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R 10-16-2013 06:50 PM

Ask the Community: Nimera's Answers!


Originally Posted by Vith (Post 1832326)
1. Do you enjoy the fine art of music?
2. Do you consider tomato be a fruit?
3. Is the word 'masticate' offensive to you?
5. If you had the choice between losing your hearing or sight, what would you chose? You have to chose one, and you cannot negotiate.
6. Cola or Pepsi?

1. I wouldn't really say yes in terms of say classical, but I do really enjoy classic Rock, mostly the late 70s, throughout the 80s, and then tapering off into the early 90's. I tend to avoid anything modern save for a few bands.
2. It will always be a vegetable to meeeee!
3. No way, I just got done masticating my dinner!
5. I think... hearing. I can compensate for language with sign language, and still get to see the world we live in. I can trade-off music for that.
6. Cola for sure!


Originally Posted by Sanichi (Post 1832437)
Scissors or Box Cutters?

Box cutters, retracting the blade is the best part!


Originally Posted by Tardar (Post 1832446)
1) Who's the bigger slut? Me or you?
2) Which Gen VI starter?
3) Is your boyfriend hot?
4) Pants, shorts, or neither?
5) Favorite clothing brand.
6) Favorite rock.
7) Favorite color.
8) Favorite tree.
9) Favorite bug.
10) Favorite Pokémon.
11) Favorite slut.
12) Favorite city.
13) Favorite Gym leader (or E4)
14) Favorite pair of shoes.
15) Number of fingers on left hand.
16) Favorite eating utensil?
17) Left-handed or right-handed?
18) On a scale of 1-10 do you hate me yet?
19) Do you like Lorde?
20) What's your favorite date?
21) Favorite day of the week?

1. Clearly you.
2. Fennekin, #yolo
3. I think so!
4. Neither, I would go pantless all day if I could!
5. None really! I just wear whatever!
6. I think amethyst is pretty!
7. Greeeeeeeeeeen today.
8. Maple!
9. None they're all hella gross.
10. Fffff I don't even, any of the cat type ones. Really loving female Meowstics right now.
11. James, clearly!
12. Boston
13. Hmmmmmmmmm I think I really liked the new fairy one, though the layout of the psychic gym was my favorite!
14. My red Toms with white polka dots!
15. Five what.
16. Shovel
17. Righty!
18. No way! I can't hate you!
19. I don't even -
20. I don't know! I guess my birthday is pretty cool.


Originally Posted by kuyaBaka (Post 1832470)
1. Let's set up this hypothetical really quick.

Consider a purple box of unknown contents. It is locked, and there does not seem to be a key nearby. In hand, you are equipped with a hand axe; blade smithed from some mojito corals found on the shores of Unkula and handle carved out of olivander wood. The box seems to be sturdy enough to withstand maybe four or five blows before the outer shell will begin to show signs of cracking.

On the other side of the field, though, an angry mob seems to be forming. You hear grunts and pigs in the distance, followed by a cloud of dirt and dust covering the horizon. The swine-riders from the village to the East have heard of your whereabouts and are on the hunt for your head to turn in to the Queen for a handsome reward. In a panic, you grab the box and cast Polymorph to mask yourself as a sheepish facade, box tucked underneath your wool.

Soon, the swine surround the meadow and block off all exits. The fenced-off Calypso Forest seems to be your best route as the swine dare not enter in fear of the Kokoko tribespeople since their conflict last weekend during their poker games. To the West, though, is a pile of rocks which a Kobold seems to be scurrying to. Kobolds, notorious for digging cavernous mines and tunnels underneath the surface world, might also be your ticket out of the situation.

What is your next move?

2. What is your favorite toe?
3. What is your third-favorite pizza topping?
4. What was your first impression of yourself?
5. What is your all-time most-disliked movie?
6. What is your favorite color for food?
7. What is your most-used spice in your spice rack/cupboard?
8. What is your least-favorite laundry detergent brand?
9. What is your favorite Holy Paladin?

The answer is obvious - assimilate into Kobold society, become their fearless leader, and lead and organize the Kobold mob into something truly fearsome! No one will know what was coming, I'll hang out in the back, reap the rewards, and nobody would be any wiser.

2. Right big toe!
3. Muuuushrooms!
4. I don't know! Weird nerdy punk chick!
5. Ffffffff nothing particularly awful comes to mind. I can't think of anything that I've seen that I wouldn't necessarily watch again at least once more.
6. Red!
7. Garlic for sure.
8. Gain, I don't even know how that's relevant to washing clothes.


Originally Posted by Light (Post 1832827)
1. What is your current stance on the view of feminism and gaming?
2. What about violence and gaming?
3. What's your favorite MMO of all time, and why does it make you so wet when you think about it?

1. I still feel like it's underrepresented, but I don't know how it can be fixed. The most I can ask for is more female protagonist options, the option to have skimpy or not armor and the like. I feel like mostly female gaming is stuff like Nintendogs and the like, and maybe I'm not the person to ask because I generally enjoy most games save for FPS. I really enjoy LoZ, but I don't need or want a female protagonist because that just doesn't make sense. I guess, now that I've talked myself in circles, it's become way less on the marketing or publisher side of things and comes down to are girls actually interested in video games? And I feel like girls have a tendency to be less interested in consoles and more interested in like say, games off an application market for a smart phone. All in all, I guess I finish with as long as it makes sense to have a female lead, it's something I enjoy, but I also don't care at all if it's male so long as it makes sense for the game. I'd rather see all around quality games rather than trying to girlify LoZ or something just to make it slightly more appealing.
2. I feel the two aren't correlated and whoever keeps thinking it is should just stop, and that's just all I really have to say about it.
3. I have this really heated crush on my female blood elf mage and I just can't control myself around her when I play WoW.


Originally Posted by Ayumi (Post 1832829)
★. Did GameStop have any pre-order bonus for Pokemon X/Y?
★. What's your favorite handheld console, and which would you recommend, along with which games?
★. How old are your piercings and which were the worst to take?
★. Do you have any offline hobbies?
★. How did you find ggFTW? Did you come from MT or ML?

★. I thought there was one poster you got for ordering one, and you get a bonus poster for both, but I didn't get one, not that I care too much :l
★. Definitely the 3DS, and any of the Pokemons (definitely X or Y), Fire Emblem: Awakening, Animal Crossing (if you're into simulations), Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
★. My oldest piercing is 4 years old in December, and that's my nose (I'm not counting regular ear lobe piercings.) I had those done at 5, though. I'm at 8 piercings done in a shop and 3 in each lobe currently. The worst one was my ear heart, pierced through the daith. He formed the heart from the hoop when the piercing was fresh and I needed a juice box to keep me from passing out!
★. Besides gaming, I doodle every once in a blue moon and mostly read in my free time.
★. I was never part of MT, but I found ggFTW from wanting TO info and finding something something links to ggFTW from MT somewhere, I don't really remember. It took a while for me to start posting, and when I started I almost stopped but I just kept up with the community and here I am!


Originally Posted by Loreli (Post 1832838)
What's your opinion on Miley Cyrus currently and her transition from her former self to now?

She can do whatever she wants I guess. The really liberal women's college almost worships her transformation - there's a school of thought that feminism is embracing our sexuality and not caring if it objectifies us. If we're proud of our bodies, why not display them with mini skirts, wear skimpy underwear underneath, what have you. There's empowerment in just embracing your body and dressing it as you please. All in all, I don't really care what she does. I mean, if that's what she feels comfortable doing and she wants to go through a wild phase, well, I guess more power to her.


Originally Posted by Shanni (Post 1832880)
Chicken or beef top ramen? Why?

Chicken, no contest.


Originally Posted by Kotarou (Post 1832859)
What's your take on the latest Pokemon?

It's really freaking amazing and I have like 40 hours on it and I haven't even worked that much since it came out I think LOL. But really if anyone is reading this who is hesitant BUY THIS NOW HOLY SHIT.


Originally Posted by PKShota (Post 1832862)
Do you have a favorite console you used to/currently are playing often with? If so, are there any specific favorite games that you have played?

I used to love the GameCube and always played Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, LoZ The Wind Waker, and Fire Emblem Path to Radiance. Those were always my go-to games.


Originally Posted by Rom (Post 1832888)
1. What is your opinion on the current state of ggFTW and what do you think we can do to improve user activity?
2. Of all ggFTW Events, which is your favorite and why?

1. I wish it was more active. I still feel like some things feel cliquey, even though I've been here for freaking ages, though I'm also not super active with work lately anyway. I mostly browse on my phone as I hardly have time to sit on a computer anymore, and posting on a phone is a bit of a deterrence. I guess I could say I could at least try and be more active, but with the MMO sections slowly dying and us starting out as mymmogames... it just feels really saddening. I wish more people would participate in events, and maybe that's something I can work on as well.
2. I love this one, actually! I love reading people's answers and the like. I think it's a good way to bring the community together.


Originally Posted by Rhois (Post 1832889)
1. Will you marry me?
2. Bracers or suspenders?
3. Should we continue to keep Pandas, or let them die off?
4. Coughing or sneezing?
5. Are you the eleventh commandment?
6. Favourite font?
7. Next two games you're looking forward to after Pokemon X/Y?
8. Zachary Quinto or Chris Pine?
9. Would you give GaGa your applause?
10. Why should we forget Norway?
11. Sona or Nami?
12. Black or white?
13. Armed with a tea-cup, two biscuits and the sassiest walk on the planet, how would you conquer world poverty?

1. Of course!
2. Suspenders
3. Keep em, they're cute!
4. I find sneezing all around more amusing.
5. Of course, I mean who doesn't know that?
6. Godddd I don't know, maybe Century Gothic?
7. Wind Waker HD and Bayonetta!
8. Hnnnnnnnnnnnng Quinto, why did you make me answer?!
9. GaGa can get an applause out of me!
10. What's Norway?
11. Sonaaaaa
12. White!
13. I would walk around being sassy, drinking tea and eating biscuits and make everyone so jealous that they do the same and then everyone eats or something and everyone is happy. Or something.

james 10-17-2013 06:39 PM

2/10 would not recommend these answers

Queen 10-18-2013 06:08 AM

Thanks love muaaaah

Sanichi 10-18-2013 06:32 AM


Originally Posted by Rom (Post 1833095)
Box cutters, retracting the blade is the best part!

No one ever picks scissors :ok:.

Light 10-18-2013 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by Sanichi (Post 1833178)
No one ever picks scissors :ok:.

I like scissors in many ways than one.

james 10-18-2013 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by Light (Post 1833185)
I like scissors in many ways than one.


Vaizado 10-18-2013 09:07 PM

is your belly button an innie or an outie??

R 10-18-2013 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by Vaizado (Post 1833217)
is your belly button an innie or an outie??

... The question period is already over.

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