used correctly land giantís fist can do 400-500 damage for just ONE point)

Pillar of Abyss

Pros: used to launch character higher for combo like hand of earth.

Cons: higher level eats 100mp +

PVP: 1,4,7 (although seems to be more like 1,3,6)(the lower numbers are possible to cast these following combos but allows no error such as distance, lag, etc.)
Different levels gives different height to opponent on the ground.. not already in the air
1-able to do pillar+dragon combo
4- aa dash as, Pillar+firebomb maybe
7-Pillar+ice rain (basically launches as high as dash as pillar, a lil lower)
Stage: 1 cause u donít need the correction reset.
Summon Meteor

Pros: strong aoe and can be comboable

Cons: long cast time, 300 sec reuse, hard to combo with unless u want to waste like 300mp for a measly 200 dmg(in pvp)

PVP: 1
Stage: 1

Mana Increase(bless)

Pros: more mp means longer combos, can help you regain some mp to do one more combo after you have reached 0hp

Cons: using up points might mean you have to sacrifice some skills.

PVP: 0 or 1 or max (maxing this instead of mana increase for team pvp is more recommended if you are planning to get above average gear. Max int gives you around 2k mp. So it is enough to survive)
Stage: I dunno someone recommend to me. Most likely 0 since u have all the time in the stage to recharge mana
Ability: Mana Increase (PVP 1:1 max or you might be screwed, stage max)
Hp Increase (max of course)
Critical Blow (recommended 1 point cause I said so!)

Any remaining points u have into mana recovery.
Mana Recovery is optional in all ways. However if you are planning to get godly gear maxing this over mana increase can give you a slight advantage.
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To add to the Death dragon breath skill:

The fire counterpart of bitter cold breath. You become invincible while summoning 2 dragons to deal continous damage directly in front of you.

Many times I fought KckKryptonite, I thought I had him with bitter cold breath, he uses death dragons to counter and kills me. That guy's crazy.


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