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BoredomKillz 11-18-2012 09:16 PM

Revolution's Answers!


Originally Posted by Almora (Post 1781565)
You've always seemed like a nice guy so:
  • How old are you? What do you do for fun?
  • Any pets?
  • What are your major goals at the moment?
  • Oh, and do you like beef jerky?

1. Over 1 :>, and I guess sports and video games.
2. Nope.
3. Memorising a speech that I have to say.
4. Hm, beef jerky?


Originally Posted by Mega (Post 1781571)
Is it possible to slam a rotating door? :p

1. Ask the door :)


Originally Posted by Riolu (Post 1781579)
Best friend, girl or boy?

1. Boy.


Originally Posted by Math (Post 1781581)
pick: 100% chance to get $250 or 50% to get $5,000?
Dream job?
Favorite item on trickster?
What do you think of spray tanning?

1. 50% chance to get $5000
2. Not exactly sure :O
3. Don't really have one.
4. It seems a bit weird to me.


Originally Posted by BoredomKillz (Post 1783575)
in the event of the inevitable zombie apocalypse what would be your survival plan and who would you want to be with you?

1. Look for all the weapons you can find, and make good use of them. Someone that isn't a zombie!


Originally Posted by Nebula (Post 1784613)
Rice or noodles?

1. I think rice is healthier, but noodles are more delicious to me right now :). How about rice noodles?

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