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07-08-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Lightbulb Training and Questing Parties

Hey, just decided to make this thread so that it's easier for MyMMOGamers (and me ) to find a training or questing party. It's kind of hard right now, considering that the population has dramatically decreased in a few days, so maybe this will make it a little easier for all those on the forums. If you have multiple characters, simply make a few applications in the same post. You also don't necessarily have to need help, but you can post if you just want to do quests and train with other people, regardless of whether or not you can do such things yourself. Post in the following format (it's somewhat long-winded, but it should cover most items):

1. In-Game Name: [insert In-Game Name here]
2. Level: [insert Level here]
3. Job: [insert Job here]
4. Party Type: [insert Party Type here, Training or Questing or Training and Questing]
5. Position: [insert Position here, whether you want to be Joining (member) or Leading (leader)]
6. Training Location(s): [if applicable, insert Training Location(s) here]
7. Quest Name(s): [if applicable, insert Quest Name(s) here]
8. Desired Level Range/Jobs for Members: [insert Desired Level Range/Jobs here]
9. Meeting Place: [insert Meeting Place for those interested here]
10. Meeting Time and Date: [insert Meeting Time for those interested here]
11. Other Necessary or Helpful Information: [insert Other Necessary or Helpful Information here]

Okay, here's an example (and I'm also looking for a party, so...yeah, this is my application ):

1. In-Game Name: Happiness
2. Level: 4
3. Job: N/A
4. Party Type: Training and Questing
5. Position: Joining (member)
6. Training Location(s): Flower Garden, Treasure Hunter's Cave, Trial Dungeon, Sewers
7. Quest Name(s): The Legend of Five Heroes, To Help Jack, Rimel's Snack Delivery
8. Desired Level Range/Jobs for Members: Any
9. Meeting Place: Eastern Royal Hospital
10. Meeting Time and Date: Immediately, or July 09, 2008 at 8:00 A.M. PDT (or just Pacific time).
11. Other Necessary or Helpful Information: Just looking for some friendly people to do things with in this pretty bad closed beta. You can come immediately, but it's best if you come tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. PDT, because I have to leave to do some volunteer work soon. Happiness is a magic caster, by the way, with a Goblin pet. :]

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