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Puffles 08-17-2008 06:31 PM

STR Affects Ranged Physical Damage?
I want to be an archer, and I was wondering if STR affects the physical damage of ranged attacks. One of the CG Wikis says it affects both ranged and melee damage, and the other CG Wiki says it only affects melee damage.

Also, anybody know what the best stat builds for an Archer are?

Kris 08-18-2008 01:03 AM

Yes, STR gives the most ATK, which affects any physical damage, both ranged and melee.
Recommended build for Archer is STR/DEX.

Puffles 08-18-2008 02:17 AM


What about QUI?

Kris 08-18-2008 06:18 AM

QUI is better for casters or counter-attacking classes (front row melees).
DEX gives slightly less AGL(speed) than QUI but more Hit, Crit and MP. You'll need that (as well as STR) to maximize your damage output since bows have low ATK.

  • HP +0.6
  • MP +3
  • ATK +0.2
  • DEF +0.2
  • MGA +0.4
  • AGL +1.6
  • HIT +1.5
  • AVD +2
  • CRI +2
  • CTR +0.9
  • HP +0.6
  • MP +0.6
  • ATK +0.4
  • DEF +0.8
  • MGA +0.2
  • AGL +2
  • RCV +0.2
  • HIT +0.6
  • AVD +2
  • CRI +1.4
  • CTR +2

Casters choose QUI over DEX as a secondary stats because spells can't crit or miss and they get enough MP from MND.

Pure STR/DEX should be the best build for PvM.
For PvP, some VTL will be needed I guess, something like 25%.

Puffles 08-18-2008 02:41 PM

Kris, I've looked at the stats calculator before, but I wasn't able to figure everything out just with the numbers and definitions. Your explanation was clear, to-the-point, and really helpful!

You should consider writing a full length guide to the stats, since you're obviously knowledgeable enough. ^_^

Kris 08-18-2008 04:34 PM

Thanks, Puffles. My infos mainly come from the Japanese Wiki and a couple friends who are even more knowledgeable than me, being able to read Japanese and having played the Japanese version.

I'll wait until I get more ingame experience on the English version before making any in-depth guide. More than what Closed Beta 1 offered at least (no jobs were available).

Anyway, I made an article a while ago on Concerto Gate Wikia regarding stats (hope this is not seen as advertisement) but I'd like to contribute on Wiki as well.

The thing is that Wikia was started by a guildmate before CG Wiki and I don't want to simply copy/paste my articles from Wikia to MyMMOGames, so I'm in a bind here. In the end, and other than the stats article, I haven't contributed much to any Wiki.

I'd really like the two Wikis to "merge", so I'd be more willing to make contributions, maybe I'll talk to my guildie about it.

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