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NoeJeko 08-29-2008 09:14 AM

Represent MMOG - OGPlanet Olympics!
Announcement: OGPlanet Olympics Event

Here's a chance for our members that play multiple OGPlanet games to represent MMOG. All participants in this event will receive a "mystery item" in LaTale after the official launch! Winners will also receive other prizes including Astros for use in OGPlanet's cash shops! This is a great way to spread our name and get win some prizes!

Chesters 08-29-2008 09:18 AM

I'm willing to try. :3 So.. for the meantime we need to make a team?

NoeJeko 08-29-2008 09:19 AM

I'll join for Albatross 18 =]

Rtothef 08-29-2008 09:20 AM

I can join for RUMBLE FIGHTER, I played that game for awhile..


Chesters 08-29-2008 09:23 AM

The only one I apply for would be Rumble Fighter also.

I've never played Cabal, and you wouldn't want me on the Pangya team anyway. I get 23s on the tutorial hole. 83

NoeJeko 08-29-2008 09:24 AM

So I guess what we'll do is just form teams as people post interest. We can have the teams as MMOG 1, MMOG2, etc - or we can just have the "Official" MMOG team and the other teams choose their own names?

Rtothef 08-29-2008 09:27 AM

Rumble Fighter!!!

Mmog Team - Forsaken~

Miyuki 08-29-2008 09:30 AM

:o oh sweet.

edit: ip region block, except only albatross ._.

NoeJeko 08-29-2008 09:33 AM

If we (or anyone) needs help finding players for the games, OGPlanet pointed me to player request forums:

Cabal - OGPlanet Forums: Ogplanet Olympics Cabal
Albatross 18 - OGPlanet Forums: Ogplanet Olympics Albatross 18
Rumble Fighter - OGPlanet Forums: Ogplanet Olympics Rumble fighter

Naturally, I'd want the "official" team to come from within MMOG, but if others form and are short a player they can check out these resources.

Rtothef 08-29-2008 09:57 AM

How many people would we need for each team?

Chesters 08-29-2008 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by Rtothef (Post 128616)
How many people would we need for each team?

3 players per team. (one for Cabal, one for RF, one for A18)

Rtothef 08-29-2008 10:04 AM

Ahh, I see how it works now.

Noctis 08-29-2008 10:31 AM

This is kinda cool. Wish I played one of those games so I could sign up too. Good luck to the people participating!

Levin 08-29-2008 10:53 AM

That sucks...I don't have/play any of those games :/ looks interesting though.

Viet 08-29-2008 01:39 PM

I'll compete for Rumble Fighter :py62:

Just need teammates now O_O

NoeJeko 08-30-2008 09:46 AM

Still need a Cabal player ...

Medoria 09-02-2008 02:04 PM

>> I'd join but I only play Albatross 18 and those who have played with me know that joining for that would be olympic suicide XD.

Blue 09-02-2008 03:52 PM

Darn, I would join Albatross, but I haven't played for ages. Probably lost my touch.

SlowBro 09-02-2008 04:02 PM

Now I wish I kept playing cabal (stopped FA at level 80 ._.)

go get Rape lol

NoeJeko 09-02-2008 08:21 PM

Ok, MMOG Team will be:

NoeJeko - Albatross
Chesters - Rumble Fighter
Theosis - Cabal

I just took them in order volunteered - if anyone else wants to enter and can get a Cabal player feel free to make another team.

CHESTERS! I need your RF IGN so I can get us signed up and I need it quick!

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