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BoredomKillz 12-01-2012 06:30 PM

Rydia's Answers!


Originally Posted by Veloze (Post 1786592)
What's your favorite Eidolon?

Sorry, can't say I have one. D:


Originally Posted by Ayumi (Post 1785754)
☆ How will you spend Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve?
☆ Which family member are you closest to?
☆ Do you have any pets? If you have dogs and not cats, DON'T ANSWER. DON'T WANNA KNOW.
☆ Your pixel art is amazing. This is not a question.
☆ Who is your favorite member on ggFTW?
☆ Which is your favorite game, aside from Tricker?
☆ Do you have a (If you do, it's easier to view it than asking what music you like.. if you don't have one, then "What music do you like?")
☆ What is your best physical quality? It's okay, you can brag. ヽ(* ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

- Just at home with my husband probably, no big plans right now. :3
- I'm pretty close with all my family, 4 sisters and a brother I couldn't pick one!
- I have 1 cat, but growing up we had like 6 cats so I feel deprived. ):
- Thanks lol.
- Uhh Dussty
- I do, but I don't use it. I like a lot of different stuff but mostly Pop, Rock and Broadway musical stuff. My current obsessions are Marina and the Diamonds, Lily Allen, The Book of Mormon and Fun.
- I hate myself and I want to die.


Originally Posted by Jare (Post 1785565)
1. Cat or Dog?
2. Marx or Nate?
3. Rydia or Rosa?

- Cats!
- Marx because he is not a creepy pedo.
- Actually Rosa.


Originally Posted by Revolution (Post 1785309)
Which Final Fantasies have you played or play currently?

I've played 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. I'm not currently playing any but I just want to say 6 is my favorite ever and I love Edgar.


Originally Posted by Nebula (Post 1785268)
What inspired you to make those amazing sprites in the first place?

KagoshimNyaruto had made a recolor edit of his cat, so I thought I could do that...and then I did and I kept editing from there lol. I had already learned a lot about making GIF edits from a shop I had on GaiaOnline so simple editing of Trickster Sprites came pretty easily.


Originally Posted by Sanichi (Post 1785003)
What's your favorite type of sushi?

Actually I've never had it but the idea of raw fish makes me want to throw up and I hate sea food so I think I'll just keep avoiding it.


Originally Posted by Rare (Post 1784986)
1. Do you like cats in real life as much as I think you might do?
2. Where does "Rydia" come from?
3. How do you get enough store-more permits to hold all those fuses you collect?
4. What is your biggest goal on Trickster?

- Yes I suppose so lol.
- The game Final Fantasy IV, not my favorite game or character but I like the name.
- I don't, I have mules. :x My biggest bank is only 4 pages and that's just from opening level up boxes. :3
- Just to have fun really, I'm not super serious about accomplishing anything right now.


Originally Posted by MintyVampire (Post 1784980)
- What are you procrastinating on right at this moment?

- Based on your current daily actions and routines, where would you expect to be in five years?

- Laundry. ._.
- Hopefully moving/moved to a better place.

Janna 12-01-2012 10:00 PM


My biggest bank is only 4 pages and that's just from opening level up boxes. :3
Only?! D: But in all seriousness, loved these! Very fun read. But yeah I'm a cat lover too, though personally I've never really had more than 1-2 cats so one is enough for me haha.

Seconding Rare about sushi though, it's delicious and there are so many different kinds!

Rydia 12-02-2012 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Rare (Post 1787508)
I hate raw fish, but I love sushi.

The kind of "sushi" you're thinking of is nigiri.

It's gross, in my opinion, but I love sushi! ;o; There are many sushi varieties that don't have seafood at all. California roll, cucumber, peppers, pickles, chicken teriyaki.. actually, vegetarian sushi is my favorite. I just thought I'd clear that up, because a lot of people seem to think sushi = raw fish, which isn't true. Unless you also happen to dislike rice and seaweed (the green stuff wrapped around it), sushi can be for everyone when they pick the fillings they want.

Oooh, I knew it wasn't all raw but I did assume it was mostly all seafood, learned something new today! Chicken teriyaki sushi sounds good. :x

@Mare - Yeah I think 2 cats is ideal, so they're not lonely. q_q We didn't really intend to have 6+ cats but my parents didn't spay our one cat so it was like...KITTENS lets keep this kitten and this kitten and I want this kitten mommy u_u

james 12-02-2012 10:36 PM

Ew Rosa tho.

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