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ShinigamiJake 02-15-2009 07:27 AM

AMD or Intel? Intel or nVIDIA?
Well for the past months, and currently, I have been trying to find a perfect laptop for myself. My mother is extremely hesitant to buy my laptop because she wants me to be sure it will last for an extremely long time without having to add parts or replace parts.

Basically I have found many awesome laptops, but the problem is: I do not know which CPU is better between Intel and AMD, and which GPU is better between Intel and nVIDIA...This is the only decision left I need to solve.

To sum this up: Is Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core mobile processor T3400 or AMD Athlon™ X2 QL-62* dual-core processor better for processing?


Is NVIDIA GeForce 8200M graphics or Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD better for gaming?

Shugi 02-15-2009 07:53 AM

Intel is for multi processing. AMD is for focused processing, such as gaming.

Intel is for people who will be running many programs at the same time, such as a graphics artist. (5+ windows? & heavy programms)
AMD is more for media, gaming, etc. As these people will only have 1 ~ 4 windows open. (1 heavy program, with web browsing etc.)

Intel graphics card is horrible for gaming. They are not made for gaming, so get either an ATI or Nvidia graphics card. Either will be better than Intel.

Metty 02-15-2009 09:55 AM


which GPU is better between Intel and nVIDIA

You're comparing god awful onboard cards to a proper manufacturer why?

Shugi 02-15-2009 10:49 AM

I don't think he or she knows a lot about computers.

VorpalBunny 02-15-2009 12:06 PM

The Intel processor laptops run cooler and have a longer battery life than the AMDs. The Intel model you listed is exclusive to HP, and I wouldn't call it great unless you had a machine with 2MB L2 cache. For some reason, a large number of T3400s only ship with 1MB L2 cache, which basically makes it a gimped T5850.

Onboard video cards are garbage, and so is the GMA 4500 and nVidia 8200M you listed. It's a junk card that wouldn't even be considered high end three years ago. If you want games to run well and look good on your laptop a year or two from now, get a decent nVidia card, which means a 9800M GT, or a 9800M GTX.

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