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tommmmmm 04-11-2009 12:30 PM

[Guide] The best myth guide for Dainn.
Welcome to the Myth Guide !

This guide is designed for everyone – you will find here basic stuff for the beginning of your adventure as well as very advanced stuff as for example how to get Spirit rings/earrings.

Version History:

Version 0.1a
First version of the guide

Things that await you in this Guide:

1. Why is this guide good.
2. The basics.
a) What is it all about.
b) Lunia prize system. What and how.
c) Survival rate.
3. Equipments.
a) Advanced str calculator.
b) Myth Equipment.
c) Additional 75 str points.
d) Hotkeying AEH.
e) Others.
4. Parties.
a) Ways to find a decent party.
b) Being rude.
c) Being polite.
5. Needed skills.
6. Boss fight.
a) General.
b) Lunia tips.
7. Dainn’s specific techniques.
a) Bcb techniques.
b) Iw techniques.
c) Ddb techniques.
8. Playstyles.
a) iw playstyle.
b) lure playstyle.
c) ffa playstyle.


1. Why is this guide good.

Tommmmmmy – that’s my Dainn. I did more than 400 Lunia runs so far. Levels 70-80 and then 70-76 after another rebirth. Most of them I did with 10% exp card so I am not a neo child that tosses away 400% and keeps only 500% ones. I learned myth the hard way when it was still new. I have been writing this guide more than 5 days (and total of 15 hours) trying to keep all the details on as high level as possible. As far as skills are concerned I did 3 Full Sp resets and also had a chat with Seraphice – leader of Kaizen.

If you meet someone with 6 m’s in ign – that’s probably one of my chars.

2. The basics.

a) What is it all about.
Generally myth is about pure damage. In most cases you will be standing still just spamming your skills. If you are lvl 70 newcomer you might get kicked out of party very suddenly. For example for a question “why do I need str equips?” or “what is voke?”. If you are newcomer read about myth as much as you can then ask questions or don’t read about myth and don’t ask any questions. You can get kicked already in a stage (without warning obviously) for:
+ using ice wall the wrong way.
+ rushing forward before voker.
+ not having at least 1000 str.
Be prepared it might happen.

b) Lunia prize system. What and how.
When you finish myth and beat Lunia or a miniboss a lottery starts. In the lottery you can win the box. Only one person wins the lottery. A person who wins lottery goes and picks the box up. Thus if you are dead and if you win the lottery you can’t pick the box up. Because you are dead you also don’t gain any exp. So to sum up: you again absolutely nothing but in exchange you waste someone’s else chance to win a box. What can be in a box? An item worthy 4 000 gold. In the worst case it’s 1 moon. In average case it’s 3 moons. 3 moons are worthy 100g nowadays. What you should do when you are dead? You should leave before beating the boss. Now let’s assume the other way – you are the only one alive and all other people are dead – it’s obvious ONLY you can pick up the box but someone else will WASTE your box (in average 100g). Wouldn’t you HATE that person? Someone just took your 100g and thrown it down the toilet. Let’s meet that noob in real life and beat him to a pulp. I am devoting so much space and text to this single issue because it is really a problem nowadays. People don’t know that they should leave when they are dead and when they are told to leave they don’t understand why.

What a box can contain?
Lunia’s box – 10% spirit equipment box; 90% box with 3 moons
Mini boss’ box – 10% Incarnation equipment box; 90% box with 3 or with 1 moon.

c) Survival rate.
Be prepared that unless you watch some videos on youtube you will die at boss or even before. That is why people dislike newcomers. I used a word newcomer on purpose – you might be a super hyper pro at bonus/pvp/raids but you are still a newcomer for myth – and thus – you will die. I have never heard anyone use a word ‘newcomer’, everyone uses a word noob. You might not be a noob but you might be a newcomer. That’s a sad truth. Get used to it. Most parties that are at least average are lvl 74+ so you won’t get into them. It is impossible (almost) to level from 71 to 74 without myth. So this sounds impossible – you can’t myth until lvl 74 but you can’t get to 74 without myth. Now go, think about it and deal with it. But from the other hand, if YOU were the pro one would you like a team that would die at boss and in conclusion making you solo Lunia?

When you see no hp bar at the bottom that means all the monsters are dead and you should head for the next port.

3. Equipments.

a) Advanced str calculator.
Generally 33 str points is 1% more damage when using skills. It’s like Enstein’s mechanics. Newton’s applies to low speed while at higher ones you need to use Einsten’s. Here’s a table with str and corresponding to it damage buff by percent.

Str - Dmg% +
0 – 0
100 – 3
200 – 6
300 – 9
400 – 12
500 – 30
600 – 36
700 – 42
800 – 48
900 – 55
1000 – 91
1100 – 100
1200 – 109
1300 – 118
1400 – 127
1500 – 182
1600 – 194
1700 – 206
1800 – 218
1900 – 230
2000 – 303
2100 – 318
2200 – 333
2300 – 348
2400 – 364
2500 – 379
2600 – 394
2700 – 409
2800 – 424
2900 – 439
3000 – 487
3100 – 495
3200 – 503
3300 – 511
3400 – 519
3500 – 527
3600 – 535
3700 – 543
3800 – 551
3900 – 559
4000 - 627

So as you see it would be nice to have 1000+ str. Or 2000+ by that matters.

b) Myth equipment.
There are 3 types of equips. Gilan, Incarn, Spirit. Let’s talk about all of them.

Gilan’s Equips:
With complete Gilan’s set you can achieve around 1200 str (don’t remember exactly). There are two ways of getting Gilan. First way is to buy it in a normal weapon shop (press F6 then F1 in square) for 60-220g per piece. The other way is to have AWD set and use npc quest. The quest doesn’t exchange the AWD piece for Gilan one – it gives Gilan piece only because you have AWD in possession. So in most cases it is cheaper to get AWD even if you don’t need it then do the quest then throw AWD away and keep Gilan.

Incarnation Equips:
You can get them from equipment box as prize from mini boss or you can exchange 10 soul of moons for one incarnation equipment box at myth quest npc. With full incarnation set you can achieve around 1650 str.

Spirit Equips:
You can get it only from:
- Necklace – quest – beating Lunia 30 times.
- Rings and earrings – quest – quest’s item is dropped from the same rock stones that drop soul of moons. Spirit Ring/Earring has 96 str.
- All other – only from Lunia’s box.

Gilan and Incarnation equips are untradeable while Spirit is tradable. Spirit binds with first use and then becomes untradeable.

c) Additional 75 str points.
This is still not the end of equipment section. There is one more thing: potions. Damage potion adds physical damage so it is useless. We need skill damage – so we will use str IV potion from shop and guild potion V. Potions stack. However if you receive any buff (mp/hp buff) and use both potions and pick up small/big apple one of the buffs is going to disappear. So if you don’t have any buff on – you can stack potions. You can also stack potions in boss room – there are no apples there.

Another source of str are tittles:
- Nocturnal Flower – gives 9 str. It is a cash shop item. You can LEGALLY buy g coins with gold (but illegally with real life money) so spam your guild chat/friends/ep chat for gifting or use your own g coins.
- Manly – gives 20 str. It is a high level Orc Advancement event title.
- Lion’s Roar – gives 16 str. To get it you need to collect 100 L Mammoth Tusk Pieces (they are untradeable so you must collect them yourself). The best farming place is 2-3L second from left, top row room. Just go kill a Mammoth then go out from the room for the room to respawn itself. The drop rate is about 1/8 - 1/9. So you need about 1000 Mammoths to kill.

d) Hotkeying AEH.
AEH – Ancient Elf Hero set. It’s two part bonus is “whenever ddb is performed damage is increased by 50% for 20 sec”. You can hotkey equips. Same way you hotkey potions or skills you can hotkey clothes. Just drag-n-drop two parts of AEH set to your designed hotkeys. If you don’t have the place you can remap your keyboard so you’ll have 20 hotkeys instead of 16 standard ones. You can remap in “Options” menu that appears to the left of “Play” button (the button that starts the game – not a “Play Live” at the webpage). Here’s how it works in stage and why it’s worthy:
+ You press two hotkeys (it takes around half of a second. Sometimes three fourth).
+ You press ddb hotkey when ready.
+ You get the dmg buff.
+ You immediately press two equipment hotkeys again – changing back to your original clothes.
+ Your dmg buff is still there. Once casted it lasts till the end even if you switch to myth set again.
+ By the time you changed your clothes back ddb shouldn’t be doing any damage YET.
+ You have the buff ON, myth clothes ON and then ddb STARTS doing damage.
+ You are using that 20 sec period to it’s fullness.

e) Others.
Guild calling flute – if your guild has this item registered you can buy it occasionally.

3rd Life Heart – you can buy with your own g coins or buy it for gold from someone. One more cast of DDB is always nice.

4. Parties.

a) Ways to find a decent party.
There are 3 (actually 4 but one is homomorphical) ways to get into a party:
+ make/join a party in Party List. Not only in Myth Tab. Try to look for xyz’z private party in general tab, then right click to check out levels of the members then join that party.
+ spam episode chat.
+ spam guild chat and friends’ list.

The most pro parties I have been in weren’t in Myth Tab of Party List. Those were private invitations and whispers. Getting to know pros is the best way to get into a decent party. A myth can be done in 8 min. Known record is 5min 4sec.

b) Being rude.
There are actually very few people 74+ After doing around 200 runs you will start saying “lulz I know all of ya”. That means the opposite way too. If someone’s rude then people will remember him for a long time. That’s why being rude is not worthy. I always kick rude people as long as I remember their igns’. That’s absolutely the best measurement of punishment – memory. If someone was a bit rude I remember him for 4-5 days and kick him out of my parties for 4-5 days. If someone was very rude I remember him for months. If I am the pole or anyone from the people I know – that person’s going to get kicked. And after 400 runs I know all the valuable Poles… so if you are going to be rude – because you feel like it – be a rude to a noob or else you might regret it for a really really long time.

c) Being Polite.
If you want to make friends – join Myth runs just to say Hi and Goodluck. I do that often. You can right click people and praise their best equipment/grade. That makes people happy. Happy people share happiness and so they make you happy too as a reward.

5. Needed Skills.

Notes before reading:
+ Max damage – means a max damage excluding any str buffs, even those with casual non-myth equips.
+ iw – a common shortcut for Ice Wall.
+ bcb – a common shortcut for Bitter Cold Breath.
+ ddb – a common shortcut for Death Dragon’s Breath.
+ FoL – a common shortcut for Fury of Land.
+ k – a common shortcut for 000. For example 5k means 5000
+ not everything will be clear until you read all the sections in this guide.

--- Ice Skills ---
Ice Arrow – lvl 0 – max damage is 130 - 145 which is a total of 780 – 870. As it will appear later on in this guide there are more worthy skills. So no more comments here.

Icicle Rain – lvl max – max damage is 134 – 149 Usually 1 hit among those 7 misses (due to distance) so it gives 804 – 894 to every monster it hits. Depending on the play style method (ffa /iw/lure) and luck it hits 2 – 4 monsters.

Ice Wall – lvl 2 or 3 – These days the Ice Wall playstyle in pro parties is getting rarer and rarer so there’s no need to max it, unless Cave of Chaos requires it or Myth Ep. 2; however for Ep. 1 level 2 is enough. Level 1 and level 0 are not enough because sometimes Ice Wall is the only way of defense in case some bad accident happen thus level 2 is strongly suggested.

Cold Blue Dragon – lvl 0 – max damage is 264 – 294, so multiplied by 3 is 789 – 882 per every monster it can hit. We see now that’s it’s more worthy than Ice Arrow. Although it really is there are still more worthy skills. There is also one more issue with Cold Blue Dragon – the most popular `lure` playstyle discourages the use of Cold Blue Dragon.

Ice Pillar – lvl 0 – max damage is 352 – 392, depending on the playstyle it hits 2 – 3 times per monster. There are more worthy skills.

Bitter Cold Breath – lvl 1 – A freezing ability is a must. Although there is a good damage increase at level 10 the cooldown is too high and thus there are better ways to spend another 9 sp points.

--- Fire Skills ---
Fire Bomb – lvl max – max damage is 283 - 315 so it gives a total of 566 – 620 damage. Despite the low the damage the cooldown is also low. Because myth is a constant skill spam an user uses Fire Bomb exactly every 7 seconds thus making the most of the skill and using it to a full potential. Only at full potential this skill is worthy – if used every 10 seconds and not 7 – there would be more effective skills in myth.

Fire Orb – lvl 0 – max damage is 205 – 242 which is a total of 820 – 968. Although the damage is greater than Ice Arrow it’s cooldown is twice as big as Ice Arrow thus making the skill less efficient to Ice Arrow.

Fire Dragon’s Heart – lvl 0 – max damage is… come on it’s very low. You are lvl 70 and already rebirthed I don’t have to explain to you every single skill like to a newbie right?

Rain of Fire – lvl 0 – There is great dispute which to choose Rain of Fire new Rain of Fire or Ocean of Fire. I will write about all 3 of them at once when writing about Ocean of Fire.

New Rain of Fire – lvl 0 – refer to above point.

Ocean of Fire – lvl max – max damage is 269 – 299 so it gives a total of 1076 – 1196 if hit 4 times. However on the outer rims it hits only 3 times. Is this skill really worthy? Currently – yes. Land Giant’s Fist would be probably slightly better but it’s bugged now. So let’s take a look on Ocean of Fire vs Rain of Fire. Rain of Fire does more damage (both of them) however both versions last 10 seconds. Ocean of Fire is casted fast – it gives you another 8.5 seconds to cast other skills. Furthermore, what if mob dies or you need to cancel the Rain of Fire? What if it gets canceled by you being hit – and that happens often. What if you would like to use it versus single monster or when soloing? What if you would like to use it versus Lunia? Being immobilized for ten whole seconds during Lunia Fight doesn’t look like a very bright idea to me. Despite 3-hit-only-on-edges flaw with Ocean of Fire it is still a worthy skill with same cooldown as Rain of Fire. It is almost equally last worthy skill with sp points left as Summon Rock.

Red Fire Dragon – lvl 1 – You won’t use this skill in a fight against Lunia but you will use it against mobs. Against mobs it does quite large of amount of hits so the damage is good enough to invest one point in it. It’s cast time is also quite big – which is good – because it doesn’t make you guilty that you are not casting any skill while all other skills are still on cooldown. Why not max lvl? Because New Red Fire Dragon is better.

New Red Fire Dragon – lvl max – Greater dmg than old Red Fire Dragon, more hits, same cooldown. It’s also one of the skills that are always casted after 50% damage buff from DDB. You are not a newbie so don’t let me explain more on this.

Death Dragon’s Breath – lvl max – It’s a long discussion here. Let me show this by example. Let’s assume there is a skill that does 10 dmg and another one that does 20 dmg. With str buff the first one does 20dmg and the other one does 40dmg. With dmg buff from `some set` first one does 40dmg and other one does 80dmg. So the difference in the beginning – 10 dmg between them is now 4 times as big. This applies to DDB. My DDB does 909 - 1009 dmg per hit currently. Which multiplied per 110 hits (96 if not hit correctly) gives 99 990 – 110 990. Ddb’s cooldown is 150 seconds so it’s 39 996 – 44 396 per minute. As we know New FoL is the absolutely best skill in myth. More than twice good as old FoL. With 35 sec cd it can be casted 2 times per min (let’s cut the 5sec of cd). Which gives us (in my example) 2000 * 2 * 6 = 24 000 dmg per minute. But wait wait ddb was 45 000 per minute wasn’t it? How the hell ddb can be better than FoL? It isn’t, because FoL hits 45 000 per monster per minute so it gives us on avg 4.5 * 24 000 = 108 000 and it’s more than twice as good as ddb. However FoL is casted in periods. Exactly 4 times per 150 sec (last 10 sec is waiting for buff from ddb). So it’s 3k per hit then 2k per hit per 3 times. Which gives 18k + 36k = 54k. Per monster. So it gives 4.5 * 54k = 243k. It’s 243 000 / 110 990 = 2,18. So in the end New FoL is 2.18 times better than ddb. As we know old FoL is second best. Isn’t it? Let’s look at raw dmg 750 / 310 = 2,41. So new FoL is 2.41 times better than old FoL. That makes ddb SECOND best. Doesn’t it? Maxing ddb requires only 6 sp while maxing any of the FoLs takes 11 sp points. So for half the price we get second best skill. So ddb is equally FIRST with new FoL from such point of view. From all other points of views it’s 2nd best at worst. So there’s only one question left. Why not lvl 1? Remember the discussion at the beginning? About how 10dmg difference becomes 40dmg difference in raw damage? This logic applies to ddb. That’s why max lvl is needed.

--- Earth Skills ---
Fury of Land – lvl max – with new cooldown patch no discussion here is needed.

New Fury of Land – lvl max – If I tried to explain this I would be simply a rude to your intelligence. So I won’t.

Hand of Earth – lvl 0 – same as above.

Summon Rock – lvl max – max damage is 188 – 210. It usually hits 4-5 times per close monsters and less with others. With slightly less cooldown and slightly higher MonsterPerHit rate it’s almost as equally good as Ocean of Fire. It’s being canceled a bit more often though. Which makes it last skill to master (unless you decide otherwise).

Summon Meteors – lvl 1 – Hits 4 times on large area with decent damage. Because of the very high cooldown and small damage increase per level it is not worthy to max. It’s worthy 1 point though.

Land Giant’s Fist – lvl 0 – this skill might have been arguable if not bugged. But because it is bugged it’s not worthy now. Despite all my reports to Lunia staff, Lunia official forum, Lunia mods it wasn’t fixed with last patch.

Pillar of Abyss – lvl 0 – no comments here.

--- Bless Skills ---
Mana Extension – lvl 7 – Myth is a constant skill spam. A build with full Mana Regen and Concentration doesn’t help almost at all. Mana goes down too fast. It’s because most skills that you use are already maxed (you are lvl 70+ remember?) and those eat mana fast. There is one solution though. Pressing “S” key regenerates mana by % not by constant amount. So the more mana we have the more it regenerates. In this case Mana Extenstion is better than Mana increase. Furthermore a lure playstyle is preferred nowadays which favourites Mana Extension skill. Why not lvl 9/9 ? Because it’s more expensive and because you won’t have that much sp points.

Ice Resistance – lvl 0 or 3 – Foriel is wind based, however on the movies everything is snowy and cold. Only an ingame experience might tell whether is it worthy to max ice deff buff or not. But that’s gonna happen in late April or beginning of May.

--- Ability skills ---
Hp increase – lvl 0 – You will never die without hp increase, so why would you need it? And 4 sp points is a lot. You will be dying only when you want to or when you are still noob.

Deadly magic blow – lvl 1 – If you still have sp points left then put one point in here.

Concentration – lvl 1 – Same as above.

Mp Regen – lvl 1 – This skill is a must not because it regenerates so much mana with just one sp point but because it regenerates mana fast enough to cast Ice Wall. And in most cases when you are cornered/almost dead you don’t have mana. Thus that slight mana regen might save your day.

Mana Increase – lvl 1 – Same as Deadly Magic Blow.

--- Summary ---
We used 96 sp points + 3 choice ones + 3 if Foriel needs it. So the basics you will achieve at lvl 76 (assuming you are rebirthed once at lvl 70) and the choice ones at lvl 79. With lvl 80 you can max Mana Extension or do whatever we like.

Sidenote: When you meet me ingame you will notice I am using different build. I have changed my build about 5 days ago from pure Myth build to PvP Hybrid one. I am pvping now.

6. Boss Fight.

a) General.
Depending on the team and your own skills you want to do one of two things: Survive as much as you can or die as much as you can. As far as surviving is concerned, with mini bosses it’s easy – Ancient Beast can’t kill you at all while Nergal has only one deadly attack without auto-stand up so eir has plenty of time to heal you. Let’s move on. Why would you want to die? Death == mana reset + skill reset + 20sec of 50%dmg buff. And assuming the party is at least average you won’t have a chance to die 4 times even if you want to. Dying with Nergal however is more dangerous than with Lunia. Lunia’s attacks or mega slow so you can always escape them while Nergal’s is kinda fast and you might accidently run into it.

For all your life you have been learning how to be near healer and get all the beads. If you had played long enough you should have started doing it instinctly. Now you need to unlearn those skills and learn new ones. How to evade eir at all costs. It will be really funny experience for you – dashing away from those thousands and thousands of beads.

Another thing is button pressing – use ddb only right after the buttons are pressed. The button’s appear every 20-25sec so if you want to unleash all your skills with max buff then use ddb only right after pressing the buttons.

Same goes with new FoL (the one not buffed) – don’t use it unless you are sure all hits will land.

The very first set of buttons is a bit different because there is no caption “All buttons have been pressed you can attack now”. However when all buttons are pressed they start to shine with light so for the first set of buttons use that sign as a green light to attack.

b) Lunia Tips.
Lots of people do not understand a phrase “keep close to her back” (I got an official warning for using word a** (figure * yourself) so I will use a word `back` for now) so let me rephrase – one dash away is too far. If you are too far to melee it then you are… indeed too far.

I met 70+ dainns that didn’t know that bcb is invincibility frame type of a skill. If you didn’t know it by now – never ever confess to anyone – they will call you noob (including me). You can use bcb to avoid deadly attack if you want. You can use ddb too if you know the timing.

7. Dainn’s specific techniques.

a) Bcb techniques.
Bcb can be used for personal reasons:
+ saving your back* (refer above to find appropriate word)
+ preparing yourself to cast iw
+ preparing yourself to cast ddb

Bcb can also be used for team reasons:
+ casted closely to a mob in luring playstyle gives a sign to a voker that he/she can get up now and perform an attack instead of lying on the ground. When a mob is attacked with enough high damage it gets knockbacked so the voker can attak freely. But after like 2 seconds when all party members have already used all their best moves mob starts to attack again – then you can use bcb.
+ if you can `feel` the cooldown of JoG or if you are asked to you can bcb to ensure eir is not going to get JoG canceled.
+ you can cast it to ensure another dainn won’t fail the iw.
+ if your team is good enough you can sort’a `waste` bcb to ensure eir’s safe back from JoG.
+ when Talmans stuns a team you can press fast <- and -> arrows so you will overcome stun fast enough to perform bcb (but not fast enough to dash away) so you can save people from being stunned to death
+ in corner type situations bcb is recommended because it gives time for at least some party members to find a safe route to behind the mob

b) Iw techniques.
Useful voice chats:
f-1-3 Ice Wall failed
f-1-4 Ice Wall failed only seemingly
f-1-5 Ice Wall is here

Let’s assume the port (port == room) is vertical. Casting a horizontal iw is not a smart move – I don’t know why (actually I know but it’s too hard to explain in brief words) but such ice wall will die much much faster than a vertical one. You can solo load to myth and test it yourself. This applies especially if there are lots of deers around. Deers have that AoE attack which seems to attack ice wall twice with one hit seldom. Another thing is that a horizontal ice wall might trap someone. And that’s an epic fail. It might seem to you that vertical ice wall in vertical room won’t stop the mobs from crossing the path…but actually it will unless you cast it really on the side. Middle and about middle is fine though.

Let’s assume that in luring technique one mob got away – you can stop it with ice wall to keep it close to original mob.

Let’s assume a port is vertical voker is on the right and all other party members are on the left and the voker dies. Casting horizontal iw is a great move in such situation. Let’s look at it closer: team --- mob. So when you look from perpendicular point of view then the iw is still casted properly. It’s like reversing a North with East.

Let’s assume you are cornered/trapped against a wall. Let’s assume you have enough time to cast iw or bcb ready. What ice wall to cast? Most obvious choice is to cast parallel to wall one – it will split you and the mob. However the mobs in myth have range longer than an iw so you are dead anyways. Casting perpendicular iw makes use of teleport glitch. Mobs will teleport behind the icewall separating you and them with a great distance.

Sometimes in ffa you can cast icewall just for yourself. So you can cast New Red Fire Dragon safely. It’s it only purpose – not to protect team but to protect you.

c) Ddb techniques.
Ddb is a close range skill. If you use it too far from a mob you’ll get 96 hits if you use it closer you’ll get 110 hits.

You can of course ddb while being cornered for invincibility frames.

A very smart and desperate move is to get ddb canceled on purpose - you will still get the 50% dmg buff, thus you can use other faster-casting skills with greater damage. This is useful when you and the mob is almost dead. Choose which one to die.

8. Playstyles.

a) iw playstyle.
This playstyle is old and now rarely used. Such run is based on the fact that you cast iw to stop the mobs and team is attacking from behind the wall. It takes some time to master a good distance for the party members so they won’t miss the mob with their skills. Some variation is iw chain with 2 dainns. It is actually a great way to duo myth. Another variations is New Giant Ice Fist that lures and your iw that stops the mob. I personally like this variation.

b) lure playstyle.
The most popular one nowadays. The whole concept is based on the fact that one person lures all the monster to one tight spot against a wall and the team is freely attacking it. Because tia’s have jump, yuki’s have freeze and teleport, sieg’s have voke and sidestep and lime’s have moving speed buff you can rest assured that you won’t be the one that lures. However this playstyle has a huge flaw – Eir needs to devote some of her time to healing the voker and voker needs to devote some of his time to lay on the ground not moving. It’s a pure waste of dps. Thus ffa playstyle comes in handy.

c) ffa playstyle.
The idea is simple. Team rushes the mob, spamms skills, mob dies. Where’s the trick? Ffa can only be done when all the following conditions are met:
+ pro team
+ with nice skill builds
+ 1700+ str
Those above assure that mob is getting knockbacked all the time and it dies before a team must resort to low damaging skills.

If you find this guide helpful please reply/rep me.

Thank you for reading.

Kryas 11-03-2009 09:47 PM

Omg that helps a ton! especially the ice wall tip on vertical usage. oh and by the way.... Gillan's set does not guarantee u to have 1k str... i know, i was rb, had gillan set and had +5 (fort, not dimly) to each piece and still didnt have over 1k str til i was 72 and even then needed guild pot +30 to each stat. im 74 full gillan and have a little over 1k str. dunno if they nerfed it or what but i definitely did not have 1k with full gillan set. dont suppose you have a good myth guide for eirs? i hate taking a healer into an area i dont know where ppl depending on me. thats why my main is never my favorite character XD i dont care if i screw em up as much but my healers are perfect as i can make em.

tommmmmm 11-04-2009 10:44 AM

Agent Smith: "Look past the flesh and see..."

Yeah I can see.

Now I know I should have deleted/edited this thread long ago. I just made one person learn wrong things.

So I am giving an adnotation now:
Please for future use - always check the post date - if any guide (not only mine but any) is couple months old it is highly probable that it is very much outdated and not useful.

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