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Default A Collection of Useful Information

Table of Contents
  • 1. Guide Information [CG1]
  • 2. Introduction [CG2]
  • 3. Story [CG3]
  • 4. Classes [CG4]
  • 5. Stats [CG5]
  • 6. Tanking [CG6]
  • 7. Leveling Up Efficiently [CG7]
  • 8. Making Money Effectively [CG8]
  • 9. Tutorial for Beginners [CG9]
  • 10. More Resources [CG10]
  • 11. For Fervent Fans [CG11]
  • 12. Credits [CG12]
  • 13. Version History [CG13]
1. Guide Information [CG1]

Here is a quick run-over of the guide, a collection of information, to help you get started. Basically, use the table of contents, as it is your best bet for smooth sailing.

Here is a collection of tips and other information under various categories to help you get more acquainted with the game. Hopefully, it proves to be of some use to you in your ventures throughout the vast worlds of Concerto Gate. For more fluid navigation of this guide, there is a table of contents that outlines the sections with numbers after them. Use the Find function (CTRL + F) in your browser to quickly move to your desired section. Introducing each section is some italicized text that summarizes it.

2. Introduction [CG2]

Some information is provided about the game. Concerto Gate is a 3D game that uses a turn-based ATB (Active Time Battle) system. It features 15 different and admittedly unorthodox classes and an environment that adapts to the way it is used by the player community, deemed terra-generation.

You start a new life as a resident of Fahren Kingdom. Concerto Gate has beautiful, hand drawn graphics. When time passes from night to day, the scenery will change. When seasons change, you will see flowers bloom, leaves fall, and even snow! The topography of the world constantly changes using a unique feature called "Terra-Generation". You will notice lands bulge and sink; trees grow and wither. While digging you can find different items or suddenly discover a new dungeon! There's always something new to discover in Concerto Gate.

Concerto Gate is a free-to-play, point-and-click MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and a sequel to Cross Gate. It continues the theme of its predecessor along with boasting an updated game system and improved graphics. Concerto Gate introduces a unique feature called the "terra-generation" system. This innovative system constantly changes the topography of the game world. For example, players can dig in the ground to mine for minerals, and after digging for a while, small holes will eventually become giant holes. Forests can be demolished, and new mountains can be formed depending on interaction between players. Large-scale terrain changes will not occur in a day or two, but will be gradual. Players will most likely see changes over several weeks. There are 15 classes to choose from over three different categories. Also, random encounters with monsters are prevalent in Concerto Gate. Similar to traditional RPGs, players exploring the map can be ambushed at any time by enemies. The battles that ensue are turn-based, as in its forerunner, featuring an ATB (Active Time Battle) system.

3. Story [CG3]

The story of Concerto Gate is given. After being denied as a hero of Fahren Kingdom, you set off on your own adventure, which begins in the quaint twon of Fanburg.

"The story begins in the city of Fanburg, capital of the Fahren Kingdom. A legend once foretold the arrival of a great hero(ine) from another world, who would stop a great disaster approching the world of the Fahren Kingdom. The Royal Family awaits the arrival of the said hero...

Just awakened, you crash-land into the basement floor of Lycelia Castle in Fanburg. Upon your arrival, Armay, a Knight, challenges you to test your worthiness in combat. After the fight, he sends you to the Heroes Trial Chamber - where you will meet Tokamac, a girl who will help you in your battles as you ascend the chamber.

Upon completion, both of you meet Armay again, and Tokamac backs off. Armay gives you a pet, and challenges you to another battle. Satisfied with the results, he sends you off to meet the King. You proceed into the King's Chamber...

Unfortunately, the King does not accept you as a hero, but instead sends you out to live in the streets of Fanburg. Now, you must learn to adapt and fend for yourself as a resident of the Fahren Kingdom..."

4. Classes [CG4]

Descriptions and analyses of Concerto Gate classes follow. There are 15 unique classes under 3 different categories in Concerto Gate. There are Combat Jobs (Soldier, Archer, Knight, Sorcerer, Cleric), Productive Jobs (Lumberjack, Miner, Hunter, Identifier, Chef, Pharmacist, Weapon Craftsman, Armor Craftsman), and Special Jobs (Sealer, Wanderer). As Concerto Gate is not your typical game that is all about combat, it is probably best to have a decent mix of these.
  • Soldiers can use all skills, weapons, and armors. They are great in parties because they are so versatile.

  • Archers are useful in the back row of a party because of their somewhat fragile nature. They have high accuracy.

  • Knights are specialists in wielding spears and wearing heavy armor. They are superb tankers.

  • Sorcerers specialize in a broad range of powerful magic.

  • Clerics focus on recovery and supportive magic but have some offensive spells.

  • Lumberjacks have skills to chop down trees for lumber, which is used in crafting and medicine-making.

  • Miners mine for ores and use refining skills to help make weapons and armor.

  • Identifiers appraise items.

  • Chefs cook food and cultivate their herbs.

  • Pharmacists make recovery medicines and treatments.

  • Weapon Craftsmen make weapons for the combat classes.

  • Armor Craftsmen make armor for the combat classes.

  • Sealers capture monsters, who then serve them as pets.

  • Wanderer process keys and are boomerang specialists.

5. Stats [CG5]

An analysis of each stat in Concerto Gate. The five stats are VIT (Vitality), STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity), QUI (Quickness [Speed]), and MND (Mind). Each stat has different effects. Distribute them wisely. You are allowed four points to distribute for every level, and you allocate 30 when making your character. The following are the effects of each stat per point.
  • VIT (Vitality)

    HP + 9.25
    MP + 1.00
    ATK + 1.00
    MGA + 0.25
    DEF + 1.75
    MGD + 1.00
    RCV + 2.50
    AVD + 0.00
    CTR + 0.25
    AGL + 0.00
    HIT + 0.00
    CRI + 0.00

  • STR (Strength)

    HP + 3.00
    MP + 1.50
    ATK + 2.25
    MGA + 1.25
    DEF + 1.25
    MGD + 0.50
    RCV + 1.25
    AVD + 0.00
    CTR + 0.25
    AGL + 0.25
    HIT + 1.25
    CRI + 0.00

  • DEX (Dexterity)

    HP + 0.50
    MP + 3.00
    ATK + 0.25
    MGA + 0.25
    DEF + 0.25
    MGD + 0.00
    RCV + 0.00
    AVD + 2.00
    CTR + 1.00
    AGL + 1.50
    HIT + 1.50
    CRI + 2.00

  • QUI (Quickness [Speed])

    HP + 0.50
    MP + 0.50
    ATK + 0.25
    MGA + 0.25
    DEF + 0.75
    MGD + 0.00
    RCV + 0.25
    AVD + 2.00
    CTR + 2.00
    AGL + 2.00
    HIT + 0.50
    CRI + 1.50

  • MND (Magic)

    HP + 1.50
    MP + 9.00
    ATK + 0.00
    MGA + 2.00
    DEF + 0.00
    MGD + 2.50
    RCV + 0.25
    AVD + 0.00
    CTR + 0.50
    AGL + 0.00
    HIT + 0.50
    CRI + 0.50

When you choose your class, bonus points are added to your stats depending on the class chosen. The following explains the distribution of points to each class's stats.

Format: x receives (VIT : STR : DEX : QUI : MND), where x is the class.
  • Soldiers receive 3:2:2:1:2.

  • Knights receive 2:3:3:2:0.

  • Archers receive 1:2:3:3:1.

  • Sorcerers receive 2:1:2:2:3.

  • Clerics receive 3:2:1:1:3.

  • Sealers receive 3:1:1:3:2.

  • Wanderers receive 2:2:2:3:1.

  • Weapon Craftsmen receive 0:2:2:1:0.

  • Armor Craftsmen receive 2:0:2:1:0.

  • Chefs receive 1:0:0:2:2.

  • Pharmacists receive 0:1:2:0:2.

  • Identifiers receive 0:1:2:0:2.

  • Miners receive 2:2:1:0:0.

  • Hunters receive 0:1:2:2:0.

  • Lumberjacks receive 2:2:0:1:0.

6. Tanking [CG6]

Tanking is a vital asset in battle. Because you can own a pet in Concerto Gate, tanking can be used to minimize damage taken. There are two basic types of tanking. Because battles generally leave you with little time to think about your actions, tanking is nice to minimize what you must think about.
  • Pet tanking is the more common (and arguably more efficient) method of tanking. Your character stays in the back row while you have your pet in the front row set to doing "Nothing" so that it defends. That way, any physical attacks will target your pet instead of you, and you just have to worry about wiping out enemies and using potions when your pet's health or your health runs low (because you may be counterattacked) or when you run low on MP.

  • Character tanking was used by some during Closed Beta. It involves your character being in the front row defending while you have a back row pet, like a Red Imp, casting spells or attacking the enemy. I personally do not recommend it once you have a job, because you will be able to do so much more with an occupation. At the time, though, because jobs were glitched, this was more effective.

7. Leveling Up Efficiently [CG7]

Here are a few tips on earning a level or two quickly. It all comes down to doing quests, finding parties, and being an active member of the community.
  • Do any and all available quests. Grinding tends not to be the most effective way to level in games with as many readily available quests as Concerto Gate. Most are repeatable after 24 hours and yield profitable rewards.

  • Always train and do quests with a party. If you try to solo-grind or do quests by yourself, you will find yourself constantly rushing back and forth from field to town or dying and paying gold after gold to doctors, and it will become difficult to stray too far from safety. With a party, you can tackle stronger enemies, level up faster, share potions, finish quests faster, etc.

  • Be part of the community. Post on the town bulletin board every once in a while. Be sure to maintain a good reputation, and exchange business cards with other people. That way, if you ever find that you need help on a quest or want to grind a bit, you can mail the people on your contact list. You will never be alone!

8. Making Money Effectively [CG8]

Here are some tips on putting cash into your wallet fast and efficiently. It all comes down to quests, grinding, being willing to sell your items, using the bank, and making friends.
  • Complete all available quests. Most are fairly simple and yield certificates worth 500G or more along with other great rewards, such as Rune Cubes, EXP, and potions.

  • Grind. It's the five-letter word that many fear, but grinding often yields items that can be sold for respectable profit.

  • Do not be a pack rat. Sell what anything that is of no use to you; otherwise, you will always find yourself short on cash when you feel an urge to go on a shopping spree or need to buy potions, and your inventory will almost always be full.

  • Use your bank. It's there for a reason, and it links across all three of your characters. If you find that one of your characters is overloaded with gold while another is dirt poor, transfer gold over.

  • Make many friends, and exchange many business cards. Having a good amount of connections will help you with tasks like advertising your wares, getting help with quests, or guaranteeing the quality of purchased goods.

9. Tutorial for Beginners [CG9]

After creating your character, you land naked and bewildered in a room and must fight your way to the Lycelia Castle throne room to prove yourself a hero.

Customize your character and allocate stats according to the class you plan to choose. Once ready, click Create, and you will land in a strange room. An old but vigorous man named Armay confronts you. The battle should be easily won, but it does not matter whether you win or lose.

Talk to surrounding NPC's for some helpful information about Concerto Gate as well as some beginners' equipment. Head on up the stairs when you are all done.

You will enter a dark room with a staircase and meet a girl named Tokamac, who asks for your help to get out of the place. She joins your party. At this point, it is almost impossible to die, as she constantly heals you, and after every battle, her HP and MP are fully restored, so train a bit as you make your way up the staircase. It would be nice to aim for level 3 or 4.

At the top, Tokamac sees Armay and leaves your party cowering in fear. Talk to Armay and he will give you either a Green Bat or Red Imp as a pet. (Personally, I prefer the Red Imp and delete characters until I get it. [On an interesting note, character names do not have to be unique, as each character is assigned a number that sets him or her apart.]) The ensuing battle should be easy with a pet on your side.

Continue down the hallway. Talk to the king in the throne room you enter, and he will say you are not a hero. From here on, you are on your own. Use what you learned in the short tutorial dungeon as a basis to continue the rest of your adventure.

10. More Resources [CG10]

Provided are some more resources to help you out, such as guides and wikis.

MyMMOGames Concerto Gate Wiki - Though still very much a work in progress of our members here, the wiki is innovative and informative, so check it out!

Kris's Stats Calculator - Plan the stats of your future character with this frequently updated stats calculator made by a fervent Concerto Gate fan.

11. For Fervent Fans [CG11]

Here are screenshots, videos, fanart, and fanfiction for Concerto Gate beginners and veterans alike.

MMOG Gallery - Screenshots of Concerto Gate

YouTube Video - Concerto Gate Trailer
YouTube Video - Concerto Gate Battle
YouTube Video - Concerto Gate Gameplay

December 2008 Concerto Gate Fanfiction - Christmas in Fanburg

12. Credits [CG12]

Credit is given where credit is deserved.

Games Campus - I took a lot from the Global Concerto Gate host's website. Thank you!

13. Version History [CG13]

The guide's version history is presented here.

Alpha I Log - November 12, 2008 - Guide was created.
Alpha II Log - January 19, 2009 - Guide was given a major overhaul.


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Nice... Good for newbs like me. +1 rep

Although, you might want to consider changing the font colors for some of those, since they're hardly legible on the blue background.
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thanks solemn, this is waaay better than i can ever do :3
don't forget to look under content management in the staff forum if you got an idea, i put a thread there
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Finally, I gave the guide the long-delayed face lift it really needed. Hopefully, you guys will find the guide easier to use now!


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