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Yuki 11-04-2009 09:08 PM

Graphics of the Month (November'09)

- Entries must follow the /ggFTW's Signature Guidelines, plus abide to our forum's rules.
[x] No [entries] may contain sexually explicit images or quotes.
[x] Any word filtered by the forum when typed is also not allowed to be displayed in [the entry].
[x] No racially, ethnically, or religiously offensive images or quotes may be used.
[x] Keep it PG-13 folks. 13 is the minimum age to access this forum, so realize who may be looking at what you use for [the entry].
[x] For further information on the forum's rules, you can find them here: Rules
[x] No [entries] is to have their username on it.
[x] No plagarizing.
[x] During collaborations, do NOT bail on your partner.
[x] Entries are to be made for the event. Do NOT use old artwork you have lying around for an entry.
[x] Rules and the event itself might change at any time under certain circumstances.

> Failure in following the rules, the entry will be terminated, and the participant will be disqualified for the current GotM, plus the next GotM.


Originally Posted by Glarbage
"[Entries] that are deemed completely inappropriate will not be placed as an option in the poll. If they are exceptionally offensive, measures may be taken. /ggFTW respects the privacy rights of all individuals, and expects you to do the same. That means that no actual picture of a member may be used in a [GotM] image without prior consent of the pictured individual."

> If your entry does not meet the criteria of what the current challenge is, then your entry will be not posted up for voting. If it does not fit the theme, I will try to compromise and hear your interpretation of your piece and how it fits with the challenge, if we are not on the same slate as to whether or not it fits the challenge, it will be voided.


Originally Posted by Glarbage
"If an image makes it into the poll and does not meet the standards, then that image will NOT be disqualified. It's my fault that it got there, I obviously missed something. No need to point it out in the voting thread."

The guidelines for this Month's Challenge are as follows:
Theme: Winter Sonata
Intro/Additional Rules: Collaboration! Pick a partner and come up with a piece of art, can be either 2 combined sig, or 2 combined posters. If you pick 2 combined sigs, each sig would need to be at least 350x150, if you pick 2 combined posters, each poster would need to be at least 550x400. You are to create a collaborated piece telling a winter story, it can be romance, drama, comedy, you be the imaginative ones.
- Since this is a collaboration, after you find your partner, one of you have to FORWARD me your PM that you agree to be each others partners.
Example: Something along the lines of this and it should be fine. After both of you agreed to the collaboration, just click on the FORWARD button and send it to me, Yuki. :]

Entries are due on November 25, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST.

*PM all your entries with the title "Graphic of the Month" to me, Yuki.

Glarbage @ Signature of the Week
/ggFTW Rules

Kebin 11-11-2009 01:00 PM

Nay @w@ joinnnnnnn

Yuki 11-11-2009 01:37 PM

Yes people, please join us in the fun for this month's GotM. :] Get to know new people, experiment with each other's different type of art styles, and what not.

Yuki 11-17-2009 03:11 PM

8 days left for submissions!
Find a partner and get them in <3

Esper 11-25-2009 11:58 PM

No more submissions will be accepted. Please wait for the winner to be announced.
Thank you.

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