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Precision 11-04-2007 12:39 AM

Precision's Dainn guide.

I'll update this guide only to lv 40 for now as I have not compiled the details for after lv 40.

Okay first and foremost, thanks for coming in to view this thread. Like many others, I supposed you came in here either for 2 reasons. First-You were just browsing thru the threads and happen to come into this. Or secondly-You are scatching your head and finding threads to help your Dainn lv up.

If you reason is the second, why not take some time to read this guide and gain a little help or so?

Oh yeah this is first guide though so it may not be that good. :x

Exp farming [In another guide]
Tips and hints

Other guides done by me:

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Future expectations:
A sample Dainn's build.
A compilation of Vit equipments.

Okay so my first question to you is why Dainn? Some of you may have chosen it because your friends ask you to do so, or perhapes you just find it cute and wanna play it. Well lets first list down its pros and cons.

-Many high damage skills
-Beautiful skills
-Average market price for its equipments
-Self healing for mana

-Lowest amount of heath and mana compared to healers and sieg
-Needs a lot of different skills to whip up a good combo whereas sieg and healers are much easier.

So this is about all I can currently think of right now. If you are having second thoughts on carrying on your Dainn den I find all the more you should continue reading this guide. (:

Okay a little description here will do as I guess many of you would know wad abilities are from different games and so on. Abilities are stats which a character gains and accumulates after each level.
Basically there are the 4 main abilities in Lunia. Str, Dex, Vit and Int.

As the name implies, this ability allows you to increase your maximum and minimum physical and magical damage in the game.
*Every 3 str increases your damage by 1~1

This ability allows you to decrease the amount of cooldown time of you skills after using them.
*Every 6 dex increases your damage by 0~1

This is quite a popular stat in the game which allows one to gain more healthpoint by having more vitality.
*Every 1 vit increases your health point by 6

This ability generally increase your mana point when int is added. This stat is quite an unpopular ability in the game as many people rather get other stats equipments rather den int.
*Every 1 int increases your mana point by 6

Leveling up in this game DOES NOT give you points to add your abilities like in other games but instead it just helps you to add them every level. However, you are able to boost your abilities by wearing equipments which are of your desired stat.

Now for the exciting part, skills! Like I said earlier, Dainn has many nice skills which I would include them in this section. I would also stat the required lvl to add the stat.

**As I noticed from other guides, they just list down the different skills and thats the end. However, I find an opinion of my own would more or less help the reader or any new Lunians, so theres a brief description which I've included stating the Pros[Advantage] and the Cons[Disadvantage] of each individual skills.

Having a standard skill build is easy, just following other player's skill build but making a unique one is a challenge. Do broaden your way of adding your skill points to create a unique skill build of your own. (:


Ice arrow.[Required lv.2]
This skill allows you to shoot an ice arrow which follows the opponent and it receives damage and freeze for a duration and hit.
Advantage=>A great skill in PvP. It allows you to freeze your opponent for a duration giving you the opportunity to launch your combos on him.

Disadvantage=>A pretty useless skill if you're a stage Dainn. Wouldn't wanna add this unless you are desperate for more skills at low lvs.

Icicle rain.[Required lv.4]
This drops a shower of rain which is made of ice 7 times and hits the target in front of you. This would knockback the target and also slows down the opponents movement for a duration.
freeze for a duration and hit.
Advantage=>A powerful yet fast cooldown skill. A useful skill in both stages and PvP. It also slows down your opponent's movement when hit.

Disadvantage=>Cannot really think of any =(

Ice barrier[Required lv.11]
Summons an ice wall behind you for a duration to block the opponent.
Advantage=>A useful skill in stages, allowing you to block your opponent's advances towards you.

Disadvantage=>Quite a useless skill in PvP though.

Cold blue dragon[Required lv16]
Summons a blue dragon which hits the opponent 3 times receiving damage and causing them to fall down instantly.
Advantage=>A no doubt must-max skill. Useful whether in a stage or a PvP build.

Disadvantage=>Don't add this if you decide to be a screwed up Dainn =)

Ice pillar[Required lv.30]
A skill which allows you to summon 3 ice pillars from under the ground to attack the opponent even when his lying down.
Advantage=>A skill which is able to lift your opponent to a certain height allowing you to use combos after this skill.

Disadvantage=>A great choice to leave this at lv.1. Would rather spent the skill points on other skills.

Bitter cold breath[Required lv.41]
Allows the character to somehow "blow" a cold breath to its opponent[Though it didnt look like blowing at all :x] and freezing at for a short duration.
Advantage=>Does reasonable damages. A good skill to attack scattered monsters all around you.

Disadvantage=>Damage doesn't increase much as the lv increases. Hence, leaving it to lv.1 would be better.


Fire bolt[Required lv.2]

Shoots 2 fast fire bombs in front of you allowing the opponent to drop down instantly.
Advantage=>A low level required yet powerful skill which has low cooldown time. Essential for every low level Dainns.

Disadvantage=>Unable to think of any =(

Fire orb[Required lv.6]
Shoots 4 homing fire orbs which follows and hits the opponent.
Advantage=>Quite a powerful skill at high level. Especially great when targeting only 1 monster(Allow all 4 orbs to hit it)

Disadvantage=>When using the skill directly in front of a monster, it hits the monster once and does almost no damage to it.

Ocean of fire[Required lv.20]
Creates an ocean of fire in front of you to inflict both continuous damage and causing burns to the opponent.
Advantage=>A great AoE(Area of effect) skill used to deal damage on monsters packed together in front of you.

Disadvantage=>It takes a short duration to cast this skill, giving your opponent the chance to attack you, thus canceling your attack.

Fire dragon's heart[Required lv.36]
Summons a fire orb in front of you for a duration to shoot multiple bombs hitting the opponents.
Advantage=>A great skill used in PvP to stun your opponent disallowing him to advance towards you.

Disadvantage=>A completely useless skill in stages.

Rain of fire[Required lv.48]
Summon rain of fire in front of you to inflict repeated damage on everyone standing within the range.
Advantage=>A dazzling skill which can be used to deal with a group of monsters packed together in stages.

Disadvantage=>Not really advisable to use this in PvP as your opponent can take the chance to backstab you and thus, consequences could be disastrous.

Red fire dragon[Required lv.50]
Summon a fire dragon that flies away while circling around in front of you. Every one under the dragon's path receives heavy damage.
Advantage=>Does reasonable damage to target(s) in front of you.

Disadvantage=>Requires a duration to cast the skill, allowing time for your opponent to cancel your attack.

Death dragon breath[Required lv.60]
Summon the land dragon living under the ground. The summoned land dragon blows a breath of death to the opponent.
Advantage=>Have not reach the level yet. Greatly apologetic for this.

Disadvantage=>Have not reach the level yet. Greatly apologetic for this.


Fury of land[Required lv.3]
Causes an earthquake in front of you which deals continuous damage to all standing in front.
Advantage=>Another AoE skill(Other one is Ocean of fire) which does damages to opponent in front of you.

Disadvantage=>As compared to Ocean of fire, this skill has a longer cooldown time which is less advisable to add if you're planning to max only 1 AoE skill.

Hand of earth[Required lv.6]
Inflict a damage on the opponent in front of you which deals minor damage.
Advantage=>An essential skill which is used to continue your combos.

Disadvantage=>Do not expect this skill to deal damages to your opponent. =(

Summon rock[Required lv.8]
Summons a huge boulder in front of you which travels in a straight line hitting all in its way.
Advantage=>Does almost the same thing as icicle rain. Maxing both this and icicle rain could be a good choice.

Disadvantage=>This skill does not have any side effect unlike icicle rain which slows down your opponent's movement. Hence wouldn't recommend maxing this if you're planning to max only 1 of them.

Land giants fist[Required lv.19]
Summon 3 hands from the ground to hit the target in front.
Advantage=>Heard its able to lift your opponents up to do combos when against the wall. Haven't tried it personally though.

Disadvantage=>A rather useless skill for stages, would rather spent the skill points on other more practical skills.

Pillar of abyss[Required lv.22]

Summons a stone pillar from the ground to hit the opponent. Height of the pillar increases as the level increases.
Advantage=>Advisable to add 1 to this to continue combos and lifting your opponents.

Disadvantage=>Does a useless job if you're just gonna use this skill without combo-ing.

Summon meteors[Required lv.54]
Summon giant meteors from the sky to fall down on the ground. Everyone standing where the meteors fall receives heavy damage.
Advantage=>Probably Dainn's most damaging skill in Lunia. Dealing major damage to targets in front of you.

Disadvantage=>Has a "long cast time" allowing time for your opponent to cancel out your attack. Has a 2-min cooldown time which is definitely long.


Bless skills are a total waste of skill points. A waste of reagents and definitely skill points. Do not bother adding any.

Mana Increase skill[Required Lvl.8]
Cast a spell that increases your and other party member's maximum mp.

Fire Resistance[Required Lvl.25]
Cast a spell that increases your and other party members' fire restistance for a duration.

Cold Resistance[Required Lvl.27]
Cast a spell that increases your and other party members' Cold restistance for a duration.

Land Resistance[Required Lvl.29]

Cast a spell that increases your and other party members' Land restistance for a duration.


Mana recovery[Required lv.8]
Increases your mana regeneration speed.
Advantage=>Essential for PvP especially when you do not have the time to regain your mp.

Disadvantage=>You will tend to have a shortage of skill points to add your other skill if you max this. Consider giving up 1 skill before adding this.

Mana increase[Required lv.9]
Increases your maximum mana.
Advantage=>A great skill giving you more mp to "tank" your opponent.

Disadvantage=>If you find that your mp is enough, den do not add this, instead-Invest your skill points into other skills.

Deadly magic blow[Required lv.14]

Increases your chance to deliver a "critical hit"
Advantage=>Gives you the chance to do a critical hit-Dealing 1.5 times the normal damage.

Disadvantage=>Every 1 skill point into this is = 1% ONLY So I would recommend just adding 1 to this skill.

Concentration[Required lv.19]
Reduces mana consumption when using a skill by certain percentage.
Advantage=>Cant think of any.

Disadvantage=>Just another skill points waster, do not add this.

Health increase[Required lv.34]
Increases you maximum health point.
Advantage=>Hp which is your life can be considered as the most valuable asset you have. Wouldn't mind having more asset right? =)

Disadvantage=>A skill point waster if you decide to be a screwed up Dainn.


Just a couple I can think of now:

1-THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP-Never give up on your character, there are times i know, you are tempted by the damage and combos of siegs but do not give up your Dainn and go create a new sieg as that is a very dumb move. Just continue your Dainn and you will realized the beauty of it in future.

2-Try not to fort your items too high when you are below lv 40. Firstly, they are a waste of catalysts and fortification stones. Secondly, you are leveling pretty fast to each degree of weapon so do not fort your old ones as you would be changing into your new ones soon.*I know many of you "pro fortifiers" would beg to differ if you had a good fort weapon and sticking to it. Well, after all this is a guide for reference and there are times when we have different views right? Haha.

This guide is done by me, Precision based on my personal experiences. So dun flame if your point of view is different from mine. Haha, okay so have fun in Lunia !

Precision 11-04-2007 12:54 AM

Comment ! (:

It would be great if you could rate this guide too. (:

*Oh yeah I'm kinda always active here. So if you've got any questions, feel free to post it here and I'll try my best to give you a satisfied answer. (:

Gota 11-04-2007 12:56 AM

You forgot the increase mana bless skill =) and the fact that around 6 dex adds 0~1 dmg. Also, having more mana, will let you charge more mana, so it is a good idea to add mana increase.

Other than that, this looks good to me.

Precision 11-04-2007 01:01 AM

Oh I think I accidentally skipped that. Hehe sorry and thanks !

Precision 11-04-2007 01:10 AM

Updated (:

Precision 11-04-2007 01:10 AM

Someone can enlighten me on the int part? How many int adds how much mana? (:

Gota 11-04-2007 01:24 AM

1 int = 6 mana
1 vit = 6 mana
3 str = 1~1 dmg

Precision 11-04-2007 01:39 AM

I thought it was 7 str for 1~1 dmg. I'll go check it out and update soon.

Err you mean 1 vit for 6 hp right?

ichigo4prez 11-04-2007 06:02 AM


Originally Posted by Precision (Post 64086)
I thought it was 7 str for 1~1 dmg. I'll go check it out and update soon.

Err you mean 1 vit for 6 hp right?

I guess he means that.

Precision 11-04-2007 06:23 AM

yeah i suppose so too hehe. (:

Seraph 11-04-2007 08:05 AM

i thought it was

1 int=5-6 mp
1 vit=5-6 hp


SoupOfNoodles 11-04-2007 08:54 AM

Its 3STR = 1~1

ichigo4prez 11-04-2007 01:19 PM

Oh yeah, I commented on this one too. I'm better than I imagined! :D

Gota 11-04-2007 01:21 PM

oops ya, 1vit = 6hp sry it was like 4am in the morning XD

Precision 11-05-2007 05:10 AM

Haha yeah understandable. I've check out the stats and tried it out too. So I'll make the necessary changes. (:

lowonideas 11-06-2007 04:31 PM

ummm yea

Deity 11-06-2007 05:32 PM

Pillar of Abyss is a MUST HAVE because the higher level of the skill, the higher it 'lifts' the opponent.

Gota 11-06-2007 05:40 PM

Yeah, I've heard you can do icicle rain right after pillar of abyss if pillar is at lvl 7? with that you dont have to do dash a s before pillar, but i dont know if i would waste 6 more points just to do that... i'd rather do dash a s then pillar just to save 6 points. pillar at level 1 should be enough.

Precision 11-07-2007 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by firetruckmat (Post 66085)
Pillar of Abyss is a MUST HAVE because the higher level of the skill, the higher it 'lifts' the opponent.

Haha yeps, its true that the higher level it is, the higher your opponent fly. However, I wouldnt recommend adding more pts to it just to create a better height. Instead it would be better to do a Dash AS before using your abyss as it can save your skills pts and it also lifts the opponent to a nice height. (:

Precision 11-07-2007 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by Gota (Post 66104)
Yeah, I've heard you can do icicle rain right after pillar of abyss if pillar is at lvl 7? with that you dont have to do dash a s before pillar, but i dont know if i would waste 6 more points just to do that... i'd rather do dash a s then pillar just to save 6 points. pillar at level 1 should be enough.

Yes its true that after an abyss[Lv.7], you are able to do an icicle rain without having to "float" your opponent before that. However, as I previously replied, I wouldnt recommend adding more pts to it just to lift your opponent higher. Instead, as you have said, doing a Dash AS den abyss would be a better choice. (:

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