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Esper 07-04-2011 12:45 PM

Ask the Community Episode 30: Flipmood

Have you ever had a question for a specific member but didn't know whether you should ask them? Now is your chance to ask them a question or two that you wish to know about them.

  1. An active member will receive a PM regarding Ask the Community. They will either accept or decline to be interviewed.
  2. There will be four (4) days to submit a question. Please do not start discussion about the questions.
  3. Once the deadline is reached, the questions will be sent to the member to answer.
    The member has the right to not answer specific questions. Please post your question wisely.

If you wish to be interviewed, please send a PM to Mirae, Dani, or Sandrie.

Aimee 07-05-2011 09:31 AM

Would you rather go a week without washing, but have clean clothes to change to, or a week without a change of clothes, but be able to wash?


PKShota 07-05-2011 09:35 AM

Why Kaito/Len, and not Len/Len?

Veggi 07-05-2011 09:57 AM

Judging from your Forum name...u has moodswingz?

Lala 07-05-2011 09:59 AM

While sleeping I was dreaming about _____, and while I was dreaming about _____ I started to _____. I woke up suddenly to find _____ in my bed.

Mmmhmm :]

- Why FlipMOOD? Multiple personalities? Or do you mood swing more than a pregnant lady?

- Is it possible to bottle and sell your "Mac"-ing abilities? And if so, what price and can I buy 10?

Edit: Was beat by Veggi.. Answer either question. Or you can answer twice (:

Gaap 07-05-2011 10:32 PM

Mahou shounen Neko Len-Len?

Anyway, hows Trickster lately? :3

MintyVampire 07-06-2011 06:08 AM

As a man, would you rather wake up to find you have grown non-removable D cup breasts or that your testicles have disappeared?

Would you rather wake up with a different face with the same gender, or a different gender with the same face? :py35:

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