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DemiGodDanzig 07-30-2008 09:24 PM

MAPLE STORY Hangout Spot???
e,since we dont know if CB will have guilds implemented,
while running around we should look for potential hangout spots???
if guilds are in then idunnooooo

WhatThePhuc 07-30-2008 09:38 PM

well there's the towns
and we can add people as friends

MyOwnSavior 07-30-2008 09:40 PM

make a gang/group? not like a guild but like a small party to hang with

DemiGodDanzig 07-30-2008 09:43 PM

yah,i know,but i normally find hang out spots in every MMO for me and my friends to hang out inbetween grinding and stuff

WhatThePhuc 07-30-2008 09:44 PM

in between grinding wtf?
there's such thing?

DemiGodDanzig 07-30-2008 09:45 PM

it exsists Step
in a time we call
the dark hour....

MyOwnSavior 07-30-2008 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by WhatThePhuc (Post 86953)
in between grinding wtf?
there's such thing?

lol dont think so :P.i usually grind on certain days and hang out later.

Avarice 07-31-2008 04:31 AM

Since I haven't played any version of LT I have no clue where everything is??

Like an hour of making our names on LT we can just meet back up here or something??

Btw, guilds are never in closed beta, o_o. It probably won't even be implemented until a couple of months after open beta, like Maplestory or Trickster Online or Malaysian Survival Project.


Khmer2k1d5 07-31-2008 04:42 AM


Originally Posted by DemiGodDanzig (Post 86958)
it exsists Step
in a time we call
the dark hour....

Loll, I love you more for this 8D

Hehe, I say we hang out by killing wolves @_@;;

Vaizado 07-31-2008 05:00 AM

I played it a little??

Khmer2k1d5 07-31-2008 05:40 AM

Lol, woo for the gay man ~

Blue 07-31-2008 06:54 AM

Is it out yet?

DemiGodDanzig 07-31-2008 06:56 AM

its open at 10???
i forget what official time thing,
but think TO time??

Vaizado 07-31-2008 07:29 AM

10 Am Pst ///// 1 Pm Est

Khmer2k1d5 07-31-2008 07:40 AM

It's already 11 for me @_@;; Well, almost

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