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BoredomKillz 01-11-2013 05:16 PM

kale15's Answers!

Have you ever had a question for a specific member but didn't know whether you should ask them? Now is your chance to ask them a question or two that you wish to know about them.

This week's volunteer is:


Originally Posted by SnowBerry (Post 1794970)
1. What's your favorite animal?

2. Who's your favorite member on ggFTW? (I know you dislike most of us, haha.) :py25:

3. What interests you the most: cooking, drawing/painting, or music?

4. Would you rather be able to swim and breathe underwater or fly wherever you want to go?

5. Do you believe money can buy happiness?

1. I find otters pretty cool.
2. Guiles, most for that thing he did with his thing to my thing with that thing on the thing. There was lots of thinging.
3. well I find the guy that cooks for me very intresting, but I play a couple instruments.
4. Fly, better travel options. swimming restricts you to coastlines, and then lots of hiking.
5. yes, but then the cops will arrest you.


Originally Posted by BoredomKillz (Post 1795235)
do you have any new years resolutions?

how did you spend the last day of the world?!?!? (12/21/12)

1. no, but then I don't think I ever have made one in my life
2. went to a friend's birthday party. woke up the next day in my undies and covered in glitter, so I think I went out in style.


Originally Posted by Vith (Post 1795256)
I know I said it a lot, but THANK you very much for the information you provide on the future content thread.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time outside of TO and the ggFTW community?

What music do you like?

Favorite food?

Do you play console games?

1. do? well I wouldn't call him a thing, oh you mean hobbies. I play music
2. most, but I like playing jazz
3. whatever the boyfriend cooks
4. yeah, I just got a Wii U


Originally Posted by Veloze (Post 1795266)
Favorite Trickster character?

1. lion, but if the polar bear is cooler it will change.


Originally Posted by Guiles (Post 1795271)
1. Why do you dislike most of ggFTW? (SnowBerry's question, wat)

2. Does the carpet match the drapes?

3. How much water do you drink a day?

4. Where have you been all my life?

5. Boxers or briefs?

6. Will you marry me?

7. One amazing, mind-blowing week or a mediocre year?

1. I don't dislike most of you, I just get frustrated with people that think reading is optional on a forum.
2. The color, but not the style
3. I guess enough.
4. practicing
5. Boxers
6. I love you, but we have to have a discussion about the future first. Like how many kids.
7. mediocre could be amazing, maybe even better, with the right person.


Originally Posted by Emrys (Post 1795395)
where does your username come from?

1. kale - how to pronounce my name, 15 - age when I first played an MMO.


Originally Posted by Almora (Post 1796553)
  • Biggest obstacle(s) in life atm?
  • Fav. movie genre?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • How was your day?
  • Any major regrets?
  • Top 3 pet peeves?
  • Places you want to visit?
  • Top or bottom?
  • What does DTF in your user caption stand for?
  • Opinion of Trickster subforum.
  • Opinion of me.

1. homophobes
2. comedy
3. yes, a dog. I will always have a dog.
4. really good so far
5. Never getting to meet my great aunt in person.
6. People that stop sentences half way, it's the only one I really have
7. France, to meet my cousins
8. Depends on the mood
9. if you have to ask, you're too young to know. I mostly see it as my guiles suggested forum tramp stamp.
10. A pretty tree that could use light pruning
11. I haven't talked to you 1-on-1 enough to have one either way


Originally Posted by Torikakae (Post 1796907)
What makes you keep playing despite what everyone says?

1. joy, the feelings of personal joy.

~This was really fun, happy to do it.~

Kudaranai 01-12-2013 07:43 AM

I like otters and have always wanted a dog too.

kale15 01-12-2013 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Kudaranai (Post 1797868)
I like otters and have always wanted a dog too.

That's so crazy

Torikakae 01-12-2013 06:41 PM

I think I love you now <3

Guiles 01-14-2013 05:53 AM

ok we can talk about the kids but we are not naming them after porn stars

what am I gonna do with you

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