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theSinned 12-02-2008 04:31 PM

Sinned's Dacy Skill Guide
+Things I need to know:
*Increase Magical Damage dye levels
*Happy Dance lv7 and 8 Damages

This is for the Dacy rebalance patch of 2010, some pictures used may be outdated but still serve original purpose of demonstating the skill

*Damages are based off of 159str (4.81%), cooldowns on 239dex (7.21%) and is updated up till 6/2010 in kLunia Test server
*Also, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ALLM MEANS BY ATTACK+ OR HEIGHT+, the height is roughly the same and the major attack+ you get is from post65 levels

This guide is not to be reprinted, stolen, plagurized or any illegal business without permission or bribery.
No loopholes are to be exploited either.

*I got permission from Aethelea to steal some of the pictures. The ones on tinypic source are hers.

Special Note
-When I say PVP,stage,etc. i mean Pure build (not that it matters since most people pvp with spammy stage builds with rb on now in pvp)
-REMEMBER- You are not limited to my recommendations. The point of having this is to help Dacy players decide their build and getting skill info.


Originally Posted by Laughatyou21 (Post 609760)
I find it mostly a stage skill since monsters are too stupid to escape from it. :P

He was talking about sheet but this pretty much deals with all skills >_>

Credits (because this is easier to do then other sections I did it early)
-Aethelea - using her tinypic images to save me time
-Random People in Dacy training grounds section - Good advice+discussions there helped me make my build and change ways I use the skills and equipment
-IJJI - for being greedy but released Dacy
-Lunia - for wasting my precious time and money
-FuyouKaede (atleast their irc name, don't know mmog name ._.) - for removing the [WIP] in the title after i finished
-Gladiact and Whatthephuc for skill corrections
-Boobeemagic - fixed info on rebirth sheet

Sewing Skills
Lv3 Shining Needle
What is does- Throws a single needle that pierces
*Hits vary on distance to target+wall and target size
*Wind Type
*Range: 69
*6.49s (7s) Cooldown

Lv1: 10~11dmg, 13mp [Lv3]
Lv2: 22~25dmg, 28mp [Lv10]
Lv3: 34~38dmg, 43mp [Lv17]
Lv4: 65~72dmg, 60mp [Lv24]
Lv5: 85~95dmg, 77mp [Lv31] *Attack+
Lv6: 109~121dmg, 95mp [Lv38]
Lv7: 132~146dmg, 112mp [Lv45]
Lv8: 168~187dmg, 130mp [Lv52] *Attack++
Lv9: 195~216dmg, 147mp [Lv59]
Lv10: 318~354dmg, 201mp [Lv66]
Lv11: 382~424dmg, 225mp [Lv73] *Attack+++
Lv12: 424~471dmg, 250mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 466~517dmg, 274mp [Lv11 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

PVP- 0,1 (Mainly used in comboing, most people are smart enough to avoid it and it's not long/quick enough to snipe usually)
Stage- 0,1,Max (Since things are alot stupider in stage, its easier to land and the damage will add up nicely especially with knockback and large targets. it can push but it has small room to hit a large amount of monsters if they're not clumped together, plus slow startup)
Hybrid - 0,1,Max (Take as you see fit)

lv14 Double Double Needle Bomb
What it does- Traps movement
*Dash+Skill cancelable after first needle
*Wind Type
*Requires lv2 Shining Needle
*77 Range, 10% Induction
*Locks movement of most enemies AND some bosses
*4 shots that have homing to anything in its range
*Explodes but it does nothing except look pretty
*At lv9+, you can use really abuse the long trap
*23.19s (25s) Cooldown

Lv1: 14~15dmg, .8s duration, 28mp [Lv14]
Lv2: 19~22dmg, .8s duration, 37mp [Lv20]
Lv3: 26~29dmg, 1s duration, 49mp [Lv26]
Lv4: 33~36dmg, 1s duration, 60mp [Lv32]
Lv5: 49~54dmg, 1.4s duration, 71mp [Lv38] *Attack+
Lv6: 57~63dmg, 1.4s duration, 82mp [Lv44]
Lv7: 67~75dmg, 1.8s duration, 94mp [Lv50]
Lv8: 77~85dmg, 1.8s duration, 105mp [Lv56]
Lv9: 88~98dmg, 2.2s duration, 117mp [Lv62]
Lv10: 248~275dmg, 2.2s duration, 174mp [Lv68] *Attack++
Lv11: 273~303dmg, 2.6s duration, 191mp [Lv72]
Lv12: 321~357dmg, 2.6s duration, 209mp [Lv11 +1] *Attack+++
Lv13: 348~387dmg, 2.6duration, 226mp [Lv11 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

PvP - Any (Longer duration = more lock time but you only get the damage at lv10+.Lv1 can be used to ward off people or change their approach to you. Add as needed)
Stage - 0,1,10,Max (Does not hit aired mobs however it works well on grounded ones, 1 point just for a tiny amount of trap for defensive use or something)

lv22 Bundle Bundle Net
What it does- Freezes whatever it hits
*Freezes single target
*Skill cancellable
*120 Range
*12% Induction
*Wind Type
*Has a really weird curve, may not hit somebody at point blank (i've had it curve behind me when i was walking into a pile of scarecrows)
*Slow preperation and string moves kind of slow
*Can freeze target in air if timed properly
*Requires 2 Double Double Needle Bomb
*27.83s (30s) Cooldown

Lv1: 167~186dmg, .8s duration, 47mp [Lv22]
Lv2: 204~227dmg, .9s duration, 57mp [Lv27]
Lv3: 244~271dmg, 1.1s duration, 66mp [Lv32]
Lv4: 337~375dmg, 1.3s duration, 79mp [Lv37] *Attack+
Lv5: 385~428dmg, 1.6s duration, 90mp [Lv42]
Lv6: 430~477dmg, 1.8s duration, 100mp [Lv47]
Lv7: 478~531dmg, 2s duration, 111mp [Lv52] *Attack ++
Lv8: 566~628dmg, 2.3s duration, 121mp [Lv57]
Lv9: 623~692dmg, 2.5s duration, 134mp [Lv62]
Lv10: 792~880dmg, 2.8s duration, 170mp [Lv9 +1]
Lv11: 929~1032dmg, 3.1s duration, 185mp [Lv9 +2] *Attack+++

PvP - Any (This depends on the user's playstyle because theres alot you can do with this if you land the freeze, example:BBN->Candy)
Stage - 0,Max (Not much use in stage as it only targets 1 thing but the freeze works on some things pretty well)
Hybrid - Any (Depends on how you plan to use it, I'd go for 0 to save points though since it mainly targets only 1 creature which may not even get hit)

Lv31 Fuzzy Whirlwind
What it does - Brings enemies into air with multiple hits
*Hits at most 7 times
*Requires 2 Bundle Bundle Net
*Hits will depend on distance
*Wind Type
*20 Range
*If hit using it, skill remains active even if you're doing something else
*41.74s (45s) Cooldown

Lv1: 43~61dmg, 77mp [Lv31]
Lv2: 49~70dmg, 87mp [Lv35]
Lv3: 55~78dmg, 97mp [Lv39]
Lv4: 61~88dmg, 107mp [Lv43]
Lv5: 81~116dmg, 117mp [Lv47] *Attack+ Height+
Lv6: 88~126dmg, 127mp [Lv51]
Lv7: 96~138dmg, 137mp [Lv55]
Lv8: 104~149dmg, 147mp [Lv59] *Attack++ Height+
Lv9: 114~163dmg, 158mp [Lv63]
Lv10: 123~177dmg, 213mp [Lv67]
Lv11: 146~208dmg, 227mp [Lv71]
Lv12: 156~228dmg, 242mp [Lv75]
Lv13: 166~237dmg, 256mp [Lv12 +1] = 167str (5.06%)
Lv14: 176~252dmg, 271mp [Lv12 +2] *Attack+++ Height+ = 167str (5.06%)

Stage - 1 or Max (hits anything near you, works as a protection from short ranged melee monsters, also brings things to air and lets you kill them faster if airable)
PVP - 1 RECOMMENDED, Max if you really want it (this is a really split decision on playing style, the air decay will kill some of its usefulness at Maxed level with the 45s cooldown)
Hybrid- 1 (better to save points but still have a good skill to have)

lv37 Surprise Bomb
What it does- Takes HP and take out a bomb that hits things near you
*Slow Prep
*Invincibility Frames until you explode
*Fire Type
*35 Range
*Can hit A after usage for rising attack
*Can be attacked right after explosion (be careful)
*Takes away HP and MP from using
*27.83s (30s) Cooldown

Lv1: 360~515dmg, 110hp+mp [Lv37]
Lv2: 403~576dmg, 122hp+mp [Lv41]
Lv3: 447~639dmg, 134hp+mp [Lv45]
Lv4: 491~708dmg, 146hp+mp [Lv49]
Lv5: 644~920dmg, 158hp+mp [Lv53] *Attack+
Lv6: 699~998dmg, 170hp+mp [Lv57]
Lv7: 758~1083dmg, 183hp+mp [Lv61]
Lv8: 823~1177dmg, 197hp+mp [Lv65]
Lv9: 1102~1575dmg, 264hp+mp [Lv69]
Lv10: 1274~1820dmg, 281hp+mp [Lv73] *Attack++
Lv11: 1353~1933dmg, 299hp+mp [Lv10 +1]
Lv12: 1546~2209dmg, 316hp+mp [Lv10 +2] *Attack+++ = 167str (5.06%)

All builds- 1,Max (1 for invincibility frames yet being able to hit things near you, Max if you're able to use the skill in PvP as their are combos for it. Staging you would only max to take that huge damage.)

lv4 Hot-To-Trot Repeat Blow
What it does- Rapid punches with repetitive hitting of A
*Fire Type
*Invincibility until first punch (During run)
*Runs back if any A connected punches miss
*Hit A at the right time or spam it for more punches when near enemy
*Dash Cancellable
*25 Range
*23.19s (25s) Cooldown

--Correct me if i'm wrong here
Using skill - 1hit
Continue with A - exert heat from sides(?) WHICH stun (2hits)
Continue with A - punches from sides (3hits)
Continue with A - rapid punches that knockdown (4hit)
Total - 10 Hits

Lv1: 5~8dmg, 15mp [Lv4]
Lv2: 76~109dmg, 202mp [Lv54]
Lv3: 79~113dmg, 210mp [Lv56]
Lv4: 82~117dmg, 217mp [Lv58] *Attack+
Lv5: 103~147dmg, 225mp [Lv60]
Lv6: 107~154dmg, 234mp [Lv62]
Lv7: 112~160dmg, 243mp [Lv64]
Lv8: 143~219dmg, 255mp [Lv67]
Lv9: 159~228dmg, 273mp [Lv71]
Lv10: 184~263dmg, 290mp [Lv75] *Attack++
Lv11: 196~280dmg, 308mp [Lv10 +1] = 167str (5.06%)
Lv12: 222~318dmg, 325mp [Lv10 +2] *Attack+++ = 167str (5.06%)

All builds- 1,2,Max (1 is all you need for invincibility frames but 2 Points for decent damage WITH inv frame, Max has decent damage but only on grounded foes)

Battle Skills
Lv4 Slippery Sheet
What it does- Summons a sheet to lift the enemy to high air
*2nd Fastest CD, hits once
*30 Range
*Slower than needle but gives target air
*Hits all enemies positions (air, ground, standing). Ground and standing will get aired high.
*Mostly used to give air but the damage from using it at a high level can really be painful
*9.28s (10s) Cooldown

Lv1: 58~64dmg, 12mp [Lv4]
Lv2: 110~122dmg, 23mp [Lv11]
Lv3: 166~184dmg, 34mp [Lv18]
Lv4: 227~252dmg, 46mp [Lv25]
Lv5: 351~390dmg, 60mp [Lv32] *Attack+
Lv6: 426~473dmg, 73mp [Lv39]
Lv7: 506~562dmg, 86mp [Lv46]
Lv8: 581~645dmg, 99mp [Lv53]
Lv9: 663~736dmg, 113mp [Lv60]
Lv10: 884~993dmg, 146mp [Lv67] *Attack++
Lv11: 995~1105dmg, 164mp [Lv74]
Lv12: 1098~1220dmg, 181mp [Lv10 +1] *Attack+++
Lv13: 1209~1343dmg, 139mp [Lv10 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

PVP - 1,Max (Give targets air, very useful in comboing)
Stage - 0,1,Max (Small range isn't suitable for stages however the damage is win at max for the CD cost)
Hybrid - 0,1,Max ( Same as the above reasons, you MIGHT want to max it if you can handle the small range)

Lv6 Pink Roll Punch
What it does- Charges foward and attacks anything in the way
*1st Strike airs
*13.91s (15s) Cooldown
*20 Range
*Dash+Skill cancellable
*Hits 6 times at MOST

Lv1: 6~9dmg, 17mp [Lv6]
Lv2: 11~15dmg, 29mp [Lv13]
Lv3: 16~24dmg, 43mp [Lv20]
Lv4: 22~32dmg, 57mp [Lv27]
Lv5: 35~50dmg, 73mp [Lv34] *Attack+ Endurance
Lv6: 43~61dmg, 87mp [Lv41]
Lv7: 52~74dmg, 103mp [Lv48]
Lv8: 60~86dmg, 117mp [Lv55]
Lv9: 70~100dmg, 134mp [Lv62]
Lv10: 168~240dmg, 176mp [Lv69] *Attack ++ Endurance
Lv11: 187~268dmg, 197mp [Lv10 +1]
Lv12: 222~317dmg, 217mp [Lv10 +2]

PvP - 0,1,5 (save it for skill canceling or Endurance Framing)
Staging - 0,1,5,Maxed (low range but decent dmg at max, edurance frames always help)
Hybrid - 0,1,5 (just get a point for skill cancel,5 for Endurance or don't get it at all)

Lv7 Thunder Candy
What it does- Rolls a giant ball of doom
*Drags enemies with the ball if mob is pushable
*New Dacy's start off with 1 point in this
*Invincibility frames while using it
*Targets cannot escape if they flinch when hit by it
*Will hit a single target 4 times at MOST
*Skill Cancleable right before ball is released
*Hits anything that is close to behind Dacy and rolls it too
*105 range
*Requires 1 Slippery Sheet at Lv1, Requires 2 Slippery Sheet for Lv2+
*21.33s (25s) Cooldown

Lv1: 55~64dmg, 18mp [Lv7]
Lv2: 95~112dmg, 31mp [Lv14]
Lv3: 138~162dmg, 43mp [Lv21]
Lv4: 190~224dmg, 58mp [Lv28]
Lv5: 242~285dmg, 72mp [Lv35]
Lv6: 299~352dmg, 87mp [Lv42]
Lv7: 355~412dmg, 101mp [Lv49]
Lv8: 416~490dmg, 116mp [Lv56]
Lv9: 482~568dmg, 132mp [Lv63]
Lv10: 575~677dmg, 179mp [Lv70]
Lv11: 638~638dmg, 199mp [Lv10 +1]
Lv12: 706~831dmg, 220mp [Lv10 +2]

All builds- Max (reason being that it is Dacys most powerful skill that can remove a whole army of monsters in 2seconds. Although it is a bit of a challenge to aim it in PvP, its still possible and does alot of damage if hit.)

lv12 Boink Glove
What it does - Hits enemies at 1-3 times depending on size (brings to air) and then hard knockdowns it (another 1-3)
*Hits at most 6 times on a target
*2nd Hit is Hard knockdown
*If you get hit when using it, animation appears but nothing happens
*1st Hit brings target to air if possible
*Somebody please tell me if there's actually a difference in height if they notice something, because I don't
*40 Range
*Requires Lv1 Pink Roll Punch for Lv1 and Lv2 Pink Roll Punch for Lv2+
*13.91s (15s) Cooldown

Lv1: 64~75dmg, 24mp [Lv12]
Lv2: 89~104dmg, 34mp [Lv18]
Lv3: 118~139dmg, 45mp [Lv24]
Lv4: 147~173dmg, 56mp [Lv30] *Height+
Lv5: 178~209dmg, 67mp [Lv36]
Lv6: 207~244dmg, 79mp [Lv42]
Lv7: 237~279dmg, 90mp [Lv48]
Lv8: 267~314dmg, 101mp [Lv56] *Height++
Lv9: 298~351dmg, 113mp [Lv60]
Lv10: 448~527dmg, 144mp [Lv66]
Lv11: 495~582dmg, 159mp [Lv72] *Height+++
Lv12: 541~637dmg, 174mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 590~694dmg, 189mp [Lv11 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

All builds- Max (really easy massive damage)

Lv24 Dong Dong Gurum Kung
What it does - Stuns anything nearby
*Stun increase per level (or so some say)
*Anything within the blue circle is hit
*Skill Cancleable
*Requires 2 Thunder Candy
*27.83s (30s) Cooldown

Lv1: 115~164dmg, 60mp [Lv24]
Lv2: 141~202dmg, 72mp [Lv29]
Lv3: 170~240dmg, 85mp [Lv34]
Lv4: 198~274dmg, 97mp [Lv39]
Lv5: 276~395dmg, 110mp [Lv44] *Attack+
Lv6: 313~447dmg, 122mp [Lv49]
Lv7: 354~506dmg, 135mp [Lv54]
Lv8: 393~561dmg, 147mp [Lv59]
Lv9: 443~633dmg, 162mp [Lv64]
Lv10: 670~958dmg, 220mp [Lv69] *Attack++
Lv11: 728~1040dmg, 239mp [Lv74]
Lv12: 782~1117dmg, 256mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 842~1202dmg, 275mp [Lv12 +2] *Attack+++ = 167str (5.06%)

All builds- 0,1,Max (Reason being- Stuns all targets near you, 1 for safety reasons, Max for actually wanting to damage and stun enemies for a period of time)

Lv26 Reckless Repeat Punch
What it does - Throws out 3 Francoises to punch for you
*Invincibility Frames
*Skill Cancellable
*Still active if cancelled
*Instant use
*Hits at most 3 times
*3rd Hit sends to air
*Requires 2 Boink Glove
*32.47s (35s) Cooldown

Lv1: 56~80dmg, 65mp [Lv26]
Lv2: 67~96dmg, 77mp [Lv31]
Lv3: 79~114dmg, 90mp [Lv36]
Lv4: 91~131dmg, 102mp [Lv41]
Lv5: 126~180dmg, 115mp [Lv46] *Attack+ DashCancel
Lv6: 141~202dmg, 127mp [Lv51]
Lv7: 157~225dmg, 140mp [Lv56]
Lv8: 174~249dmg, 153mp [Lv61]
Lv9: 236~337dmg, 201mp [Lv66]
Lv10: 306~438dmg, 218mp [Lv71] *Attack++ DashCancel
Lv11: 339~570dmg, 236mp [Lv10 +1]
Lv12: 560~800dmg, 253mp [Lv10 +2] *Attack+++ Dash Cancel = 167str (5.06%)

All builds- 1 (Use this for invinicibility only,better damage dealers in stage and in PvP not many people get caught in it but if they do you can continue after it with various things.)

theSinned 12-02-2008 04:32 PM

Lv43 Catch Catch Kick
What it does - Sends out a flying catchvee to kick stuff
*Hits at most 6 times (thanks gladiat)
*Drags and airs target
*131 range
*Hits slightly behind you
*27.83 (30s) Cooldown

Lv1: 52~74dmg, 91mp [Lv43]
Lv2: 55~79dmg, 98mp [Lv46]
Lv3: 60~85dmg, 104mp [Lv49]
Lv4: 64~92dmg, 111mp [Lv52]
Lv5: 82~117dmg, 117mp [Lv55] *Attack+
Lv6: 87~124dmg, 124mp [Lv58]
Lv7: 93~133dmg, 131mp [Lv61]
Lv8: 99~141dmg, 139mp [Lv64]
Lv9: 199~285dmg, 170mp [Lv67]
Lv10: 216~309dmg, 182mp [Lv71] *Attack++
Lv11: 231~330dmg, 193mp [Lv75]
Lv12: 246~351dmg, 205mp [Lv11 +1] = 167str (5.06%)
Lv13: 281~402dmg, 217mp [Lv11 +2] *Attack+++ = 167str (5.06%)

All builds - 0,1 (1 Point for combo and range purposes otherwise 0, it can push although range is small )

Lv8 Bumpy Dash
What it does - Sends out Veni,Catchvee and Pandano in a straight line AoE
*Hits vary on target
*Crying animation can be cancelled by dash or skill
*150 range
*27.83 (30s) Cooldown
*Pretty much the same as CatchCatch Kick except more range and area targetted

Lv1: 42~47dmg, 20mp [Lv8]
Lv2: 194~215dmg, 156mp [Lv52]
Lv3: 202~225dmg, 162mp [Lv54]
Lv4: 211~234dmg, 168mp [Lv56]
Lv5: 219~244dmg, 174mp [Lv58]
Lv6: 229~254dmg, 180mp [Lv60]
Lv7: 239~266dmg, 187mp [Lv62]
Lv8: 249~277dmg, 194mp [Lv64]
Lv9: 316~351dmg, 252mp [Lv66]
Lv10: 338~376dmg, 269mp [Lv70]
Lv11: 360~400dmg, 287mp [Lv74]
Lv12: 382~424dmg, 304mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 405~450dmg, 322mp [Lv11 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

All builds - 1,2,Max (1 for push, range attack or combo use, 2 or Max for damage)

***Buffs are unstackable

lv8 Fortify Seal
What it does - Increases defence for a set time
*Lv1-4 uses Winter Flower
*Lv5- Uses 1 Winter Flower and 1 Red Spider Rope
*37.1s (40s) Cd

Lv1 - 37s duration, +28def, 24mp [Lv8]
Lv2 - 57s duration, +46def, 38mp [Lv15]
Lv3 - 81s duration, +67def, 55mp [Lv22]
Lv4 - 106s duration, +89def, 72mp [Lv29]
Lv5 - 141s duration, +114def, 90mp [Lv36]
Lv6 - 169s duration, +145def, 107mp [Lv43]
Lv7 - 200s duration, +172def, 125mp [Lv50]
Lv8 - 230s duration, +199def, 142mp [Lv57]
Lv9 - 267s duration, +231ef, 162mp [Lv64]
Lv10 - 303s duration, +263def, 182mp [Lv9 +1]
Lv11 - 303s duration, +299def, 203mp [Lv9 +2]

All builds- 0 (Defense MAY be useful in the future but not yet)

lv19 Fake Tear
What it does- Self Light Shield (Invincibility until you attack or it wears off)
*Uses 1 Winter Flower at all levels
*Range: 60 (I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT RANGE DOES FOR THIS SKILL, no it doesn't affect other friendly users)
*Used as an escape skill usually
*At lv1, the duration and cast time are almost equal so you have very little time to escape but its effective
*27.83s (30s) CD

Lv1 - 2s duration, 47mp [Lv19]
Lv2 - 2.5s duration, 62mp [Lv25]
Lv3 - 3s duration, 77mp [Lv31]
Lv4 - 3.5s duration, 92mp [Lv37]
Lv5 - 4s duration, 107mp [Lv43]
Lv6 - 4.5s duration, 122mp [Lv49]
Lv7 - 5s duration, 137mp [Lv55]
Lv8 - 5.5s duration, 153mp [Lv61]
Lv9 - 6s duration, 170mp [Lv8 +1]
Lv10 - 6.5s duration, 188mp [Lv8 +2]

PvP - 1 or Higher (Useful in sticky situations and it's instant cast)
Stage - Any (Depends how much you really need it but you already have alot of other invincibility frames and possibly pots so you might not need it)
Hybrid - Any (All on you)

lv24 Counterattack of the Sleeping Person
What it does- Increases all physical attacks by 50%
*Requires 1 point in Deadly Blow
*3second cast time, if attacked before 2.5s (before hands glow), you don't get buffed
*Skills affected - All of 3rd Tab, seems to unnoticeably/barely increase 2nd tab skills
*Uses 2 Winter Flowers at all levels
*27.83s (30s) Cd

Lv1: 20s duration, 60mp [Lv24]
Lv2: 24s duration, 72mp [Lv29]
Lv3: 28s duration, 85mp [Lv34]
Lv4: 32s duration, 97mp [Lv39]
Lv5: 36s duration, 110mp [Lv44]
Lv6: 40s duration, 122mp [Lv49]
Lv7: 44s duration, 135mp [Lv54]
Lv8: 48s duration, 147mp [Lv59]
Lv9: 52s duration, 162mp [Lv64]
Lv10: 56s duration, 176mp [Lv9 +1]
Lv11: 60s duration, 191mp [Lv9 +2]

All builds-0,RECOMMENDED ATLEAST 1, Any (1 Point is all you usually need to land all your skills in atleast for one round and you have good skills on 3rd tab, takes a long time to load so 0 if you don't want to wait for it. Any if you want more skill abuse or even have perm abuse if you keep recasting assuming you have regents for it )

lv35 Vitality Powder
What it does- Increases Max dmg for a set time
*Uses 3 Winter Flowers on ALL levels
*37.1 (40s) CD

Lv1: 33 Increase, 87s duration, 87mp [Lv35]
Lv2: 37 Increase, 97s duration, 97mp [Lv39]
Lv3: 41 Increase, 107s duration, 107mp [Lv43]
Lv4: 46 Increase, 117s duration, 117mp [Lv47]
Lv5: 53 Increase, 127s duration, 127mp [Lv51]
Lv6: 57 Increase, 137s duration, 137mp [Lv55]
Lv7: 65 Increase, 147s duration, 147mp [Lv59]
Lv8: 71 Increase, 158s duration, 158mp [Lv63]
Lv9: 77 Increase, 170s duration, 170mp [Lv8 +1]
Lv10: 83s duration, 182mp [Lv9 +2]

Stage - 0 (No real reason for pitiful melee increase in stage is there?)
PVP/Hybrid- Any (Main reason for any is that combos use melee strings and you may want a tiny more damage, only problem is that the constant regents cost and low increase in exchange might be an issue)

*This is the only section without pictures, saves me alot of time :D
*Not much to say really, self explanitory >_>

Lv7 Mana Recovery
*Level of skill = Amount of Recovery
*This skill really depends on your and access to guild potions for stages and how much mp you will use and have in PvP as well as playstyle

Lv1: 1mp [Lv7]
Lv2: 2mp [Lv14]
Lv3: 3mp [Lv21]
Lv4: 4mp [Lv28]
Lv5: 5mp [Lv35]
Lv6: 6mp [Lv42]
Lv7: 7mp [Lv49]
Lv8: 8mp [Lv56]
Lv9: 9mp [Lv63]
Lv10: 10mp [lv9 +1]
Lv11: 11mp [lv9 +2]

Staging- 0, Any (Recommended 0 if you have access to guild potions, Any to fit your needs depending on your equipment and normal potion usage)
PVP (all forms)- Any ,Recommended Max (Where else do you get mana in PvP aside from respawn?)
Hybrid- Any (Use as needed)

Lv20 Deadly Blow
*Need 1 point for Counterattack of the Sleeping Person

Lv1: 3% Increase [Lv20]
Lv2: 4% Increase [Lv26]
Lv3: 5% Increase [Lv32]
Lv4: 6% Increase [Lv38]
Lv5: 7% Increase [Lv44]
Lv6: 8% Increase [Lv50]
Lv7: 9% Increase [Lv56]
Lv8: 10% Increase [Lv62]
Lv9: 11% Increase [Lv8 +1]
Lv10: 12% Increase [Lv8 +2]

All builds- Any (0 To save points, 1 point for Dacy Rage Explosion or the 3% more for 1 point and Max to abuse for crit, apply as needed, which probably won't be till late game when you have alot of extra sp)

Lv28 Mana Increase
*Useless IMO however you can add points to this for PvP otherwise pretty much useless.

Lv1: +100MP [Lv28]
Lv2: +180MP [Lv33]
Lv3: +260MP [Lv38]
Lv4: +340MP [Lv43]
Lv5: +420MP [Lv48]
Lv6: +500MP [Lv53]
Lv7: +580MP [Lv58]
Lv8: +660MP [Lv63]
Lv9: +7400MP [Lv8 +1]
Lv10: +820MP [Lv8 +2]

All builds- 0 (better places to put points on unless you really need the max MP)

Lv30 Increased Physical Damage

Lv1: 3% Increase [Lv30]
Lv2: 6% Increase [Lv35]
Lv3: 9% Increase [Lv40]
Lv4: 12% Increase [Lv45]
Lv5: 15% Increase [Lv50]
Lv6: 18% Increase [Lv55]
Lv7: 21% Increase [Lv60]
Lv8: 24% Increase [Lv65]
Lv9: 27% Increase [Lv8 +1]
Lv10: 30% Increase [Lv8 +2]

All builds- 0,Any (Like the buff except you don't need regents. PvP builds MIGHT want it however points are valuable)

Lv33 Increase Health
*Level of this depends on your play style and equipment

Lv1: +100HP [Lv33]
Lv2: +150HP [Lv37]
Lv3: +200HP [Lv41]
Lv4: +250HP [Lv45]
Lv5: +300HP [Lv49]
Lv6: +350HP [Lv53]
Lv7: +400HP [Lv57]
Lv8: +450HP [Lv61]
Lv9: +500HP [Lv65]
Lv10: +550HP [Lv9 +1]
Lv11: +600HP [Lv9 +2]

All builds- Any (Stagers don't need it, PvPers use your own judgement)

Lv30 Increase Magical Damage
*Increases Fire and Wind type attacks (Basically 2nd Tab/Sewing)

Lv1: 5% Increase [Lv30]
Lv2: 10% Increase [Lv35]
Lv3: 15% Increase [Lv40]
Lv4: 20% Increase [Lv45]
Lv5: 25% Increase [Lv50]
Lv6: 30% Increase [Lv55]
*Does not have a Dye to my knowledge

All Builds - 0,Max (Depends on your build, if you are heavy on Sewing skills then Max it otherwise there aren't really much noteworthy skills in that tab)

*Puppets can get bugged so they don't go away but don't do anything if they constantly get hit when you die. It will be annoying on your puppet tabs since its going to be on it.
*Puppets die in 3-4hits if they are aired. You can summon it to your side if is being hit so save it although it may glitch to seim-invincibility with bounces.
*Z = Changes selected puppet
*All puppets rising attack are the same- airs anything in its strike range
*All puppets gain a level about every 10 levels, they gain more attack and HP
*All puppets summoned attack in the same direction in you
*Any puppets with effects will use the effect BEFORE suiciding. That means that if Veni explodes, he sends things to massive air THEN explodes. If Veni is hit inbetween exploding something and right before poofing, it will not die but target will still be in air.
*All puppets have a 110.8s (120s) cooldown
*All puppets have weird invincibility frames/dodging powers [squishyness?]
*As of Dacy's rebalance patch, puppet hp and attack are dependent on your own although they don't count to your dps meter
*Precaution - Damage increases may or may not be right, it's not easy to check them since I don't take apart the files. I also have no intention to check their HPs.
*For ease and reference purposes, I will refer to the final A in AAA as fA

theSinned 12-06-2008 02:22 PM

Puppet Commands
*Commands have a 4second cooldown
--Attack[Insert] - Tells your puppet to kill everything nearby.
--Home [Home] I call it home because it literally brings your puppet to you and follow you. Stops it from agroing things.
--Defend [Page up] - Teleports puppet near you (like Home) except it stays in that one spot until something goes into its agro range and then attacks it until it dies. Then it walks back to position that you put it on.
--Heal [Delete] - Basically, you do a little clap and thumbs up and the puppet heals. You can only do one at a time so if you want to heal 2 of them, you have to complete one action then the other or it will only affect one puppet but it still counts for the cooldown command.
--End [End] - Kill puppet, some puppets have special abilities when you kill it

Theres a little box on your puppet summon window when you summon that shows the formation. Clicking on it or pushing Page Down will change it.
-For all simplicity purposes, I'll name it the same as Aeth did.
-I ordered it from how it goes when you change it
Defensive - Your formation is set default on this until you change it. Basically, puppets go behind you when summoned or when you hit Home/Defend.
Verticle Line - One puppet behind, another infront, i never use it really.
Horizontal Line - One puppet each side, i never use it either.
Offensive - Most useful IMO because you can stick puppets in walls without much problem.

lv2 Domadol
Placement when Summoned- Behind you
Action when summoned- Charge foward (does a little hop) that knocks things down. Then does a spin which is a small air combo.
Action when canceled- No Effect. Takes hat off and bows then explodes.

Your basic melee puppet. All it really does is hop into things and then spins around to hit it for an air combo.
It can also smack things with its head to knock it back.

*Domadol's attack is basically around the same as your fA
*Each level slightly increases this (I'm guessing it's around 20% Increase in attack from lv1 to lv7)

Reference Damages:
fA:80 [167str] Lv1:50~80 , Lv4:70~90, Lv7: 70~120 ,Lv9: 80~130
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1: 2200~2400, Lv4:2600~2800 ,Lv7:3000~3300 ,Lv9: 3300~3600

Lv1: 18mp [Lv2]
Lv2: 60mp [Lv11]
Lv3: 103mp [Lv21]
Lv4: 153mp [Lv31]
Lv5: 203mp [Lv41]
Lv6: 253mp [Lv51]
Lv7: 305mp [Lv61]
Lv8: 363mp [Lv7 +1]
Lv9: 422mp [Lv7 +2]

PVP - 0,1, Max (Useful in wall combos, otherwise easy to avoid)
Staging - 0,Max (Can target a group of enemies and deal decent damage, still small range)

Lv10 Wari
Placement when Summoned- Behind you
Action when Summoned- Throws two of its beams then teleports behind you or continues attacking
Action when cancled - No effect. Will bow down and shake its tail a bit then something green comes out and it goes away.

Attacking -
Your basic ranging puppet. Very powerful and annoying.
Throws two beams at a time, at a short range, the beams will cause the target to be aired do 1/4th of damage of the other attack.
At a distance, the beam will split into two (totalling 4 per set) doing massive damage in a short amount of time. These beams will flinch targets.
All beams are homing too but cannot hit aired targets

*Wari has really suckage attacks at low levels.
*If I had to make an educated guess, from lv1 to lv6 it increases alot (it does around 100dmg with 5293str at lv1 but 1500 at lv6 for example, at 167str it went from 13~14dmg at lv1 to 180dmg at lv6)

Reference Damages:
fA:80 [167str] Lv1:12, Lv4:100~110, Lv6: 170~190,Lv8: 400~450
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1: 100~110, Lv4:870~950,Lv6: 1500~1600 ,Lv8: 3700~4000

Lv1: 60mp [Lv10]
Lv2: 103mp [Lv20]
Lv3: 153mp [Lv30]
Lv4: 203mp [Lv40]
Lv5: 253mp [Lv50]
Lv6: 305mp [Lv60]
Lv7: 363mp [Lv6 +1]
Lv8: 422mp [Lv6 +2]

PvP - 0,1,Max (Good for keeping your enemies on their toes and running, damage is good)
Stage - 0,1,Max (Good for keeping enemies busy or glitching them)

Lv20 Francoise
Placement when summoned- Behind you
Action when summoned- Uses its fog attack
Action when cancled- Freezes Movement of Target. Bows and then looks like it spits something then targets get movement trapped and then dies.

Attacking - (all damages are at lv4/5 on scarecrows)
This pet focuses on AoE (although it may not always use it).
The Fog hits 3 small areas, no flinch, hits 4 times at max. 4hit
If its slightly far from the target, it will do a headbutt thing that knocks stuff into air.
If its close by, it will do 2 punches which air the enemy. 2hit

Purpose -
Mostly for staging because of its AoE. The fog doesn't flinch so people escape it easily in pvp, then the other attacks have shorter range than domadol.

*Fog shitty damage at low level, decent at high (around 800x4 at lv5 with 5293str, 167str 90x4 at lv5)
*Melee attacks: decent damage (like 40 or 50% of your fA at lv1 but a bit more than your fA at lv5)

fA:80 [167str] Lv1:21~22 Fog, 40~60 Melee, Lv3:50 Fog,50~70 Melee, Lv5: 90Fog, 60~90 Melee,Lv7: 330 Fog, 80~120 Melee
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1: 190 Fog, 1600~1700 Melee, Lv3: 450 Fog, 2100~2200 Melee,Lv5: 800Fog, 2500~2700 Melee ,Lv7: 3000 Fog ,3000~3100Melee

Lv1: 103mp [Lv20]
Lv2: 153mp [Lv30]
Lv3: 203mp [Lv40]
Lv4: 253mp [Lv50]
Lv5: 305mp [Lv60]
Lv6: 363mp [Lv5 +1]
Lv7: 422mp [Lv5 +2]

Staging- 0, 1, Max (AoE usage)
PVP - 0,1,Max (Freeze effect has uses, Max isn't recommended but the fog hits a decent area so may prove useful)

Lv30 Veni
Placement when summoned- Infront of you
Action when Summoned- Uses its mini-provoke englargement thing
Action when Cancled- Sends target into VERY high air (higher than fairy flame), very hard to time to attack it again if possible.

Attacking- (all attacks are based off of Maxed veni at scarecrow)
Veni is the meat tanker.
It has a mini-provoke which is when it turns really big.
The normal attack is a bit slow but does hard knockdown.
Rarely, something will actually get hit by Veni's roll attack (so i couldn't get good info on it) but iirc it airs the target, veni falls if he makes contact during roll and will use a rising attack
If hit with a knockdown attack, it will glow a bit (looks like white ring) and cause damage to the attacker (this was tested on a wolf for ~100dmg)
The Suicidal attack sends things to air

Mostly to meat tank for you.This puppet really depends on how much you like him. For PvP, its useful for protecting yourself from being comboed because of its fall shield (calling it that >_>)
In staging, it has that provoke effect but since it can't be knockdowned normally, some parts it will die faster than a normal puppet, other parts it will live longer.

fA:80 [167str] Lv1:100~140, Lv4:180~210, Lv6: 220~260
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1:4100~4400 , Lv4:5800~6000, Lv6: 6900~7300

Lv1: 153mp [Lv30]
Lv2: 203mp [Lv40]
Lv3: 253mp [Lv50]
Lv4: 305mp [Lv60]
Lv5: 363mp [Lv4 +1]
Lv6: 422mp [Lv4 +2]

Staging- 0,Max
PVP- 0,1,Max (Really annoys people in PvP)
1 point only to explode it people mostly for defensive use)

Lv40 Catchvee
Placement when summoned- Far behind
Action when Summoned- Charges towards enemy and knocks into air, multi hit if at wall
Action when Cancled- Creates a sleep/stun effect to nearby enemies then bows and suicides.

Catchvee is kind of a melee hit and runner.
Catchvee can create a small area where anything inside is put to sleep for a bit.
Its other attack would be to ram into things, usually after backing up.
When you kill it off, it will use a small damaging sleep effect on near enemies

Mostly for PvP(sleep and ramming into people when they're not looking), works decently in stages but can mess up your candy fairly easily.

fA:80 [167str] Lv1:80~100, Lv3:100~110, Lv5: 100~140
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1:2700~2800 , Lv3:3600~3700 , Lv5: 4400~4500

Lv1: 203mp [Lv40]
Lv2: 253mp [Lv50]
Lv3: 305mp [Lv60]
Lv4: 363mp [Lv3 +1]
Lv5: 422mp [Lv3 +2]

Staging- 0,Max (depends really on your play style for this one, sleep is useful)
PVP- 1,Max (preferred max because it'll last longer in battle and the damage from those random tackles add up nicely. Combos work good with catchvee too)

Lv50 Pandano
Placement when summoned- Infront of you
Action When SUmmoned- Summons bamboo
Action when Cancled - Spins and around and causes nearby enemies to be frozen.

*Does about 3 times more damage than your fA at lv1 and maybe 3.5x at lv2

Pandano is your trapping puppet. It spins around when its about to summon bamboo.
The bamboo it summons has a provoke effect (kind of like ice wall). Used often in glitching and trapping movements in PvP.
Its only real damaging skill is when it starts to roll and then stands up causing a small AoE around it.
When you command it to die, it freezes the things near it (about 2 seconds)

As I said, this puppet is mostly for movement trapping in PvP and glitching in stages.
Some of the more popular things used for glitching is Bapho and Efreet as they agro the bamboo but as long as its in a distance, they won't attack.

fA:80 [167str] Lv1:170~290, Lv2:220~300, Lv4: 300~410
fA:2400[5293str] Lv1:7600~7900 , Lv2:8800~9400, Lv4: 11300~11800

Lv1: 253mp [Lv50]
Lv2: 305mp [Lv60]
Lv3: 363mp [Lv3 +1]
Lv4: 422mp [Lv4 +2]

PvP - 1,Max (Freeze effect = pro)
Stage - 0,1 (Glitching)
+The only way to walk through bamboo isPvP (bamboo is walkable for you and teammates) or if you stand where its summoned, get walled or get barriered on.
+That means you can trap yourself and your teammates everywhere else
+DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF BACON spam bamboo in a public PF, it's annoying as hell

Lv60 Happy Dance
What it does- Summons all puppets in a circle to stun anything inside it
*Nearly the whole thing is an invincibility attack
*The only nonpuppet skill on the puppet section
*Does 1 initial hit then 9 hits.
*45 Range
*The initial hit is when dacy stuns everything to give time for her puppet set up. Then the 9 rest are when she dances.
*Anything that touches the puppet gets aired(damage is the same as what level states)
*Anything inside of it that isn't your teammate is stunned
*Even though it saids 14.2s duration, its more like 13.8s invincibility because theres a period of time you're vulnerable after using it
*138.5s (150s) CD

===All Data gotten on 162str (4.9%)

Lv1: 141~157dmg, 225mp [Lv60]
Lv2: 147~163dmg, 234mp [Lv62]
Lv3: 153~170dmg, 243mp [Lv64]
Lv4: 238~264dmg, 335mp [Lv66]
Lv5: 252~282dmg, 359mp [Lv70]
Lv6: 271~301dmg, 382mp [Lv74]
Lv7: xxx~xxxdmg, xxxmp [Lv6 +1]
Lv8: xxx~xxxdmg, xxxmp [Lv6 +2]

==If anybody has Lv7 or 8 Info please donate info with amount of str you have, couldn't find dye on kTest

All builds - 1 (Sure the damage is decent at higher levels but you have better options and this takes a long time)

CONTINUED A FEW POSTS DOWN, POST LIMIT. ADDED REBIRTH (which was unexpected) for those lazy

DollRmYlIfe 12-06-2008 05:07 PM

=.=ll theres a mistake on the carpet thing.....Its not suppose to max it because you hardly can hit anyone with it.

LuCkY 12-06-2008 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by DollRmYlIfe (Post 609528)
=.=ll theres a mistake on the carpet thing.....Its not suppose to max it because you hardly can hit anyone with it.

If you combo it, you can hit it 100% ~.~

windcurse 12-06-2008 06:09 PM

Slipper sheet is Dacy's D fist, I have no idea why anyone would want to skimp out on it D:

ShiningSeraph 12-06-2008 07:20 PM

Except Slippery Sheet has no invincibility frames or hard knockdown, and it makes you in the "fallen" position.

I still like it, though, despite what I stated.

theSinned 12-06-2008 07:31 PM

sheet is very good, VERY useful for comboing (especially when you can time it correctly so people can't escape) , seeing things newly done with it every few weeks that i find a nonspam dacy with it

Laughatyou21 12-06-2008 07:40 PM

I find it mostly a stage skill since monsters are too stupid to escape from it. :P

WhatThePhuc 12-07-2008 09:02 PM

shining needle does not hit max 3 times
i usually hit 4 times with enemies that can be lifted
it might even hit 5 times on a large enemy

theSinned 12-08-2008 04:27 AM


Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc (Post 611284)
shining needle does not hit max 3 times
i usually hit 4 times with enemies that can be lifted
it might even hit 5 times on a large enemy

i thought it was 4 but i could only get 3 on scarecrows ._.

WhatThePhuc 12-09-2008 02:34 PM

yea i dont think you'll be fighting scarecrows all the time though

theSinned 12-10-2008 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc (Post 613490)
yea i dont think you'll be fighting scarecrows all the time though

the closest thing i have to humans are scarecrows D:
i like to pvp ._.

Gladiat 12-13-2008 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by theSinned (Post 615381)
the closest thing i have to humans are scarecrows D:
i like to pvp ._.

Umm... here's some corrections.

Catch Catch Kick can hit 6 times. I've been hit by it and have hit others with it before, and they weren't at wall.

The ring you mentioned in there isn't the effect. You said that when Veni is hit the ring appears, but that is only an indicator of which pet you have selected for giving orders to.

Other than that, I see no problems :D

Good job and nice pictures.

On a side note: Feed your pet -_-

theSinned 12-13-2008 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Gladiat (Post 620411)
Catch Catch Kick can hit 6 times. I've been hit by it and have hit others with it before, and they weren't at wall.

The ring you mentioned in there isn't the effect. You said that when Veni is hit the ring appears, but that is only an indicator of which pet you have selected for giving orders to.

Other than that, I see no problems :D

Good job and nice pictures.

On a side note: Feed your pet -_-

thanks for CCK correction

and with Veni, i'm talking about the white ring surrounding it. not the blue ring under it

and maybe i will feed my pet.......

kubo 01-15-2009 08:12 AM

Really informative guide. It helps how you have the screenshots and stuff too. I especially like how you explained the dolls and how the formations work... it can be pretty confusing.

theSinned 02-08-2009 06:25 PM

Rebirth Skills
*I say Hybrid should either get 1 or Max of all the rebirth skills because everything but bumpy dash has different properties of usage.

New Slippery Sheet
What it does- Creates a giant sheet to hardknockdown
*Basically, think of normal Sheet except instead of air, it knocks back
*It's the shockwave that actually knocks stuff down, not the sheet
*Does not hit downed enemies like normal sheet
*2nd Hit will register if you target a certain distance from target and without wall stopping target (atleast not early on)
*9.28s (10s) Cooldown.
*23 Range

Lv1: 51~57dmg, 18mp [Lv1]
Lv2: 136~151dmg, 48mp [Lv8]
Lv3: 260~289dmg, 77mp [Lv15] *Attack+
Lv4: 371~412dmg, 109mp [Lv22]
Lv5: 486~540dmg, 143mp [Lv29]
Lv6: 609~677dmg, 179mp [Lv39] *Attack++
Lv7: 724~805dmg, 213mp [Lv43]
Lv8: 847~941dmg, 249mp [Lv50]
Lv9: 926~1069dmg, 283mp [Lv57]
Lv10: 1099~1221dmg, 324mp [Lv64]
Lv11: 1439~1599dmg, 363mp [Lv71] *Attack +++
Lv12: 1605~1784dmg, 405mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 1764~1960dmg, 445mp [Lv11 +2] = 162str (4.9%)

All Builds- 0,1,Max
*1 because for HKD and pushing. Maxing it gives epic damage. Best way to describe it is to think of it like Sieg's Rebirth DFist except not instant.

New Fuzzy Whirlwind
What it does- Surround yourself in a whirlwind
*Doesn't hit extremely nearby foes
*41.74s (45second) cooldown
*Wind Type
*Hits vary on target
*Airs anything that touches it if possible
*Continues even if you get hit when you start it (meaning it still works after getting hit as long the animation is in effect)
*40 Range

Lv1: 13~14dmg, 18mp [Lv1]
Lv2: 33~37dmg, 48mp [Lv8]
Lv3: 65~72dmg, 77mp [Lv15] *Attack+
Lv4: 92~102dmg, 109mp [Lv22]
Lv5: 121~135dmg, 143mp [Lv29] *Attack+ Height+
Lv6: 151~168dmg, 179mp [Lv39] *Attack++ Height+
Lv7: 181~201dmg, 213mp [Lv43]
Lv8: 211~234dmg, 249mp [Lv50]
Lv9: 212~235dmg, 283mp [Lv57]
Lv10: 298~331dmg, 324mp [Lv64]
Lv11: 360~400dmg, 363mp [Lv71] *Attack+++ Height+
Lv12: 401~446dmg, 405mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 440~489dmg, 445mp [Lv11 +2] = 162str (4.9%)

PvP - 0,1 (used more as protection,if somebody waits for it to be over they'll get hit twice at most but still useless)
Staging - 0,1,Max (in Staging, it's true potential shines when you fight unknockable monsters)

New Bumpy Dash
What it does- Sends out Rushing Puppets to attack
*Basically a normal Bumpy Dash that has a massive pixel increase and distance increase
*Hits vary on target
*180 Range
*27.83 (30s) CD

Lv1: 14~15dmg, 18mp [Lv1]
Lv2: 36~40dmg, 48mp [Lv8]
Lv3: 57~63dmg, 77mp [Lv15]
Lv4: 82~91dmg, 109mp [Lv22]
Lv5: 130~144dmg, 143mp [Lv29] *Attack+
Lv6: 162~180dmg, 179mp [Lv39]
Lv7: 193~214dmg, 213mp [Lv43]
Lv8: 225~250dmg, 249mp [Lv50]
Lv9: 256~285dmg, 283mp [Lv57]
Lv10: 317~353dmg, 324mp [Lv64] *Attack++
Lv11: 356~396dmg, 363mp [Lv71]
Lv12: 398~442dmg, 405mp [Lv11 +1]
Lv13: 437~485dmg, 445mp [Lv11 +2] = 162str (4.9%)

All builds - 0,1,Max
*Basically, its a normal bumpy dash that's turned huge and gets a large damage increase maxed. Really depends on the user but 1 is good for protection because of it's huge monkey range.

New Catchvee Kick
********This skill requires Lv50, Lv1 Rebirth and Lv90 Total Level
What it does- Sends out a giant catchvee to kick stuff
*Giant version of catchvee kick except it doesn't start behind you, it will hit anything close to your back however
*159 Range
*Hits vary on target
*23.18 (25s) CD

Lv1: 110~157dmg, 187mp [Lv50]
Lv2: 123~176dmg, 210mp [Lv56]
Lv3: 165~235dmg, 234mp [Lv62] *Attack+
Lv4: 183~262dmg, 260mp [Lv68]
Lv5: 218~312dmg, 287mp [Lv74] *Attack++
Lv6: 238~340dmg, 313mp [Lv5 +1]
Lv7: 259~370dmg, 339mp [Lv5 +2] = 167str (5.06%)

All Builds- 0,1, Max (1 point for the easy damage and range, Max for more damage.)

**Does not include lv85 Skill but you should obviously get 1 point in it.

Dye List
This is just for anybody who needs to reference which dye to get on what piece if they don't have the info already

Finishing Notes
I'll admit I never expected to actually revise this but I did it. Don't expect it to happen again. Honestly, it felt like ALLM rushed Dacy's rebalance and failed to do....alot.
I'll add in or change anything as I see needed from comments but this is pretty much it.
Wasn't planning on adding rebirth skill notes but I got data for it (a bit of it) and added it so some parts make look a bit iffy on that part.

Gladiat 02-10-2009 06:07 PM

:D Thanks for pics and info. Rawr +REP

o_O why are there censor (black) bars over the potions?

theSinned 02-12-2009 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by Gladiat (Post 709763)
:D Thanks for pics and info. Rawr +REP

o_O why are there censor (black) bars over the potions?

because there are o____o

Gladiat 02-12-2009 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by theSinned (Post 713245)
because there are o____o

*Zooms in for 9001 (Repeat this number 9001 times) magnification*

*Sees tiny pics of futa in teh fine print along with random disclaimers that shouldn't be there.*

Stop haxing it D:

Btw, rebirth whirlwind fails. If you don't get hit by it, you can spam skills outside/inside of the area, and the Dacy is screwed over 9001 times (SPAM FTW!).

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