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Dani 03-11-2011 01:29 PM

TimerRabbit's Answers!


Originally Posted by Aimee (Post 1487864)
Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds? Explain your answer (:

As long I don't get a headache, I won't mind having the ability to read. That would make my college life easier, LOL!


Originally Posted by MegaBoy740 (Post 1487898)
Is the cake really a lie?

Yes. It is a lie. And you lost the game.


Originally Posted by Mirae (Post 1487923)
If you remember that.

Yes I remember that. Pretty much the semi-well-known ggFTW blooper. :B


Originally Posted by Hekutaa (Post 1488290)
Imagine you had the powers of a god for a moment.

You decide to make a stone- the largest stone in the universe. Seeing you have infinite strength, you decide to test your strength and lift it.

Now, can you create a stone so heavy that even you cannot lift it? Defend your answer.

Having a most heaviest stone is like making a mountain. You can't lift unless...
  1. You are Hercules.
  2. You are Haruhi and you unintended to make this wish come true.
  3. It will take a miracle to lift it. However, Bernkastel is not nice, so lifting it won't ever happen.


Originally Posted by Henreh (Post 1488296)
So I heard you lost to the TimerTortoise in a race?

Yes. Thomas the Tortise is so clever that he beat Tiana (my fursona) in that race.


Originally Posted by MintyVampire (Post 1488354)
What is your favourite thing to draw?

In a list:
  • Fanart!
  • Furries (mainly bunnies)
  • Zafaras from Neopets!


Originally Posted by BoredomKillz (Post 1488523)
jessica ushiromiya gets her head bitten off by beato
your reaction?

I hate you for this. This is about the same level when I was shocked to see Mami died like this.

I will either go Kyubey-hating or weep my mental tears at my fantasy realm. But overall i'd be upset. (Even though Jessica did die at the crazy witch murder incident on Umineko.)


Originally Posted by Dani (Post 1488544)
Jessica Ushiroyima becomes a mahou shoujo yet gets her head bitten off by Charlotte. Then magically explodes, fuses with Charlotte and becomes a super witch more troll then Beato.
Your reaction?

For starters, your question is more cleaner.

I would have the same reaction as the last one, only that I will hate Charlotte more if she become a powerful elegant witch... MORE POWERFUL than Beato. (Because I ship Beato and her (or Maria's) definition of the witch!)

So yes i'll be mad and crying at my own realm.


Originally Posted by Mums (Post 1488575)
You're in your car on your way home from a long day of work. You want to come home as soon as possible and decide to take a short cut. Suddenly, thousands of fat rats are crawling all over the road. What do you do?

Now, same question. But instead of the fat rats, the road is covered with thousands of little kittens.

One. I hate animal abuse. Two, I can't drive. Three, you are more mean than a witch.

Moving on... I'd find supplies that kills rats, then get a broom to sweep them off. (Because my childhood life is always involve "be ready".)

For cute kittens. I'd stop and take all of the kittens into the car and go "HHHAAAUUUU!!!!" AKA becoming a happy Rena.


Originally Posted by Momiji (Post 1488587)
How'd you come up with the name TimerRabbit?

Time for a story-time!

Back around 2005-2006 (I think) when BemaniStyle is moving servers. Back at the old BMS forums, my forum name is "Kyubi-Chan". I got really bored of it. Also back then, I was a big fangirl of "Timer" from Pop'n Music.

He's like bishonen (and he still is). So I want to make a username named after my favorite character.

For the birth of "Timer Rabbit" (ggFTW won't alow spaces), I came up with a last name for Timer because most PnM characters don't show one. Because of his bunny-eared cosplay lifestyle, I thought of "Rabbit", thanks to Rodger Rabbit.

So "TimerRabbit" is born at the new BemaniStyle forums (and still is living today) and pretty much grew up attached to that name. :) Another good reason is that I don't feel well-suited with "femanine" names. So I like to be called "Timer" at the interwebs.


Originally Posted by PedroRomero (Post 1488946)
what is your favorite color?

A difficult question because I love the colors of the rainbow!

But if I have to go pick a unique everyday color for my clothing, it had to be green.


Originally Posted by Reinshiki (Post 1489159)
In you could start a 13-Episode Anime, what kind of genre will it contain, and what kind of character would be the main character?

You see, I have a ton of ideas for a story... Maybe a epic movie or longer.

I have one furry-mafia story that is similar to Kataekyo Hitman Reborn, only without those powerful babies. There is no real story yet, but the general idea involves Tiana, my fursona unexpectly being selected (by blood) as the next head-honcho to a underground mafia group. I can't say who are the members, but that idea came when I played a few sessions of MungyoDance 3 with the song "Breakneck Bombing Run".

I have another idea, but it requires Ryukishi07's permision to use his characters, orz. But i'll share it anyway.

In this story, this is set up at the same timeline from Hyper Police (look it up if you like kemonomimis, fanservice, and ecchi), "Reina" (Siesta 410) and "Miru" (Siesta 45) are Were-Rabbits who decide to open up a after school club that looks more like a military base. They do weird (and eye-candy) events, as well recruiting the strongest girls into their club. Later their world will turn the tables around when they are recruited by a secret headquarters... But that won't happen till half of the series/school life...

Yea, it's a story that won't ever happen, but I always wanted to see how the Siestas act if they live in the ife of humans (even though they are one of the many "alien" species).


Originally Posted by Seru (Post 1489971)
If you could change the ending to any anime series, which series would it be? And how would you change it?

Not alot per-say. Maybe because the endings the writers put up are what I expected to see in this anime... (Maybe except for PSG...)


Besides alternative endings, I have alternative or crossover stories for the characters... It's going over the mill to the point it's more fanfiction-ish, so I will not spill my ideas here. (Because some of them are NSFW. :( )

If you wish to be interviewed, please send a PM to Mirae, Dani, or Sandrie.

Mums 03-11-2011 02:12 PM

How am I more mean than a witch? >:
Says the rat killer.

Jessica 03-11-2011 06:39 PM

:py57::py57: Roger Rabbit, lol. My best friends mom calls me Jessica Rabbit D:

timers adorable 8D

Gaap 03-11-2011 08:50 PM

I think next time I should put a warning. My comments had witchy references... From you know what.

And yes lets kill that rat Kyubey. D;

PedroRomero 03-12-2011 10:53 PM

i like green too. also poor rats

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