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CujoEX 02-17-2011 12:33 PM

Is there anyone good with Audio Set Up for Webcasting?
I started live broadcasting recently and got the video quality set up perfectly (thanks to my cousin), however, the audio is a bit tricky.

I tend to voice chat with a few friends, but I don't want to broadcast it, however, I would like people to still hear the sound coming from the game(s).

My live stream is - Live Streaming Video if anyone wants to check it out.

My current sound settings are as followed:
- Speakers C-Media [Tritton Headset] (Default)
- Hanns.G iF251-1 [Monitor] (Disabled) - Don't want sound coming off from here
- Speakers - Realtek HD Audio (Disbaled/Unplugged)
- Realtek Digital Output (Ready)
- Realtek Digital Output Optical (Disabled)

- Microphone - C-Media [Tritton Headset] (Default Device)
- Microphone - Realtek High Definition Audio (Disabled/Unplugged)
- Line In - Relatek High Definition Audio (Unplugged)
- Stereo Mix - Realtek High Definition Audio (Ready)

I experimented a few times and either the live stream could hear my voice, or the live stream doesn't hear anything at all.

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