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League of Legends
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League of Legends



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Default Class Types

Combat Classes

* Soldier: as a Soldier you can use all skills, weapons, and armor; soldiers are good to have in a party for battle

* Archer: Archers are useful in battle when placed in the back row of a party; their on-target hit ratio is very high

* Knight: Knights specialize in using spears and heavy armor and are very powerful in battle; they are best used as a tank

* Sorcerer: Sorcerers specialize in magical attacks and can handle a wide range of powerful magic

* Cleric: Clerics specialize in recovery magic such as healing but they can also use some attack magic too

Production Classes

* Lumberjack: Lumberjacks use cutting skills to cut down trees for lumber used to make weapons and some medicines

* Miner: Miners use mining and refining skills to mine for copper, bronze, iron, steel, and silver used to make weapons and armor

* Hunter: Hunters use hunting and picking skills to hunt for animals and other raw materials outside of town that can be used for food and clothing

* Identifier: Identifiers use judgement/appraisal skills to appraise items/jewels/gems obtained from other players

* Chef: Chefs use cooking skills to make food for everyone

* Pharmacist: Pharmacists use skills to make recovery medicines and treatments (such as the ones used by in-game NPC doctors and nurses)

* Weapons Craftsman: Weapons Craftsmen use weapon making skills to make weapons for the combat classes

* Armor Craftsman: Armor Craftsmen use armor making skills to make armor for the combat classes

Special Classes

* Sealer: Sealers use sealing skills to capture monsters and make them into pets

* Wanderer: not much is known about this occupation; what is known is that their main skill is processing keys and they specialize in using a boomerang.

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